Dominik Mysterio Bio, Early Life, Career and Achievements

Dominik Mysterio, a Mexican-American wrestler known as ‘Dirty’ Dominik, stands at 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 205 lbs. He debuted in WWE in 2019 alongside his father Rey Mysterio. Dominik has already achieved success, winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with Rey Mysterio. At just 23, he won the NXT North American Championship twice by 25. Representing the third generation of his wrestling family, Dominik upholds his father’s legacy. His career is a testament to his dedication and determination.

Who Is Dominik Mysterio?

Dominik Mysterio, also known as ‘Dirty’ Dominik in professional wrestling, is a noted American wrestler with Mexican-American roots. Born Dominik Óscar Gutiérrez on April 5, 1997, he is a third-generation wrestler, following in the footsteps of his father, Rey Mysterio, and great-uncle Rey Misterio.

Dominik entered the wrestling world in 2019, debuting in WWE with his father. He made history by winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with Rey Mysterio, marking the first father-son duo to achieve this in WWE. Recently, Dominik aligned with The Judgment Day, adopting a heel persona, which marks a significant turn in his career.

Dominik Mysterio wife

Dominik Mysterio, a prominent WWE wrestler, married Marie Juilette in March 2024. This event marks a significant milestone in both their personal lives.

Marie Juilette, whose background remains private, significantly supports Dominik’s career and personal life. As Dominik competes in WWE and is a key member of The Judgment Day stable, Marie’s presence offers stability and companionship.

Their marriage reflects their dedication to each other beyond the wrestling world.

Dominik Mysterio height

Dominik Mysterio, standing at 6 feet 1 inch, brings a notable physical presence to the WWE ring. His height allows him to compete effectively against top professional wrestlers. The table below details Dominik Mysterio’s physical measurements:

Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight205 lbs
Biceps Size18 inches
Chest Size44 inches
Shoe Size11

These measurements showcase Dominik Mysterio’s physical capabilities, enhancing his performance in the ring and engaging the audience with his athleticism.

Dominik Mysterio age

Dominik Mysterio, at 27 years, has made significant strides in WWE. His debut in the ring at 23 highlighted his early promise, and by 25, he secured the NXT North American Championship twice.

These achievements underscore his wrestling prowess and hint at a bright future. Dominik follows his father, Rey Mysterio, who started wrestling at 15, and continues the legacy of his family’s third generation in the sport.

Dominik Mysterio mom

Dominik Mysterio’s wrestling journey is significantly influenced by his mother, Angie Gutierrez. Contrary to the embellished title of ‘The Queen of Lucha,’ Angie does not come from a wrestling background nor holds a ring name. Instead, her real strength lies in her unwavering support and guidance for Dominik. She has been a foundational pillar in his life, encouraging his dedication and perseverance in the challenging world of professional wrestling.

Dominik Mysterio’s Mom
Name: Angie Gutierrez
Influence: Key supporter in Dominik’s career
Background: Non-wrestler, vital source of encouragement

Angie Gutierrez’s role in Dominik’s career highlights the importance of parental support in nurturing ambition and resilience in professional pursuits.

Dominik Mysterio dad

Dominik Mysterio’s wrestling career is tightly linked to his father, Rey Mysterio, a celebrated WWE Hall of Famer. Here are detailed insights into Dominik’s relationship with his father:

  • Rey Mysterio, an iconic luchador, has significantly influenced Dominik, serving as both an inspiration and a mentor in the world of professional wrestling.
  • Together, they achieved a milestone by securing the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, a testament to their dynamic in-ring chemistry and strong family ties.
  • In 2022, Dominik’s storyline betrayal of Rey added complexity to their narrative, highlighting a dramatic turn in their on-screen relationship.
  • Under Rey’s guidance, Dominik has evolved into a skilled competitor within WWE, making a mark in the heavyweight division.

This concise overview emphasizes the pivotal role Rey Mysterio plays in Dominik’s wrestling career, underscoring their historical achievements and evolving storyline within WWE.

Dominik Mysterio relationships

Dominik Mysterio, a professional wrestler, keeps his personal relationships private, focusing on his career and family legacy in wrestling.

His romantic life is largely undisclosed, allowing him to concentrate on his achievements in WWE. Fans may speculate, but Dominik prioritizes privacy, keeping his personal affairs away from the public eye.

As he rises in the wrestling industry, his personal life remains a mystery.

Dominik Mysterio tattoos

Dominik Mysterio, a well-known wrestler, carries a series of meaningful tattoos. Each piece of body art serves as a narrative, merging his personal experiences with his professional identity. Key tattoos include:

  • Rey Mysterio Mask: Honors his father, Rey Mysterio, marking their shared wrestling heritage.
  • Angel Wings: Represent protection and guidance, possibly reflecting his life’s challenges and triumphs.
  • Latin Phrases: Showcases his heritage and core values, offering a glimpse into his personal philosophy.
  • WWE Logo: Demonstrates his dedication to wrestling, affirming his place within the industry.

Dominik’s tattoos offer a deeper understanding of his personality and dedication, both in and out of the ring.

