Diabetes Management plan is all about Maintaining a Normal Blood Sugar Level

Keeping your blood sugar levels stable seems difficult, and needs time and dedication. Still, placing importance on normalizing BPL can help you overcome the complications of type 2 diabetes. Dr. Vina Bang claims that type 2 diabetes is a long war. It is not a battle that’s won in a couple of months or more. 

The pancreatic gland produces insulin that extracts glucose from Blood and uses it for energy production. Type 2 diabetes impairs the production of insulin and slows down your body’s reaction to insulin. Your body doesn’t have enough insulin, and sugar continues to circulate in the bloodstream.

According to Dr. Vina Bang, the target BP level of a type 2 diabetes patient varies between 80 to 130 mg per liter before a meal. It is lower than 180 mg per l two or more hours after a meal. 

On the off chance, blood sugar level counts more than 160 mg/dl, it suggests that you have hyper glaucoma. 

A change in Blood sugar level from 182 to 250 mg per dl will affect your organs. It causes organ failures, heart disease, kidney, vascular, liver disease, and more.

Symptoms of hyperglycemia include increased frequency of urination, thirst, nausea, lack of energy, and Weight loss.

Hypoglycemia gets characterized by a blood sugar level that’s below 170 mg per dl. Dr. Vina Bang claims that if your blood sugar level falls you will experience a headache, tremor, and an increased heartbeat. You are on the verge of developing hypoglycemia if you skip insulin doses, Diabetes medications, or consume alcohol regularly.

If your BP level continues to drop below 30 MG per DL, you are likely to have a glaucomatous coma. 

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Dr. Bang claims that good BP level control can help you mitigate the risk and complications of having low or high sugar levels. Follow these steps to control BP and overcome the risks of type 2 diabetes.

  • Have your medicines on time

Drugs help keep your sugar level balanced, and it is essential to intake prescribed medicine on time. It is better not to skip doses.

  • Take your food on time

Eating a balanced diet at the same time every day will keep your BP level balanced. Drvinabang.com claims, Consistency and regular meals help you avoid obesity symptoms and increase the effectiveness of medications. 

  • Note down your bp level and the food that you’ve. 

As well stated by a diabetologist in Nagpur noting down your blood sugar counts and consumables helps you and your doctor to review progress over time. It’s wise to use an app or appliance to record information from time to time.

  • Exercise and have healthy food with your close ones. 

Dr. Vina says that by exercise and having healthy food with your family members you can make it enjoyable, rather than a task. 

  • Don’t blame yourself always. 

As Bang says, you don’t need to blame yourself for failing to control blood sugar levels. Due to gradual progression of glaucoma, blood sugar level is likely to rise. It requires you to follow prescribed medications.

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