Digital Marketing Technologies: Trends and Examples for 2021-2022

Progress in Internet marketing is not standing still. Users are becoming more and more finicky, and it is becoming more and more difficult to interest them and convince them to buy something. Standard advertising approaches no longer work, and spam messages are so boring that they cause only irritation.

Similarly, universities and colleges can use content marketing to promote their research papers or answer common questions which may streamline the admission process.

Therefore, in order not to fly out of the market and not to leave the competition, you need to be able to quickly adjust to the audience and follow current trends in digital marketing. This applies to everyone from the representatives of the best online casino to advertising companies.

Correct use of trends gives a competitive advantage, increases sales and brand awareness. Use these techniques to improve your sales strategy.

Content Marketing

Quality content marketing still works well in 2021. Almost all major companies maintain their own blogs where they share useful and relevant information, showing expertise in their chosen niche. This causes an increase in user trust and increases brand awareness.

Readers of the blog are potential customers. Such an audience is easier to warm up to because a person is more likely to buy a product from a firm whose blog he regularly reads than from an unknown company.

For example, travelers, before buying tickets, are interested in the features of the country they are going to, the rules of visas, the cost of accommodation, and interesting places. Travel companies publish useful articles on their blogs and attract additional organic traffic, which is perfectly converted into leads.

According to Demand Metric research, content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing but generates 3 times more customers.

Automated Chatbots and Consultations

Users don’t like to wait long for answers to questions. In the past, chatbots and quick customer consultations in messengers were seen as an additional advantage, but today it is a common and even obligatory sales condition.

If a user wants advice and information about a product at 2 a.m., you need to give them that opportunity. Automated chatbots handle requests and give instant answers at any time of day.

One striking example is the world’s first robot lawyer Do Not Pay. With his help a person can instantly get one of the following services:

  • legal advice on any questions;
  • processing compensation for delayed or canceled flights and trains;
  • Filing a lawsuit with a court enforcement agency;
  • contesting a purchase made by card fraudsters.

It takes a few seconds for the robot to perform these actions, and users do not have to waste time on contacting specialists and a bunch of bureaucratic procedures.

It is important to consider the other side of the issue: a bot can be terribly annoying and cause only negativity if it persistently gives out the wrong information. Therefore, any automated chat should have a button to switch to the operator.

Micro Influencing (Influencer Marketing)

Up to and including 2021, classic Influencers were in trends, when companies tried to get advertising from popular bloggers with an audience of millions. However, despite the huge coverage of advertising records, the results were not always positive, because there was not an exact fit to the target audience.

In 2021, conventional influencer marketing was replaced by micro influencing, when ads are purchased from bloggers with a small audience of between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers. Channels of narrow themes corresponding to the promoted product are selected. As a result, the conversion is higher with less coverage and financial costs.

The book is easier and more effective to advertise in communities of book topics, and advertising diapers will better come from the blogger who talks about childbirth and infant care. It no longer makes sense to chase the million-dollar reach and expensive posts. Much more effective to buy ads in 20-30 small thematic communities, than from one blogger with a million people with a diverse audience.

In the era of digital technology, a user can at any time go online and get answers to their questions. However, not everyone has the patience and time to open a browser, type in a search engine, and read the information. Voice search comes to the rescue.

Well-known brands have started adapting their websites to this technology in order to get more customers. 

In 2021, voice queries accounted for exactly half of all searches. In 2021, the figure rose another 15%. Sales of smart speakers are also increasing. According to forecasts, by 2023 over 8 million such devices will be sold and search algorithms will fully adapt to voice queries.


The trend implies an increase in the number of points of contact with users. Today it is not enough to have only one channel for attracting customers, you need to develop and maintain several directions at once. At the same time, it is important to combine information from all channels into a single system.

For example, a person buys a course from an online school after seeing an announcement of a profitable offer. It can be assumed that this particular advertising campaign yielded results and brought the sale. However, the customer had previously studied the firm’s blog, subscribed to their page in the social network, and participated in free webinars. Only all the actions combined led to the result.

Omnichannel is a good basis for building your own auto sales leads. The information about customers from different channels can be combined with CRM systems or special services, like DS Campaign.

Unique Client Experience

It is important to use a unique customer experience in digital marketing – the customer’s overall impression of the interaction with the company. In 2021, competition in online marketing is skyrocketing and the trend is rapidly evolving.

Customer experience is influenced by the following factors:

  • Consistency of company departments. The problem should be solved where the person went to, not redirected to different specialists. Brand representatives should be present in all social networks and messengers.
  • Quality of service. If a person has to wait long for a product or service, communicate with incompetent employees, encounter rudeness or annoyance, he is unlikely to return to such a firm.