Dominik Mysterio girlfriend

Marie Juliette significantly impacts Dominik Mysterio‘s life beyond the wrestling arena. Their relationship offers Dominik critical support and companionship, crucial for navigating the demanding realm of professional wrestling.

Marie Juliette’s influence provides Dominik with essential stability and comfort, counteracting the rigorous schedule and physical demands of a WWE superstar’s career.

While Dominik’s professional achievements often dominate headlines, his relationship with Marie Juliette highlights the necessity of a robust support network. Together, they create a strong partnership that enriches Dominik’s wrestling journey, blending his public triumphs with personal fulfillment.

Dominik Mysterio wrestlemania

Dominik Mysterio demonstrated his wrestling skills at WrestleMania, establishing himself as a strong WWE competitor. His performances at WrestleMania were key in his career, drawing attention from fans globally.

Highlights from Dominik Mysterio’s WrestleMania include:

  • WrestleMania Debut: Dominik entered WrestleMania for the first time in a notable match, showcasing his skills on this significant platform.
  • Memorable Matches: He participated in unforgettable WrestleMania matches, leaving a strong impression on viewers.
  • Title Contests: WrestleMania offered Dominik chances to fight for important championships, highlighting his potential to win titles.
  • Performance Growth: His journey through WrestleMania showed his development and maturity as a wrestler, gaining respect from both colleagues and supporters.

Dominik Mysterio action figure

The Dominik Mysterio action figure, a sought-after piece in wrestling merchandise, embodies his wrestling identity. Crafted with precision, it features his distinctive ring gear and mask, capturing his dynamic in-ring stances.

This figure is a must-have for collectors and fans, symbolizing Dominik’s prominence in wrestling. Its detailed design reflects his character’s essence, making it a standout piece.

The action figure underscores Dominik Mysterio’s growing influence in the wrestling world, appealing to a wide audience.

Early Life

Dominik Mysterio’s early path to professional wrestling was deeply rooted in his familial ties to the sport. Born into a lineage of wrestling royalty, with his father Rey Mysterio and great-uncle Rey Misterio Sr. as pillars of inspiration, Dominik’s destiny in the WWE seemed preordained.

His formative years included pivotal experiences:

  • Family Legacy: The influence of his father, Rey Mysterio, and great-uncle, Rey Misterio Sr., propelled Dominik toward the wrestling world. Their legendary status in WWE provided a blueprint for success.
  • WWE Storylines: At the tender age of 8, Dominik was thrust into the WWE spotlight through a high-profile storyline involving a custody battle with Eddie Guerrero. This exposure to the entertainment and storytelling aspects of wrestling fueled his passion for the sport.
  • Training: Dominik commenced his formal wrestling training in 2017, marking the official start of his journey to WWE stardom. This foundational period was crucial in honing his skills for the professional arena.
  • Father-Son Dynamic: The mentorship and partnership with his father, Rey Mysterio, were instrumental in Dominik’s development. Their relationship led to significant milestones, including tag team achievements within WWE.

These early experiences, devoid of unnecessary embellishment, underscore Dominik Mysterio’s seamless transition into professional wrestling, guided by a rich family legacy and a deep-rooted passion for the sport.

Career: How Did Dominik Mysterio Begin His Wrestling Career?

Dominik Mysterio initiated his wrestling career, deeply rooted in his familial legacy, by starting his training in 2017. He made a significant entry into WWE in 2019, fighting alongside his father, Rey Mysterio. This partnership led to a notable rivalry with Seth Rollins and culminated in Dominik’s in-ring debut at SummerSlam 2020. Their teamwork resulted in winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, marking them as the inaugural father-son champions in WWE history.

2017Began wrestling trainingDeveloped wrestling expertise
2019WWE debut with Rey MysterioInitiated rivalry with Seth Rollins
2020Secured SmackDown Tag Team TitleBecame first father-son WWE Tag Team Champions

What Are Dominik Mysterios Most Notable Matches?

Dominik Mysterio’s significant matches in WWE highlight his skill and adaptability.

  • SummerSlam 2020: Dominik debuted against Seth Rollins, delivering a strong performance.
  • WrestleMania: He competed on wrestling’s biggest stage, impressing audiences with his abilities.
  • WarGames: His participation in WarGames matches demonstrated his competence in complex, multi-wrestler settings.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Alongside his father, Rey Mysterio, Dominik won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, marking a memorable milestone.

How Has Rey Mysterio Influenced Dominiks

Rey Mysterio has significantly impacted Dominik Mysterio‘s wrestling career, offering tactical guidance and technical knowledge. Rey’s achievements laid the groundwork for Dominik’s entry into wrestling, equipping him with essential skills and insights.

Dominik has adopted his father’s aerial, lucha libre approach, infusing it with his personal touch, thus evolving an engaging ring presence. Rey’s coaching has honed Dominik’s abilities, emphasizing persistence, respect for wrestling, and a commitment to excellence.

This mentorship continues to steer Dominik as he forges his path in the wrestling world, respecting his family’s distinguished legacy.

What Challenges Has Dominik Mysterio Faced in WWE?

