At present, in the face of the energy crisis and pollution, and the constant need for innovation in all different industry categories is the main driving force behind the increasing demand for online mediums for utmost comfort and flexibility. For the same reason, one of the industries that witnessed a sudden surge in demand is the online gaming industry.

According to online statistics, the global pandemic is a major contributor behind this rising demand for the online gaming industry as the time spent by an individual on online games pre and post-covid witnessed a major difference of approximately 2-2.5 hours.

The online gaming industry is one of the fastest booming industries in the world.

Growth of Online Gaming

People of all age groups and genders spend ample time on online gaming platforms, as the variety of games available to explore ranges from carrom, poker, fantasy cricket, etc. Now, imagine combining your favorite sports and online gaming to increase the adrenaline of playing the game for real. One of the most popular online sports gaming platforms today is My 11 circle, just as GetMega is for card games, which promises the most improved virtual experience of playing and enjoying cricket from the comfort of your home. Some of the key reasons behind the increasing growth and adoption of online gaming include the following.

The global pandemic, as mentioned before, is one of the prime reasons for the increasing popularity of online games like GetMega, My 11 Circle etc., with a 50% growth rate since the virus hit the world in 2020. This can be due to the lack of things to do or limitations to going out, which resulted in this sudden rise in the number of online gamers.

Another reason behind this evident growth rate is the choice of games available today on different online platforms like My 11 circle, that cater to a larger target audience, instead of just a segment. For instance, games like rummy, carrom, virtual cricket with real money, etc., all have a separate user base, thus increasing the overall number of online gamers.

As per online studies, one other contributing factor behind this increasing popularity and growth of online gaming is the addition of real money. This acts as a direct incentive for people to join online gaming platforms to play their favorite games while winning real cash on the side.

All About My11 circle

Did you know you can play together with all your favorite cricket teams on a real-time basis by simply using your predictions and cricket game knowledge, to win real money? Who knew passion and interest in cricket along with online gaming with My 11 circle can be beneficial for your pocket. Need more reasons to join My 11 circle, let us discuss in detail how this virtual gaming platform works and some tricks and tips to maximize your winning chances with My 11 circle below

Key Features of My 11 Circle

The basic know-how of the online gaming platform My 11 circle is similar to most commonly used gaming applications. However, some of the key differences between others and My 11 circle include the following

  • Walking down the path shown by GetMega, one of the leading card gaming platforms, the leaderboard feature of My 11 circle allows you to get live updates on the ongoing series of cricket or football so you never miss the score again.
  • The application of My 11 circle is known for its smooth user experience as it comprises a highly seamless and intuitive UI. In simpler words, the gameplay is so convenient on the app, it almost seems like the design was made for the complete elimination of any potential user pain points.
  • Is it a fantasy gaming application, the user interaction is very high and the incentives attached are prime reasons why players choose this application over the competitors?
  • The registration procedure is fairly easy like that of GetMega’s as it does not require too much effort. All you need to do is register with your email ID and choose the sport of your choice to begin playing your favorite sport with the real-time players of their top teams.
  • For authentication purposes, there is also a mandatory verification check done for each of the registered players to ensure no fraud or unnecessary traffic on the app. There is no lack of security measures with the app just like GetMega.

Tips To Increase Winning Percentage

If online gaming is your jam and you want to maximize your earnings with my 11 circles, here are some quick tips to help you play better and win bigger.

The number of users of the gaming app is increasing every day.

Plan Team Wisely

Unlike GetMega’s card games and teamplay, att times, the planning of the virtual teams for games like cricket and football can be more time-consuming but it is important to plan wisely. Research about player history, past performances, most recent performance, etc., to make a better and more refined decision regarding which players to put your money on to add them to your team for maximized winning possibility.

Use Past Match Performances

Past match performance is an absolute necessity for sports games just as it is for card games og GetMega. Similar to team planning, choosing the teams wisely is also key to increasing your winning percentage, especially for cricket series like the Indian Premier League (IPL). So, to make a more informed decision regarding which team to invest your time and money in, you should always use past match performances as one of the key deciding factors.

Check Out Details Right Before Starting

Even though rare, there is still always a possibility of a sudden change of plans, players on the team, etc., right before the real game begins. Similarly, for virtual gaming with My 11 circle, there might be end-minute announcements that should always be taken into consideration for team finalization as that can increase your winning potential significantly.

Overall, to conclude, there is no right time to get onboard with applications like My 11 circle and GetMega, to play virtually your favourite game and teams virtually. Some key tips to maximize your winning potential have been discussed above.

However, the best way to begin is to keep an eye out for any possible discount declaration on my 11 circle and GetMega application as there are always plenty. This can reduce your expenses on the app, hence increasing your earnings. Another way to increase your chances of winning is to participate in more than one contest as the chances of winning at least one is there at all times. Join the apps today and begin your online gaming journey today.

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