There are special metrics to assess the customer experience:

  • NPS – customer loyalty index. Calculated using a survey of whether the user is ready to recommend the company to friends and relatives;
  • CSAT – satisfaction index. The survey is conducted after a transaction or contacting technical support;
  • CES – customer effort indicator to buy a product or get a service. The survey is conducted after the person made the order to find out how difficult it was for him to make the necessary actions.

Metrics are needed to optimize the future work of the firm. Without them it is difficult to build a long-term sales strategy because the quality of service is the most important factor that people pay attention to.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing refers to focusing a company’s main efforts on people who are more likely to buy a product.

One way to create such a user base is by sending out small gifts and promotional offers. For example, an online cosmetics store has its own base of followers on Instagram, which is used to select a hundred women of a certain age category. Then they are sent a message with a promo code to receive a gift from the appropriate category of care products.

Customers who open the letter and go to the site to activate the promo code, with a huge likelihood of buying other products in addition to the gift. An important role in this will play a well-built sales funnel.

Billing Tree applied this type of marketing to increase the number of closed deals. They gathered the contacts of a hundred people who might be interested in their services and then sent them a message. Inside the email was a $100 Amazon coupon, a promotional booklet, and a short video about Billing Tree’s work that ran automatically. As a result, 60% of the recipients of such a gift became customers of the firm, and 15% said they were willing to order a little later. The return on investment (ROI of the advertising campaign) was above 700%, and the firm generated about $200,000 in revenue.

Video Marketing

The number of companies using video for marketing purposes is growing every year. While in 2017 the rate was only 67%, in 2021 it’s 86%, and that’s not the limit.

Videos increase customer loyalty and help promote the brand. Today not everyone is ready to read long texts, so video content is rapidly gaining momentum. The average user spends about 18 hours a week watching videos online. Adding videos to email newsletters increases the number of clicks by 250-300%.

Types of videos that can be used in online marketing:

  • Educational (expletives);
  • Entertaining for social networks;
  • Presentation to demonstrate the product;
  • Selling.

It is recommended to use different types of video content, rather than focusing on just one. Live videos in the interview format and practical demonstration of the service or product get the most views. 

Live broadcasts work great, during which a person can communicate with company representatives, ask questions and find out the answers. This increases the credibility and reputation of the company. You can show the backstage of your business, or hold a webinar in question-answer format.

Auto Sales Funnels

Sales head-on don’t work anymore. Auto tunnels have been used in digital marketing for years and are still trending. It’s harder to convince a user to buy your product because the competition is growing quickly. Auto-funnel is a must, even if you own a medium or small business.

The main stages of the sales funnel:

  • Lead magnet. A free product that will quickly solve a user’s problem. In exchange for it, the person provides their contact information, thereby getting into the company’s base. Used to attract a potential customer.
  • Tripwire. Involves the user in a financial relationship with the firm. A person is offered an inexpensive product that they will want to buy. People are willing to be customers of companies where they have already made purchases and are satisfied.
  • The main product. Only at this stage, it is possible to offer the main product. The conversion will be much higher than if the firm tried to make a sale immediately at the first interaction with the client.
  • Profit maximizers. Related goods and services that may be of interest to the user. Offered after or at the stage of selling the main product to increase the average check.
  • Building funnels is the job of marketers.

Tik Tok

This is a super-trend and a new tool in online marketing. Its popularity grows every year, but not all firms are yet ready to use the service to promote their business.

Today Tik Tok is a cheap source of organic traffic. The advantage of using the network is that many companies and marketers are still skeptical. Take this chance to get ahead of the competition.

UGC – User Generated Content

User-Generated Content or UGC is content that is created by the audience of a company or brand. Since the end of 2020, such promotion has been gaining momentum and will remain relevant for a long time.

User-generated content works better than regular content because people tend to share information with friends and acquaintances on social media. Such posts have a high reach and often get a lot of comments.

The challenge for a company is to encourage the customer to create such content. For example, a clothing store might put a hashtag with its name on the mirrors in the fitting rooms and offer a discount to those who take a photo and post online.


When promoting a business on the Internet, you need to constantly rebuild and refine your marketing strategy. In the digital sphere, everything is changing very fast, so you need to keep track of trends and skillfully adapt them to your company.

It is not necessary to use all the tools at the same time. Choose a few that are most suitable for your business and incorporate them into your promotional strategy. It won’t take long to see the results.

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