Decoration and Storage Tips for Tiny Apartment Living

Are you interested in downsizing your apartment? It may sound strange to you, but many people have begun to make the transition. Some people prefer living in large houses built with proper Guest Home Plans and some others prefer living in small houses. There are plenty of benefits to living in a smaller space.

There are plenty of benefits to living in a smaller space. However, that does mean that there are no drawbacks. Whether the decision makes sense for you will depend on what you want out of your apartment.

Pros and Cons of Small Apartment Living 

Most people traditionally have always tried to live in the largest space possible. Recently, this has begun to change. More and more people have been moving into tiny apartments and tiny homes. There is a reason for this. In comparison to a regular size department, tiny apartments offer several advantages.

Less Cleaning

Do you struggle to keep your regular sized apartment clean? If so, then you may be interested in moving into a smaller space. When you live in a small space, there is less for you to clean. That means that it will be much easier for you to keep everything together.

Lower Expenses

Another huge benefit that comes with living in a small space will be lower household expenses. While living in a larger home has its perks, a downfall of larger homes is sky-high utility bills. Smaller homes tend to have much smaller utility bills, and if you want to save even more on your Eversource expenses you can implement some of these energy efficient techniques

  • Upgrading old appliances to EnergyStar appliances
  • Making sure all windows and doors are properly sealed
  • Maintaining your HVAC system regularly
  • Investing in blackout curtains or blinds to lower heating and cooling costs
  • Utilizing ceiling fans to take some of the load off of your HVAC system
  • Turning off appliances when not in use

Cramped or Cozy

Some people feel cramped when they live in a small space. Other people feel that it is cozy. It depends on the person’s personality. You might need to try it out to know how you feel.

Family Limitations

Tiny apartment living can be difficult for large families. When you have children and a spouse, you need a certain amount of space for everyone to get along. Sometimes there isn’t enough in a tiny apartment.

Design and Storage Tips for Small Apartment Living 

If you have decided to transition to living in a tiny apartment, you need to plan. There will be obstacles that are not present in larger homes. The following advice should make the transition easier.


It would help if you think about efficiency when you are planning your living space. You only have so many areas to use. It would be better if you took full advantage of every square inch of your tiny apartment. Otherwise, you will be frustrated by the lack of space.


A simple aesthetic choice that you could make would be to add some mirrors to the apartment. Mirrors create a sense of openness. This can help to make the tiny apartment up here larger than it is. If you feel cramped in your apartment, try adding some mirrors into the main room. You might be surprised at how large the differences after you have added them.

Multi-Function Items

Finally, one of the best advice for living in a tiny apartment is to use multi-function items. Have you ever seen one of the coffee tables that doubles as a storage drawer? Think about items like that. These items allow you to use your space efficiently. That will be key to surviving in a tiny apartment.

Living in a Tiny Apartment   

Tiny apartment living is an excellent way for you to limit your monthly expenses. If you do not mind living in a smaller area, it could be the most affordable way to live. That way you can spend less time working for a living and more time enjoying yourself. However, it would help if you created a plan so you can transition with ease.

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