Does Your Hand Sanitizer Kill COVID-19 – Here’s How You Can Tell

We all want to stay safe during the times of COVID-19. But how can you. Be sure your hand sanitizer is keeping you safe and killing the virus.

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Scientists have stated that to be effective against the virus you should have a hand sanitiser that is at least 60% alcohol. Hospitals use sanitisers that have 70% alcohol as it provides the best treatment against disease. These strong sanitizers disrupt the coating of the virus which prevents its ability to infect your body.

Sanitisers with an alcohol content lower than 60% may not effectively kill the virus and keep you safe, in fact, the lower the alcohol content, the less effective the hand sanitiser will be in killing COVID-19.

It should be also noted that viruses can stay alive on non-organic surfaces such as benchtops and handles. You should always make sure to wipe down and clean this surface with sanitary products and cleaners to ensure you have rid COVID-19 and any other virus from your home and hands to stop it spreading.

While it is great to have products that kills viruses and bacteria, as we start to use hand sanitiser products more and more, we should take not of their ingredients as well as their alcohol content. Sometimes these products can have ingredients that irritate your skin or can be toxic. When choosing your hand sanitiser have a read of the label to make sure it is safe to use.

So, make sure you are staying safe by using an effective hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content and ideally 70% to be hospital grade. Additionally, make sure you are using the hand sanitizer regularly and any time you feel that your hands may have come into contact with an unsanitary surface.

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