DDG_s Early Life

DDG is a well-known YouTuber and rapper from the United States. He is renowned for posting skit videos, parodies, and dares to his YouTube channel. His hit tracks “Givenchy,” “GOAT,” and “Dope” have made him a superstar. Today we will discuss DDG Net Worth – Total Earning, Car, House, Girlfriends, Age and so on.

DDG is among the co-founders of the Zooted Ent record label. He has always loved music. He also had the chance to collaborate with some well-known rappers.

With four other siblings, this incredible rapper grew up in Michigan. His actual name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry. DDG makes the most of his money as a songwriter, YouTuber, and rapper.

Although you are familiar with DDG, do you know his net worth? So, we are here to share everything you need to know about DDG’s net worth, bio, and personal life.

Who is DDG? And His Social Media Profiles

DDG is a well-known rapper and songwriter. He is also a famous YouTuber with a large fanbase. DDG has a decent living by his talent. He leads a luxurious life.

Music records and YouTube videos are DDG’s primary sources of income. He makes a lot of money by successfully exploiting both of these things. His rapping talent provides him with a stable flow of revenue.

He also generates Vine material, which earns him a decent amount of money. He became an entrepreneur, engaging in a variety of small enterprises. It makes a significant boost to his earnings.

This fantastic singer uses social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. DDG Instagram has nearly 5.1 million followers. DDG Twitter has 751.9K followers. On YouTube, he has a sizable following with 2.32 million subscribers.

Who is DDG
DDG Net Worth

DDG’s Early Life

DDG was born on (Oct 10, 1997), in Pontiac, Michigan, United States of America. DDG is the son of Tonya Yvette, who employs in a retail business. With four siblings, he grew up in Michigan.

Darryl enrolled at International Tech Academy for his education. He went on to Central Michigan University after that. After discovering how much cash he could make on YouTube, the young entertainer later left the university. He begins by earning $30K per month from YouTube.

He considered making videos and uploading them to YouTube during his undergraduate years. However, it was simply considered to be a pastime activity at the start. He started to take it sincerely after several years.

He’s a well-known artist and businessman. He attended International Tech Academy and graduated as top student. In 2014, DDG’s YouTube journey started while attending Central Michigan University.

DDG Net Worth

Most young celebrities nowadays rely on social media to make a career. The new digital world offers limitless opportunities for young people. Their YouTube channels and singing sector provide the majority of their income.

DDG is a massive star in the US. DDG’s real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry, Jr. He goes by the nickname DDG. Many fans don’t know his valid name.

DDG is a popular YouTuber and rapper from the United States. He’s also well-known on other websites, such as Soundcloud. He is an excellent guide for young individuals who desire to begin their careers as soon as possible.

DDG Net Worth
DDG Net Worth

This superstar illuminated the globe on (Oct 10, 1997). This well-known singer is hugely wealthy. DDG’s net worth is predicted to be around $30 million in 2022. His soundtrack album selling and YouTube videos contribute to most of his earnings.

Apart from that, he earns money by creating Vine videos. DDG monthly earnings are a total of USD 50,000. If we speak about DDG’s annual income, we’re talking about 250,000 USD.

He’s even put money into many tiny enterprises. He has put a significant portion of his salary in Bitcoin to grow his assets.

DDG’s Personal Life, Educational Background And Family

When it concerns relationships, DDG hasn’t got much knowledge. He’s been focusing his efforts on his singing and industry careers.

DDG had a relationship with a YouTuber. DDG’s girlfriend’s name is Kennedy Cymone. They were both on YouTube. In 2017, the two began interacting. After a year of relationship, he proposed to her in April 2018.

They were also committed, but the couple split up in (2018). Before seeing Kennedy, he was involved with a pop star Emaza Dilan.

DDG educational background: He attended International Tech Academy for his education. After that, he attended Central Michigan University for further study.

However, he did not stay at the varsity for longer. DDG finally walked away. He was able to make a bundle of dollars on YouTube. He was making roughly $30k from YouTube at that time.