In the competitive world of WWE, Dominik Mysterio has confronted several obstacles that have pushed his limits both mentally and physically. Key challenges include:

  • Creating a Distinct Persona: Escaping the large shadow cast by his father, the iconic Rey Mysterio, Dominik has strived to forge his unique identity in the wrestling industry.
  • Navigating Complex Narratives: He has been involved in deep, emotional plots, notably his betrayal of Rey Mysterio to align with the villainous faction, The Judgment Day.
  • Enduring Physical Strain: The physical toll of professional wrestling is immense, demanding Dominik maintain top physical condition to withstand matches.
  • Competing Against Veterans: Facing opponents with vast experience has necessitated that Dominik continuously sharpen his wrestling abilities and adapt to various fighting styles.

What Championships Has Dominik Mysterio Won?

In his WWE career, Dominik Mysterio has secured several titles. Notably, he and his father, Rey Mysterio, won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, marking the first father-son pair to do so in WWE history.

Dominik has also clinched the NXT North American Championship twice, proving his skill in both tag team and singles matches. These victories have established Dominik as a talented and respected wrestler in WWE.

How Do Fans and Fellow Wrestlers View Dominik Mysterio?

Dominik Mysterio, widely regarded as an emerging talent in the professional wrestling realm, garners respect for his proficiency and dedication.

  • Exhibiting agility and technical skill, Dominik impresses with his in-ring performance.
  • His versatility in adapting to diverse wrestling styles earns him peer respect.
  • Dominik’s commitment to nuanced storytelling enhances his character’s depth, resonating with fans.
  • His strong work ethic and passion for wrestling command admiration from the wrestling community.

What Is Next for Dominik Mysterio?

Dominik Mysterio’s career in WWE is at a pivotal point following his transformation into a heel character with The Judgment Day faction. This shift marks a significant evolution from his initial role, emphasizing his adaptability and potential in the wrestling world.

Fans are eager to witness the development of this new persona, anticipating how it will influence his trajectory in WWE. Dominik’s ability to perform across various WWE platforms suggests potential pursuits of individual championships or fresh feuds to establish his prominence further.

As Dominik navigates this chapter, his journey, rooted in a legacy of wrestling excellence and marked by innovation and skill, is set to engage fans deeply.


Let’s explore some common questions surrounding Dominik Mysterio’s career and personal life. These inquiries range from his potential to surpass his father’s legacy to the evolution of his wrestling style.

How is Dominik Mysterio tall?

Dominik Mysterio is 6′ 1″ tall.

Is Dominik Mysterio destined to surpass Rey Mysterios legacy?

It’s uncertain if Dominik Mysterio will surpass Rey Mysterio’s legacy. His journey is in the early stages, and while he shows promise, surpassing an iconic figure like Rey involves monumental achievements and global influence that are yet to be seen in Dominik’s career.

Therefore, it will take time and a sustained high level of performance for Dominik to even be considered in the same league as his legendary father. Only with consistent success and significant accomplishments can Dominik hope to match or even surpass Rey’s impact on the wrestling world.

How has Dominik Mysterios wrestling style evolved?

Dominik Mysterio has transitioned from high-flying acrobatics to a more grounded, technical style.

He now incorporates submission holds and impactful maneuvers, showcasing versatility and enhanced storytelling in his matches.

What are the biggest obstacles Dominik Mysterio has overcome in his career?

Dominik Mysterio overcame the challenge of emerging from his father’s shadow, adapting to a villainous role with The Judgment Day, navigating complex WWE storylines, and performing under the immense pressure of major events like WrestleMania and WarGames.

Who is Dominik Mysterio engaged to?

Dominik Mysterio is engaged to Marie Juilette.

This engagement represents a significant personal milestone for Dominik, highlighting his life beyond professional wrestling.

Their commitment signifies mutual support and love, enriching Dominik’s journey in and out of the ring.

Is Dominik Mysterio married to Rhea Ripley?

No, Dominik Mysterio is not married to Rhea Ripley.

Despite their collaboration in WWE storylines and the resulting fan speculation regarding their relationship, both have not confirmed any romantic involvement beyond their professional interactions.

Why was Dragon Lee replaced?

Dragon Lee was replaced due to a scheduling conflict with WWE events.

This necessitated adjustments in storylines and the introduction of Andrade El Idolo as the replacement wrestler, ensuring the continuity and dynamism of the show for the fans.

What is Dominik Mysterios salary?

Dominik Mysterio’s exact annual salary is not publicly disclosed, but it is speculated to align with top-tier WWE performers, influenced by merchandise sales, bonuses, and popularity.

His role in The Judgment Day stable likely boosts his earnings significantly.


Dominik Mysterio’s career in professional wrestling showcases significant achievements and his evolving impact on the sport. Stemming from a renowned wrestling family, Dominik has joined The Judgment Day, capturing global fan interest.

His accomplishments include championship wins and major event participations, underscoring his blend of traditional and innovative wrestling skills. Dominik Mysterio’s progression in wrestling reflects his athletic prowess, maintaining excitement for what lies ahead in his career.

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