Husband Beater | Wife Beating Husband

We will talk about a painful situation: the violence of a wife beating husband. And in this regard, my first question is: what is the reason for domestic violence. Why a wife becomes a husband beater. But before all these let us discuss what is domestic violence.

Domestic violence is a purposeful emotional or violent coercion/action of one person over another, carried out for a specific purpose, contrary to the consent, will and interests of the victim.

The main difference between domestic violence and other types of violence is that it occurs between people who are in close or family relationships.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is the deliberate use of various forms of physical, sexual, psychological and economic violence by one family member against another, the result of which is bodily harm, emotional trauma, developmental disabilities or various kinds of damage.

Domestic Violence husband beating wife

Once there was a perception that domestic violence can only happen to female folk. During that era: husbands used to beat wife every now and then. Most of the women who were going through this situation had only one question: Why does he do that?

But time has changed and the dimension of domestic violence has changed. Once the buzzword was wife beater. But now the term is: Husband Beater. At first, let us learn about the types of domestic violence. Then we will discuss it in detail.

Husband Beater | Wife Beating Husband

Types of domestic violence

  • Physical violence direct or indirect impact on a victim for the purpose of causing physical harm expressed in injury, severe bodily harm, beatings, kicks, slaps, shocks, slaps, throwing objects, etc. As we are discussing husband beaters here, we can describe this situation as: throwing objects, beating with a frypan and so on.
  • Sexual assault is violent acts in which a person is forced, threatened or deceived into any form of sexual relations against his will. This happens mostly when one of them is cheating on the other. The whole rage goes on their sex life.
    For example, if the husband is cheating on the wife and the wife comes to know about this then she may demand an extra hour of s*x. And, naturally, her husband will not be able to fulfill it. Which will result in forced lovemaking.
  • Psychological – harm to the psychological health of a person, manifested in insults, intimidation, threats, blackmail, control, etc. In this case, the woman can be a shopaholic. She may like to go on shopping every day.
    In some cases, she may blackmail her husband to keep quiet about her illicit relation. The psychological aspect of torture has so many diversities. And, as a husband beater, a wife can choose any of them.
  • Economic violence – material pressure, which can manifest itself in the prohibition to work or study, deprivation of financial support, full control over expenses.
    Domestic violence against males normally starts with this. Most of the females do not even understand when they have started it and how much pressure they are putting on their better half.
  • Medical violence – negligence and delay in the dispensing of drugs, a deliberate overdose of a drug, or, conversely, deliberate refusal of a patient to receive the necessary medication.
  • Neglect – irresponsibility or inability to provide a person with the necessary conditions for life: food, drink, clean clothes, safe and comfortable housing, personal hygiene products, medical care, and more.

Signs of domestic violence

Physical violence:

  • bump marks, scars, cuts on hands, face, legs and other parts of the body;
  • fractures or bruises;
  • burn marks;

Sexual abuse:

  • sexual touching a person without his or her consent;
  • forcing a person to undress;
  • forcing a person to have sexual contact with him.

Psychological abuse:

  • constant shouting and threats towards a person;
  • swearing and the use of indecent words;
  • humiliation of a person;
  • ignoring a person when he asks for something.

Financial exploitation:

  • ordering services, making donations or unnecessary expenses;
  • unexpected financial problems or loss of money;
  • using a bank card when a person cannot walk;
  • loss of money in a bank account or cash.

Husband beater: A wife beating her husband

Nowadays, when we go through daily newspapers we sometimes see this issue. Those day are gone when a women was always confined to the four walls of the home. Now, they are discovering the world with their own eyes.

At first, we have to understand what does husband beater mean. A husband beater is a woman who beats her husband. It can happen due to many reasons which we will discuss in the later part of this article.

So, whenever they feel that some discrimination is happening against them, they do not stay quiet anymore. Sometimes, they take legal action. But sometimes, they become violent. They become husband beater.

What are the reasons that convert a woman to a husband beater?

It is not normal that a woman or a man goes to home and starts beating their better half. naturally, to understand a husband beater, at first you have to understand the reasons. So, let us have a look at the reasons that converts a normal woman to a husband beater:

  • If the wife comes to know that her husband is cheating on her.
  • The wife can beat her husband if she finds that her husband is drunk.
  • The dominance of female folk is increasing and they are becoming chauvinistic.
  • Some females are misinterpreting the concept of feminism.
  • There can be some psychological issues as well.
  • Researches show that drug addict women are becoming more and more husband beater.
  • Even, some women get se*ual satisfaction while beating men.
  • Some men consider women as a fool or dumb and underestimate them. It also triggers women against them.
  • Some cases are even more serious. In these cases, the women are cheating on their husband and also torturing him to let it be continued.

We will be very clear here. It is not like that, men are very good and innocent. In maximum cases, men have enough faults. But it is also true that women are also getting more and more violent.

There can be thousands of reasons behind this. Every home has its own story. So, it will be tough if we want to discuss all of them one by one. But as we are here today to discuss husband beater or wife beating husband, we will definitely discuss various aspects of it.

Whatever, the reason is, a husband beater can never be supported. We clearly describe wife beaters as criminals. So, same should be the case here as well. There is no chance of any different opinion.

Why is it very funny when a wife beats up her husband and no one pities him?

It is the most pathetic incident. A man is getting tortured. And, in spite of supporting him we are humiliating him. And, we are socially bullying him. We are raising questions on his physical ability and personality.

As if the libido lies in muscle strength. It is a real pity. That is why, in most cases, husband beaters do not even have to face any allegations. Because males feel shy to admit that they are getting beaten by their wives.

But as a matter of fact, we have to change our mindset. A crime is a crime. Whether, it is done by male or female. Somedays earlier, I heard from a woman that, it is cute if a woman is beating her husband. I got really confused. How can she even think of it?

If a man who has beaten his wife is to go to jail, what should be the attitude towards a woman who has crippled her own husband? We want equality, don’t we? This means that the wife must also be punished. 

It is not an issue that we can let go of. Our outlook has to be changed. If a wife is torturing her husband, then the husband has to go to court. And there is nothing shameful in it. It is just another crime or domestic violence that has to be stopped.

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