Dogecoin is for a Greater Cause- African Countries Benefiting from DOGE’s Existence

Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the many decentralized cryptocurrencies used mainly for peer-to-peer transactions. The coin is not different from Bitcoin and Litecoin. One might argue that BTC and LTC started well, compared to DOGE, which went out as a jokest first. So much can be said now that the coin has benefitted the world market big-time with more than USD 70 billion market capitalization. As of May 2021, DOGE has grown from a meme coin to the talk of the town.

While its establishment has enabled many cryptocurrency enthusiasts to make money, DOGE’s contribution to the less fortunate is lesser-known. Most Dogecoin gains are for the greater good, given to charity organizations to relieve people from poverty in Africa.

Dogecoin, for instance, donates to the GiveDirectly charity organization to extend aid to several African countries. It has helped to intensely alleviate poverty and offer relief from a dire economic crisis, particularly after the COVID-19 hit.

Here is a shortlist of African countries that have benefited from Dogecoin’s aid:

  • Kenya
  • Liberia
  • Togo
  • Rwanda
  • Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Malawi

Donations have been used variously in the above countries to improve people’s living standards at least. Digging into its pipelines, Dogecoin was used to send cash in local currency to non-well-off families in Kenya. The contribution targeted specific underdeveloped and poverty-stricken areas like Kibera and Mathare. More informal settlements also appreciated charity aid to avail clean water from four water projects. All that effort was a result of the Charity Water Organization reaching many people.

Like most underdeveloped countries, Liberia has regions lacking quality infrastructure, including regular cell phone usage. Charity organizations tested multiple outreaches and enrolled Liberians to work on a diversified digital model in those areas. That was also an opportunity to provide jobs to many recipients to improve their living standards.

Malawi was not excluded from the intense economic downturns from the COVID-19 impact. Many affected households couldn’t fend for themselves to access basic needs like food. As such, the vulnerable families got help from urban cash emergency response to push through the tough times.

Most governments, including Rwanda, struggled and are still fighting to bring their economies to the initial stable stand. Kigali residents, in particular, were significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The government partnered with charity organizations benefiting from Dogecoin to assist the affected individuals.

Dogecoin might be a meme coin, but its societal contributions are way beyond fathom. Users are able to buy dogecoin with PayPal from all around the world and all the profitable gains from the cryptocurrency market are for a serious cause to help the less fortunate.

Dogecoin Donation to Indian Athletes

DOGE donors enabled Indian athletes to play in the Sochi Olympic Games. Initially, the players ran short of funds and sought help from well-wishers. The Dogecoin community had their plea and poured enough cash from unlikely sources. It put together more than $6000 to donate to the players.

DOGE private donations also stepped in to cover the travel and entry expenses of top athletes like Shiva Keshavan. Many crypto enthusiasts gave out virtual currencies to add up to hundreds of dollars.

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