Digital Signage Improves Customer Experience For Hotels

If you are a hotelier, you must be well aware of how important it is to give an excellent customer experience to your guests.

Since your guests have chosen your hotel amongst the various other options, it is your moral imperative to make sure that your guests are satisfied with your services and are enjoying their stay to the fullest.

Irrespective of the rating of your hotel, if you incorporate Hotel Digital signage, you can easily deliver a five-star service to your guests right from the time they enter the hotel premises.

Want to know how? Keep reading the blog till the end as we have mentioned the different ways in which you can use digital signage for hotels to improve the experience of your guests.

Different Ways In Which Hotel Digital Signage Can Be Used To Improve Guest Experience

Assistance In Wayfinding Process

Enabling easy navigation is crucial for hotels. It is a common scenario to witness guests asking the hotel staff about the way to their room or other locations. A digital map on hotel digital signage makes the entire process a lot easier and convenient for guests and allows the hotel staff to work efficiently without being interrupted.

By displaying a digital map on digital signage, you can tap into the curiosity and impulsiveness of your guests by guiding the way to the locations which generate more revenue like the restaurant, bar, spa, casino, etc.

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Display Services & Amenities

Digital signage is a perfect tool to communicate with your guests and give them information about the hotel like the check-in and check-out timings, breakfast hours, timings of the restaurant, etc. Moreover, it can be used to showcase amenities like the gymnasium, swimming pool, souvenir shops, conference rooms, etc.

Additionally, you can add promotional content into the hotel digital signage too like an ongoing special deal in the restaurant or happy hours of the bar to keep your guests updated by providing real-time information which may generate revenues.

Social Wall For Engagement

Even though there are various other means of entertainment and engagement in the hotel premises, you can further amplify the engagement of the guests by displaying a social wall on hotel digital signage.

You can display the content generated by your former guests in the form of reviews and testimonials to instill faith and confidence in your guests. Moreover, you can run a fun activity in the hotel by telling your guests to click a picture in the location they are most attracted to or while relishing their favorite food and post it on their social media handles by mentioning the hotel or by using a special hashtag.

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The content generated by your guests can be collected with a social media aggregator and can be displayed on digital signage to increase engagement and excitement in your guests.

Ensure The Safety Of The Guests

Disaster has no time of arrival. It can arrive suddenly and unexpectedly. Therefore, it is important to make the arrangements and be fully prepared for the worst. Displaying an emergency alert on digital signage can alert the guests.

The authorities can further notify the guests about how to take preventive measures, the location to proceed to keep themselves safe, and keep them updated as the situation progresses.

Similarly, any cancellation or delay in flights or other means can be informed to the guests to keep them updated and change their travel plans accordingly. 

Beautify The Interiors

Apart from the aforementioned advantages and uses, hotel digital signage is a great tool to make the interiors of the hotel more attractive, aesthetically pleasing, and appealing.

Strategically place digital signage in the reception area or the lobby and display stunning visuals of your hotel. It can be an aerial shot of the premises, the garden, swimming pool, rooms with a view, etc.

You can play a travel blog of the city where your hotel is located to give a glimpse into the vibrant life of the place. Your customers will feel more connected and peaceful by witnessing the beautiful visuals.

Display The Frequently Asked Queries

Being an interaction tool, you can utilize digital signage to display the questions that are mostly asked by the guests. You can showcase the queries in a questionnaire format. The guests often have queries about the spa charges, laundry-related services, hotel policies, room occupancy, etc.

As mentioned before, you can either answer these collectively in a questionnaire format and if the answer is more detailed, you can display every question separately in the form of a slideshow.

Closing Note

And we have reached the end of the blog and are quite positive that you must be well acquainted with how digital signage can drastically improve the guest experience and engagement in a hotel.

Being such a powerful and result-driven communication tool, hotel digital signage is definitely a must-have tool, especially for the hospitality industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Utilize digital signage and notice a vast improvement in your hotel premises and guest engagement too!

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