Distance Education Vs. Traditional Education: Which Is A Better Education System?

Just like every other aspect, the education and the education system is too evolving with time and slowly has made a lot of developments in the traditional mode of education too. Though distance education has a lot of benefits, yet a constant debate regarding its worth as compared to traditional modes of learning still exists. The traditional methods are being replaced by the distance ones but still there are many questions regarding this. 

Difference Between Traditional and Distance Education System

The traditional learning mode is the one that has been going on since ages and requires various factors such as the textbooks, notebooks and also an infrastructure where the classes will be taking place. Here, the teacher and students remain in the same environment and interact face to face with each other. It is a more organised mode of learning that enables a free flowing communication ensuring open conversation between the people in the classroom. 

Earlier, when the word ‘distance education’ was not that much in use, you must be common to the word ‘correspondence course’. This was a distance learning method where knowledge was imparted to the students through online streaming, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, Learning Management System, recorded or live video lectures. The communication and varied group discussion among the students and teachers used to take place over text messages, emails and other messaging platforms. The modes of education systems can be a great topic to conduct research on for ‘writing my paper’. If needed you can take the help of a research paper writer to guide you properly. 

The Two Modes of Education System Majorly Differentiate in The Following Factors:

1. Duration needed for the programme to finish.

In case of distance education, some of the programmes offer the students to take exams as per their own convenience whereas some are quite strict with a dedicated time and examine the effort of the students. Also some of the distance courses do have strict deadlines, real-time assignments and lectures. When students are given the freedom to study at their own speed and pace, they are being able to complete their course even faster than they would have done ii in case of the traditional mode of learning.

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2. Access to technology

A major part of technology is linked with the distance mode of education system where it is mandatory for the students to have their own set of digital gadgets and a stable internet connection in order to receive online knowledge and education. Regular access must be maintained by the students to their hardware, emails and other devices such microphones, headset and webcams. Whereas in case of the traditional mode of education system, no such thing or internet is required. Just a book, notebook and a pen is enough.

3. Cost comparison

At times, distance education can be comparatively lesser in cost as compared to traditional education. As the study materials are available online, the cost of many books has increased. Also you can get discounts in the online education that you will not get in the regular mode. However, online courses can be availed for only one topic or subject at one time and this individual charge cannot be ignored.

4. Location

Place is not a factor in case of an online education system as the student needs to travel and take the classes at the ease of their comfort. Whereas it is mandatory to go to school or college in case of traditional learning and the hours are fixed for the classes.

Which One Is Better and Why?

Though traditional mode of learning offers the students to get in-depth knowledge about the subject yet it would be best to keep the option of online classes available at the institution offering a traditional education system. A child nurtured under both the system will be able to acquire better knowledge in an innovative manner. In case of your paper, avail a brilliant writing service who will meet all the requirements and complete your paper with the utmost quality. 

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