Different Types of Refrigerators You should Look for in 2021

The most effective types of refrigerators in the Indian market aid you in keeping vegetables, fruits, and other food products fresh. Over and above that, flagship refrigerators keep items hygienic over time, giving you the benefit of healthy food storage in hot conditions. Besides this, they look great, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. These refrigerators come in modern and contemporary finishes of steel, and interiors are spacious as well.

From the best double door refrigerator to the sleekest single door models, brands like Haier, Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, and Hitachi offer an excellent range of refrigerators.

Refrigerators are mainly of two types, single door, and double door configurations. In double door models, you get side-by-side and freezer-top or below variants. With features such as voice control, supercooling advancements, and top-of-the-line freezing technology, modern refrigerators are truly a work of art, and have a cool holiday mode, functioning to maintain a stable temperature if you are away, and the fridge isn’t being used. Today, the refrigerators you get, like other household appliances and devices, are nothing short of “smart”.

Deciding on Refrigerator Types

Whether you are living alone, or have a large family, a refrigerator is something no home can do without. Deciding on a Samsung refrigerator, or any of the other big brands may prove challenging, as they all perform well. Your budget may help you zero in on a fridge that you want, and you should also consider your needs.

The rule here is simple: a smaller fridge is good for an individual, while a larger one suits a family. You need to think of aspects of size, configuration, energy efficiency, brand, and affordability. A basic single-door refrigerator, like the new direct-cool Whirlpool 190-litre 3-star refrigerator, comes with a freezer at 14.3 litres. Most single-door fridges that have come out in 2021 have this capacity.

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With advanced insulation technology, retaining coolness in the interior for up to 9 hours during a power break, this new model can keep bacteria away. Most single-door refrigerators, including the Haier 195-litre 4-star refrigerator, have this feature. In the Haier fridge, you may find the freezer capacity larger at 19 liters.

In any fridge, you need to check the capacity as it varies with brands. A single-door refrigerator houses the freezer and fridge in the same space. Deciding whether you want a single door fridge or a double-door refrigerator is purely dependent on requirements. Besides the two popular fridge types and the recently launched side-by-side door models, you also get mini-fridges and coolers (for wine), as well as three-compartment fridges with freezer drawers (called triple door) and French-door fridges, like the Samsung refrigerator RF60J9090SL model, essentially with four doors — two at the top and two at the bottom.

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Refrigerator Types in 2021

If you wanted to buy a fridge just a few years ago, you wouldn’t have had the range of options you do today. Here are the common types of fridges (for regular use) at your disposal in 2021.

Single Door Refrigerator – This is ideal for an individual or a couple. Ranging from 165 litres – 250 litres, single door models have freezers and fridges in one section. They may consume more power, as when you open the door, heat gets into the freezer too.

Nonetheless, great energy-saving models like the Samsung Inverter 212 litre Direct Cool refrigerator are excellent options. This model in particular has a digital inverter compressor that ensures quick cooling, and uniform distribution of air.

Double Door Refrigerator – These fridges are both elegant and spacious, without looking bulky. They are convertible frost-free models which come in 3-star and 4-star energy ratings. The convertible mechanism lets you turn the freezer into a fridge in case you are not storing frozen food. You get double door fridges that range from 235 litres to 500 litres and above. These are frost-free refrigerators that may come with freezers at the top or at the bottom.

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Even distribution of cool air in the interior of the fridge, including the doors, is managed by means of fans. Double door fridges that have a bottom freezer afford slightly greater freezer space. Another plus point is that freezers are used less than the fridge, so the position of the fridge on top is a user-friendly feature.

The LG 260 litre refrigerator model is excellent in this category, which offers silence and stabilizer-free operation. With smart features that connect to apps, it can be controlled remotely. Smart diagnosis controls temperature and humidity and adjusts the cooling accordingly.

Side-by-Side Refrigerators – These look like typical two-door wardrobes, and are split into two sides; the freezer is on the left and the fridge is on the right. Fridges like this are built in large capacities from 530 litres to 700 litres and are expensive. Many come with water and ice dispensers. Wider than average fridges, they need large kitchens.

The Haier fridge of this type (HRF619SS) is an impressive model, with a one-touch digital display, and twin inverter technology. It’s a slimmer model than most side-by-side door refrigerators and is perfect for moderately sized spaces.

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