Unique Diwali Celebrations in North India

We all know that the Diwali celebrations in North India begin with Dussehra. This celebration is related to several tales and local customs. For the festival of lights, hundreds of little clay lamps and candles are still used to illuminate houses, paths, temples, and even government buildings.

Well, doesn’t it pique your interest to visit North India to see how Diwali is celebrated there? Besides clay lamps, firecrackers, which are considered to ward off evil spirits, are also used liberally, making this a particularly kid-friendly festival.

We all know that Diwali celebrations and rituals take on a myriad of manifestations. Each zone is dedicated to a distinct deity and focuses on a specific mythical event or interpretation. So, if you want to see the best visual representation of North Indian celebrations, you should consider going to Agra or Haridwar.

Diwali Celebrations
Diwali Celebrations

Experience royalty this Diwali at Taj

Traveling to Agra around Diwali will let you witness India’s rich cultural heritage as well as age-old rituals. A large number of people visit the Taj Mahal during Diwali for the spectacular lighting and mesmerizing experience.

You can book a reliable Delhi to Agra taxi a day before Diwali. Since lighting is so prominent during Diwali, you will find the entire journey breathtaking.

After arriving in Agra, you’ll notice the entire city full of trucks laden with flowers, merchants selling their best wares on the street, and every pillar or building decked up in flowers and lights.

When it comes to Diwali decoration, the locals leave no stone unturned. Many hotels radiate positive energy and encourage the Diwali spirit by decorating the premises with flowers and lights for the occasion.

The Taj Mahal has always been a vision, but you will be charmed by its splendor during Diwali, thanks to all the lights and candles. Also, it will be your chance to click photos with your friends and family to make your Taj Diwali more memorable. You can then just sit and relax for hours and take in the enthralling views in this peaceful setting

Experience tranquility this Diwali in Haridwar

You can book a top-rated Delhi to Haridwar taxi with a local driver if you wish to have a serene Diwali, away from the crowded city. In Haridwar, Uttarakhand, one of India’s most prominent spiritual places, you can enjoy a genuinely edifying festival amid lush green mountains.

When you arrive, you will notice the sacred place echoing with celebration, chanting of prayers, and lamp lighting along the banks of the River Ganges during Diwali.  

You can rediscover the purifying and lighting of your soul by visiting this ancient holy city of pilgrimage alone or with your family. Thousands of visitors and devotees throng the sacred spot and flood the riverbanks to offer prayers and pujas to the River Ganges during festivals. You can even hear melodious Indian songs continuously playing everywhere.

Next festive season, you can join these thousands of believers and guests for a radiant Diwali celebration.

It is not just Agra or Haridwar that celebrate this joyous occasion; each state has its unique manner of doing it. You can also travel to Punjab or Bihar, where the whole state is decked out in lights. This Diwali, indulge in the rich Diwali culture in North India.

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