Denim Trends We’re Loving this Fall

For many people, fall means sweaters, boots, hats, and leggings. It often brings to mind fun outdoor events in chilly weather, which means fall is time to bundle up. For some people, fall also means denim! We love all things denim, from denim jackets to denim miniskirts to denim pants.

Not only is denim both casual and stylish, able to be dressed up or down, it is also iconic for setting that laid-back lifestyle tone. We know you’ve been dressing for hot summer weather for what probably feels like a long time now, but surely you can remember the perfect happiness of pairing your favorite sweater with your best jeans, or laying your denim jacket over your boho mini dress. Layering with denim is a foolproof way to create the cutest outfits.

There are tons of denim trends to love that are just right for fall weather and fall events (let us just say, denim and pumpkin patches were made for each other!). Here is a list of our favorite denim outfit ideas that you should definitely recreate ASAP.

Wide Leg Jeans

All jeans make it onto the list of our top denim trends, but wide leg jeans have recently returned to the height of popularity. They are the essential piece of boho clothing you need to add to your wardrobe. Wide leg jeans generally have high rise waists, and the combination of flared and fitted creates clean lines. Plus, every type of shoe (from sneakers to heels to boots) creates a new and inspired look when worn with wide leg jeans. Whether you tuck in your tee or sweater or wear a shacket with your jeans, you’re guaranteed to look chic. 

Denim Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a person’s best friend, and the denim jumpsuit takes this fashion trend to new levels. Because denim is instantly recognizable, comfortable, and can be casual or dressy, it is the perfect material for your one-stop outfit. You don’t need to be afraid to venture into the realm of boho clothing, like jumpsuits, when you choose one made of denim because you already know the way this material fits and flatters your body.

Denim Jackets 

We briefly mentioned the denim jacket already, but it truly is a fall staple. Ranging from cropped to long to pocketed to sleek fits, this item of clothing is ideal for layering outfits. You can wear denim jackets with trousers, jeans, dresses, skirts, athletic clothes, or even on their own as a dress. The best way to wear your denim jacket is . . . with everything!

Dyed Denim

You probably think of one of the traditional washes of denim when you consider the material, such as light, medium, or dark wash, but there are even more denim trends to get creative with. Dyed denim ranges between virtually any look or color. Some exciting denim dye ideas we love for fall include jewel and earth tone denim (such as dark green, indigo, or clay) and patterned and printed denim (such as graphics printed onto a piece of denim clothing). Get inspired to create new outfits with unique denim dyes!

Denim Dress

Let us introduce you to the denim dress. It’s easy to throw on for an immediately cute outfit, it ranges from mini to maxi length, and often it includes buttons down the front. The denim dress can be styled to take on any look, as it fits into the casual, sporty, upscale, and boho clothing categories depending on how you wear it. 

Denim Skirt

Don’t forget about the adorable denim skirt. There are a vast variety of styles you can buy denim skirts in; basically, any skirt silhouette can be found in denim. If you want to dress in boho clothing, try a maxi length denim skirt, or one cut in an asymmetrical shape. If you’re looking for a traditional jean skirt style, try a button down or circle skirt. The great news is that denim skirts look fashionable with every type of top and blouse, which makes creating outfits a breeze.

Denim on Denim

How many times can we say denim? Our final favorite boho clothing trend incorporating denim is what is sometimes referred to as the “Canadian tuxedo.” While this look may have received some flack in the past, it is well understood to be the epitome of style when worn with confidence. Imagine all the ways you can wear the denim on denim look: jackets with skirts, jeans with tops, jackets with jeans, or some other wild and wonderful combination. 

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We love all things denim for fall because of how trendy and versatile clothing made from this fan-favorite material is. As you look forwards to a fall with plenty of outdoor events and cozy nights in, there are denim pieces perfect for your every plan. Use this guide to help you create your next chic denim outfit!

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