The gold rate today is peaking up day by day. Your neighbourhood might not offer you the metal at pretty lower rates but the digital market can. Gold for years has been a form of investment and still holds the same reputation, regardless of it being a commodity metal or a bar of digital gold.

The tenure when inflationary pressure is high in countries, gold is commonly seen as a situation diversifier. After the tough pandemic times, it is advisable to add up a minimum of 5-9 per cent of digital gold to your portfolio, to assure long term benefits. The online or Digi gold has made the investment simple and accurate.

Explaining digi gold

A revolution in the form of precious metal investment/yellow metal investment (without holding the same in real form) is trending, convenient and simple to own. The purchase can be made in the virtual world at the ease and comfort of your home. Backed by the security and exchange board of India this is a completely secured form of investment. The minimal value of the deal is as low as ₹1 and the market is open for 24*7 making it convenient to deal with as per your availability and comfort.

Genuinity of the same

The deals are rated at 24-carat certification as per government specifications and licence requirements. This assures purity and security of the deal and metal.

Features and advantages of digital gold investment

  • Quick dealings and convenience guaranteed.
  • Minimal funds are required for the investment. Low quantity purchase also is the basic positive feature of the same.
  • No extra charge in form of making, etc. as it is in form of solid metal that may include bars/bricks/coins etc.
  • Secured vault storage without any hassle.
  • Certified government approved documentation as assurance.
  • Liquidity at its side- easy purchase and sale of the same.

Taxationterms regarding the digital gold investment

Subject to capital gains tax digital and physical gold is legalised. The tax on digital gold is demarcated as short term capital gains as well as long term capital gains. The same is slabbed under the income from other sources sub-heading.

Genuinity of the same
Genuinity of the same

It should be remembered that short term capital gains are imposed for holdings that are kept in digital possession for a term of fewer than 36 months or three years, on the other hand, the loan term capital gains are for more than the same as per the date of purchase.

The deals in the case are accessed through net banking and professionals like 5paisa can be hired for assistance and support. The deal doesn’t need large amounts of funds. One can start with a small amount and then continue if interested. Remember it’s gold and the rate is a game of five minutes as it always goes up and down without any prior notice or assessment.

That’s why only five minutes is the time limit offered to fix the respective deal. As soon as the order confirmation is done an OTP is received as proof of the credibility the same to your account. This sounds simple and simpler is the process of selling your digital gold. The dynamic investment opportunity has proved to be a great investment in the digital world.