Delicious And World Famous Dishes To Try Out

I feel like food connects people and no matter how much you hate a country but you never hate the good food of that country. Everyone has a foodie inside them and if you are in a hunt for some of the most delicious food around the world then we got you covered. Here Travelila brought some of the best dishes around the world that you should try out:

The classic ramen noodles of Korea:

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If you ever visit Korea then you cannot just leave the place without tasting their ramen. Ramen noodles are also very famous in Japan but the kimchi ramen noodles of Korea are incomparable. The entire ramen bowl has so many things and each addition of the ramen bowl will get you a different flavor. Spicy ramen noodles are all over the internet now so you already know how delicious Korean ramen noodles are. You will easily get ramen noodles online that you can prepare at your home by following the instructions.

The cheesy Italian pasta has to be on this list:

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We cannot complete this list of delicious food around the world without mentioning the classic cheesy pasta from Italy. You will get a lot of different spaces of paste in Italy and these pasta are often cooked in different sauces. The cheesy long spaghetti pasta is a favorite pasta dish that most people enjoy.

The hamburger from the United States:

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This will be so unfair if we continue this list without mentioning the hamburger. Hamburger is a staple junk food of the United States and people of that place enjoy this dish a lot. This is an amazing calorific dish that tastes like heaven. The tender meat patty in between the two soft buns with layers of cheese and crunch of some vegetables completes a hamburger.

The mouth-watering barramundi dish of Australia:

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This is one of the best dishes for those who are into fishes. Fish tastes amazing and if you are a seafood lover like almost every Australian then this dish is like heaven for you. This is a classic fish fillet preparation with some buttery sauces. The hint of lemon and dill in the sauce makes it taste even better. The choice is yours whether you want it steamed, fried, baked, or in a barbeque form.

Raclette of Switzerland will blow your taste buds:

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If you love cheese then you will eventually fall for this dish which is entirely based on the Raclette cheese. Here the cheese will be melted and it will be served to you hot with some specific spices for flavors. Usually, you will get baked or boiled potatoes to enjoy the cheese with. You can also add on some of your classic favorites to go with the salty and creamy taste of the cheese.

Biriyani from the Indian kitchen:

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You will get biriyani in other Asian countries as well but no other biriyani can be compared with the taste of Indian biriyani. India serves a huge variety of biriyani and each biriyani preparation has distinct flavors and aromas which makes it unique. The mixture of spices with the classic long-grained aromatic rice is something that you need to fill your tummy and your heart. You will get a huge piece of meat to accompany the spiced rice and the meat is cooked along with the rice itself so that it could be flavorful. This can be heavy on your stomach it is always served with chilled spiced beaten curd to balance the flavors.

Kebabs from Turkey:

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The origin of kebabs is very confusing as most Islam country claims kebab’s origin place. Even India will serve you some of the most unique and tasty kebabs that you need to try out for sure. Originally kebabs are from Turkey and here you will get a lot of varieties of kebabs. You can of course try the non-veg meaty kebabs and at the same time, the vegetable kebabs will also blow your mind which is just so amazing. Kebabs are put in the kebab sticks and then cooked on the fire. This takes time and the open fire gives the kebabs a nice smoky flavor which is just so delicious for sure.

Dim sum from China:

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Chinese food is always in limelight for the unique blend of ingredients and amazing taste but we have chosen a very simple dish here. Dim sum needs to be on this list as most people love to have it. You will see dim sum shops around the world and they can be prepared with different shapes and colors which is great. These are nothing but steamed dough with some spicy filling. You can get fish, egg, chicken or any other meat filling and you can also go for vegetable dim sum. You can enjoy the simple dim sum with some spicy sauces.

Sushi is a classic favorite from Japan:

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Sushi is a classic favorite food of Japan and there is rarely any eatery in Japan that doesn’t offer sushi. This simple dish is so light yet so flavorful that you will want to have it often. This particular dish is very healthy at the same time and usually, it is based on fishes but you can also go for egg or vegetable sushi. Here the sticky rice along with spices, fishes, and vegetables are rolled together and cut to serve people. You can enjoy this with a number of dips and sauces but the dark soya dip seems to be the best for sushi.

Paneer tikka masala from India:

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India is a king country when it comes to flavorful spices and so most dishes that come from India are very flavorful. India is one such country where many vegetarian people live and that is why this country has an ample number of vegetarian dishes. The paneer butter masala is a dish prepared with cubed cottage cheese cooked in a buttery but spicy sauce. This dish goes well with bread and it is sweet, tangy, and spicy in taste which is just so perfect. This Indian dish is so popular that you will get so many restaurants around the world other than India that serve paneer butter masala. There are so many other dishes as well that need to be on this list but the above-mentioned dishes around the world are the must-try dishes.

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