Dreams About Pooping In Front Of Others

Have you ever woken up after having a bizarre dream? Maybe a dream where you see yourself doing or saying something peculiar or a dream where you’re doing things that you would never do in real life or arriving late to an exam.

But the weirdest dream of all which people experience a lot is the dreams about pooping in front of others. Yes, you heard it right people often experience this dream out of nowhere. But you’ll be stunned to know that even this bizarre dream holds meaning and has a reason behind it.

Don’t worry I’m going to unravel the mystery behind this bizarre dream right here you don’t have to brainstorm about it. So keep reading the reasons that I interpret and get ready to be amazed.

Pride Can Be A Reason For Having Dreams About Pooping In Front Of Others

Pooping in public may refer to the fact that you have been bragging about your wealth lately. Probably you’re looking down on people by telling them about your accomplishments and achievements. In short, people who are too proud of themselves or arrogant often dream about pooping in front of others.

People who dreamed about fecal matter often reveal that they have been pretty much egoistic for the past months and were boasting about their attainments too much.

Having Insecurities Might Be The Reason Behind Your Dream About Pooping In Front Of Others

Psychologically many people suggest that people dream about pooping in front of others mostly because they’re emotionally insecure about something in real life. The feeling of unease and not being able to rely on anyone or anything.

So if you saw a dream like this then there’s a good chance that you’re struggling with your insecurities about yourself too much.

Could Your Suppressed Anger Be The Reason For Your Dreams About Pooping In Front Of Others?

Bottling up too much anger inside you can also be the reason for this eccentric dream. When you’re unable to show your frustrations and rage in front of the person you’re angry with, you start to imagine bursting into anger, and for this reason, you may end up having dreams about pooping in front of others.

Also, when you think you’re failing in everything in your life and become frustrated with yourself, you can dream about pooping in front of others. Holding too much negativity inside you can be the main cause behind this dream.

The Urge To Hide Something Has A Lot To Do With Your Dreams About Pooping In Front Of Others

There might be some traits of yours that you don’t want to unravel in public. Or, you might be trying to hide something that you’re ashamed of doing. That’s why you often experience this weird dream.

Trying to hide something is the biblical reason behind dreaming about feces. People who have experienced this kind of dream have confessed that they saw this dream at the time of their life when they were hiding something from their family and friends.

Yes, keeping dark deep secrets from others can also end up with you dreaming about pooping in the public. You’re scared of it that people will get to see the dark or bad side of you. Some bad aspects that you never want to disclose to others.

Dreams About Pooping In Front Of Others Might Be An Evil Signal

According to many people, dreaming about pooping in front of others may indicate that something bad is about to happen in your life or that some evil energies are trying to approach you.

This dream is considered to be an evil signal. You may dream this because something angelical is trying to warn you about the malodorous event that’s about to happen in the future.

Your Dreams About Pooping In Front Of Others Is A Hint To Start Your New Life

You may have dreams about pooping in front of others because you’re ready to start a new chapter of your life. This dream indicates encouragement and motivation for your new starting. If you see this dream then, probably you’re finally ready for the hard part and ready to begin again with a clean slate.

Other Common Dreams About Pooping

Dreaming of Wiping Your Poop

Dreaming of wiping your poop means you’re progressing in life and you have a straight strategy for your life ahead. Or maybe someone is trying to catch your attention for a long time and trying to inform you about something.

Dream Of Never-Ending Poop

Dreaming of never-ending poop means you’re in full control of a situation or any relationship in your life. It also can mean that you’re avoiding acknowledging a certain idea. Dreams about endless poop also refer to your carefree nature. It shows that you’re bound to no one.

Dreams About Not Being Able To Poop

If you’re having dreams about not being able to Poop then maybe your body is trying to tell you something. It indicates that it’s time to let go of your toxic habits. If you’re having this dream recently then you should let go of the negative emotions and evil thoughts out of you

Dream Of Smelling Poop

This kind of dream usually occurs when you’re leaving a phase of your life behind you. It may be a relationship, a place or anything that you’re very emotional about.

Dream Of Flushing Poop In Toilet

You may experience this dream because you’re frustrated about something in society that you can’t control. You’re feeling overwhelmed by it and feeling abducted. Some people also say that a dream of flushing poop in the toilet may indicate that you’re ready to say goodbye to something important in your life.


We usually feel ashamed when we dream about something like pooping in front of others but, dreaming about this kind of bizarre thing is not always bad or embarrassing.

Sometimes they may mean something good. Or they may happen only because of our psychological state.

If you’ve seen this dream and can relate to one of the reasons that I’ve interpreted then you should not worry about seeing this dream. This is a normal thing and many people experience this kind of dream several times.