Taking a Cisco certification exam is not an easy process, even if it is of the associate level and offered by such an IT giant as Cisco. And 200-201 exam is no exception. This test leads to obtaining the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate accreditation and apart from the intense competition, it is also a difficult evaluation for which you will need to prepare carefully if you want to pass it on the first try.

Even though you can access different prep materials, once you become tired of learning, you will tend to lose motivation. Therefore, if you want to stay motivated along the certification process, a successful strategy would be to clearly understand the benefits associated with this assessment.

So, are you curious to learn more about the benefits associated with taking this test? Then this article is exactly what you need.

Be Ready to Demonstrate Your Skills in Cybersecurity Operations

Taking the 200-201 exam implies demonstrating definite skills. They are the following ones:

  • Describe the security terms, CCNP Certification , and defense-in-depth strategy principles as well as compare the security deployments and concepts;
  • Identify and describe the data types used in security monitoring and describe the network and web applications attacks;
  • Describe and identify the type of evidence that can be used on provided logs and compare both tampered and untampered disk image;
  • Interpret basic regular expressions and common artifact elements to identify an alert;
  • Describe and apply the security procedures and policies as well as apply the incident handling process, and identify the network profiling elements.

Interesting job opportunities

CCIE Certification is a domain with well-paid and interesting job opportunities. Given the increasing number of threats and attacks, the international organizations are expanding their security processes and are looking for skilled professionals who can join their security teams. Therefore, when you pass the Cisco CCNA Certification , you’ll become a potential candidate for different jobs like Information Security Analyst, Cybersecurity Engineer, or Network Security Engineer.

Qualification for next level certifications

As you already know, exam 200-201 qualifies you for an associate level accreditation. It helps you validate your knowledge in managing and implementing the Cisco Cybersecurity Operations fundamental technologies and products. However, this shouldn’t be the end of your career progress.

Once you add the Devnet Associate Certification under your belt, you should move to the next level of knowledge. So, you will become eligible for taking the certification exam for CyberOps Professional accreditation. Like this, you’ll obtain the complete package of accreditations and become a valuable team member and employee in your company.


Passing the Cisco 200-201 certification exam can help you become a demanded professional with solid skills in cybersecurity. This exam helps you obtain the first level of accreditation, namely the Devnet Professional Certification . The path to getting certified requires determination to learn hard and develop the tested skills in cybersecurity.

Even though the accreditation path might seem difficult, you will see that it is worth the effort. The associated certification will open the “doors” of many interesting job opportunities that you can apply to. Start the registration process and soon you will see that you made such a wise decision!


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