DDG parents: Darryl Granberry is DDG’s father’s name. His father was previously employed in the automotive sector. Tonya Yvette is DDG’s mother’s name, and she worked in a retail store.

DDG siblings: He has an older sister named Tawanna Rochelle Adams. Dajaun Bridge is DDG’s older brother. Tiara, his younger sister.

DDG_s Personal Life, Educational Background And Family
DDG Net Worth

DDG’s Career

DDG had a solid musical desire. That widened several opportunities for him in the future. He dropped out of university because his YouTube account brought in a lot of cash. DDG later went to Hollywood to chase a full-time profession.

After going to Hollywood and realizing that he could earn a lot of cash on Youtube. Then he decided to explore it.

DDG's Career

DDG’s YouTube channel started onMay 26, 2019. The YouTube channel is named PontiacMadeDDG. Shortly after he started uploading videos, the track began to gain popularity.

Two of his most notable videos are “cheating on girlfriend prank” and “white people vs. black people.” Darryl began his career while he was pretty young.

DDG started career by singing a few tracks and collaborating with well-known rappers. He produced two hits in 2016, called “Free Parties” and “Balenciagas.”

DDG’s debut track, Dope, was published on SoundCloud in 2015. He released tracks such as Free Parties and Balenciagas, among others. He launched a diss track called Big Boat, directed at American artist Lil Yachty and Famous Dex. On Youtube, the song has over ten million views.

Five days ago, he released another song named “freestyle.” This music is not just highly appreciated, but it also received over 1.1 million views in just five days.

DDG’s Agе, Height, and Wеight

On (Oct 10, 1997), DDG was born. According to this, DDG will be 24 years old in 2022. Along with his outstanding appearance, he has a terrific figure and height.

DDG’s height is 1.73 meters tall, keeping with his whole appearance. DDG weighed 75 kilograms, which is also a good fit for his arrival.

Аwаrdѕ and Асhіеvеmеntѕ of DDG

DDG, the young artist, has yet to win any trophies. If he keeps working hard, he has bright potential. The possibility exists that he may receive one-day bag’s prestigious awаrds. Being a successful musician and a YouTuber at his age is a big success.

DDG win awards are coming up shortly, as we believe. But, as long as he works hard, he will have a fantastic future. We wish him success in the ahead.

DDG Car And House

DDG Car And House

DDG house: In the USA, DDG is a young rich rapper. He enjoys a high-end lifestyle. He maintains a $2.4 million mansion. Modifications costing $700,000 included:

  • Large movie room,
  • Marble flooring,
  • The prospective guest room,
  • Gigantic kitchen,
  • Studio and other luxuries.

The lavish home features five bedrooms and six toilets. Besides that, DDG has also made investments in many other high-end properties.

DDG  cars: He is a massive fan of high-end automobiles. He has a collection of high-end vehicles in his garage.

He has three Mercedes-Benz vehicles: a BMW i8, a Mercedes-Benz, and a Mercedes G-Wagon. The BMW i8 he drives costs roughly $140,000.


What is DDG’s age?

DDG was gifted On (Oct 10, 1997). He was raised in Pontiac, Michigan, in the US. DDG will be 24 years old in 2022.

What is DDG’s net worth?

In 2022, DDG’s net worth will be about 30 million dollars. He’s among the most promising rappers in the United States.

How many accounts does DDG have on YouTube?

DDG has four different YouTube accounts. “GamingWithDDG” is number one. It has 1.59 million subscribers. Other is “PontiacMadeDDG VLOGS.” This YT channel has 2.47M subs.

3.95 million people subscribe to his family’s Youtube account. Along with these, he has a music channel with 9.5 million subscribers.

Final Word

DDG is a popular YouTuber and singer with a significant fan. To earn great fame and celebrity, he has put a lot of effort. DDG’s net worth is estimated to be more than $30 million. It is expected to rise in the coming years.

DDG isn’t just a rарреr. He is actively making a reputation for himself in the field. There’s undoubtedly space for progress in his inсоmе and nеt wоrth in the years ahead. We expect DDG to keep making great music in the coming years.