How to Take a Break From Your Computer and Smartphone

Morning surfing on the Internet, computer games, favorite movies or TV series fill our lives. To stay productive and healthy, experts advise leaving at least two days free from the Internet. These recommendations will help you get less tired of gadgets on weekdays and weekends.

Weekdays: Implement Healthy Breaks

Excessive immersion in gadgets does not add to health. The fact that, first of all, the eyes and posture suffer, most people know, but the slowing of the metabolism and chronic fatigue are undeservedly forgotten. Here are ways to stay healthy.


Static posture is bad for circulation. Exercises can help you get energy and release muscle tension:

  • Bending: forward, backward, left, right.
  • Pulling: stretch your arms up and stretch the spine as much as possible.
  • Squats.

Keep an Eye on Your Health

Working at the computer reduces the frequency of blinking, during which the eyes are moistened with tears. You need to take your eyes off the screen every half hour for at least five minutes. To remember to do this, use an alarm clock.

During this time, do an eye workout:

  • Squeeze your eyes tightly shut for three seconds, then open them. Repeat five times.
  • Blink rapidly for a minute.
  • Close your eyes and draw numbers from 1 to 10 with your gaze.
  • Alternate looking at a close object and into the distance. Repeat five times.
  • Gently massage your eyes through the closed eyelids with circular movements of your index fingers for 30 seconds.

Massage the Head

Massage the Head

To relieve tiredness and tension run your fingers lightly from the forehead to the back of the head and massage the temples. Head massages also help relieve headaches and promote vigorous hair growth.

Drink Water

Try to drink water regularly, as it speeds up your metabolism. When you sit at your computer a lot, your metabolism is already slow. This means your body doesn’t burn fat, but stores it in reserve. In this case, you get more tired, get better more easily and get skin, hair and nail problems. Don’t wait until you get thirsty, it usually signals dehydration.

Drink Water

To implement a new habit:

  • Use reminders on your phone – once every two hours.
  • Put a nice glass that feels good to drink from in a prominent place.
  • Make a note in your habit tracker every day that you’ve monitored your water balance.

Meditate for a Few Minutes

Get into a comfortable position in your chair, close your eyes and relax. Set a timer for two to three minutes. Imagine a nice bright picture – the sea or the forest, what you like better. End the break with a smile and slowly open your eyes.

Weekend: Rest – On, Computer – Off

Conscious abandonment of digital devices helps to take a break from the virtual world, relieve stress and switch to other activities. So that the hand out of habit does not reach for Instagram or tonybet games, we have chosen 5 activities for you.

Board Games

You can have fun playing with friends not only in World of Tanks or Mortal Kombat. Buy modern board games. For example, in addition to the already familiar Imaginarium, Activity or Alias, try Ticket to Ride or Jackal.


Fresh air increases performance, improves mental health and strengthens the immune system. You can make walking more varied by taking friends along and riding a bike or scooter.

Sports and the Pool

A break from the Internet helps physical activity, like:

Swimming gives a feeling of calm and relaxation after a workout.
● Aerobics trains the heart and lungs, reduces intraocular pressure, normalizes sleep and relieves stress.
● Table tennis helps stretch body muscles and relieves eye strain.



Just six minutes alone with a book reduces stress levels by half, scientists at the University of Sussex found. And researchers at Ohio State University have proven that good literature helps you overcome obstacles and find your bearings in life. Isn’t that an excuse to spend a weekend with your favorite book?


Creativity develops the brain and helps you deal with negative emotions. Try your hand at drawing, playing a musical instrument, wood burning or sculpting.

If you don’t know where to start, pick up some pre-made kits at a hobby store and see what you like best. It could be soap making or wool felting. The main thing is to focus on the process and have fun, not strive to get close to perfect.