Custom packaging 101: Perfecting the Packaging Design

Perfecting the Packaging Design Through 3D Mockup – A step by step approach

Using a 3D mockup to display a packaging design is an excellent strategy to help any designer stand out from the crowd. Mockups, when done correctly, can enhance a design and show clients what it would look like if it were executed in the real world.

1. Put Your File in the Right Place

Suppose that you have searched for a few design ideas. To begin, add these files to your Photoshop document. The files must jpg of your custom lash boxes’ top, front, and right sides. Add them to the document by choosing each jpg file and clicking File> Place. Hit Enter when each placed File appears in your document.

2. Make your files rasterized

After you have opened all the files in Photoshop, you will rasterize them to alter them later. Then, select those layers, go to Layers > Rasterize > Layers and click on the panel labeled Layers > Rasterize > Layers.

3. Make use of the transform tool available for free.

Now start modifying each of the sides in this stage to make your custom lash boxes wholesale look three-dimensional.

To begin, go to Edit > Free Transform and select the front side of the box. Then, a drop-down menu will display. Now, while holding down the command or control keys, click and drag the central dot on the side of the packaging box you want to manipulate up a bit. The front side appears to be at an angle now.

Click Edit > Free Transform > Hold down the Command/Control Key > Drag to transform the top and right sides of the box. Now drag around the boundaries of the photos on each side until the corners line up.

Add a couple of effects to your basic box shape now that it is finished.

You need to cut off the back corner to make it look more authentic. Use the Rectangular Lasso tool to accomplish this. Select a small section of the top’s back and left side with the rectangular lasso tool, then delete it. Next, pick “Deselect” from the “Select” menu.

5. Add a drop shadow to the image.

Add a drop shadow to the box now. Create a black square with the rectangle tool and distort it with the Command/Control keys.

After that, drag the new layer beneath the box’s layers. Then select Layer> Layer Styles > Drop Shadow > Adjust the drop shadow settings > OK once it is under the box.

6. Finish with a reflection

Do this by opening Layer> Duplicate Layer and duplicating the front and right side layers.

Now that you have them rotate the front and right sides of the box to sit upside down under their copy. This can be done by going to Edit > Free transform > Rotate. Now that these cloned layers are sitting precisely beneath their originals fade one end of them to create the illusion of a reflection.

Click the “Layer Masks” button, then the “Gradients” button, and then a simple click and drag across the edge of our reflection layer for each of the reflections. This will allow you to reflect.

7. Use the brush tool to finish the job.

Use the Brush Tool to add one last shadow in the back. Then use Brush Tool to add a soft and feathery dark gray brush behind all of these layers by clicking the Brush Tool button. Finally, there will be a small shade in the back now.

Repeat the process with the backside of the box, and then you will have a fully functional mockup!

There are many ways to create a 3D mockup, such as employing more elaborate backdrops and effects, but even this makes a significant difference in presentation. Happy Designing!

Improvising the Unboxing Experience 

A spectacular unpacking experience is often overlooked among the many ways an e-commerce entrepreneur can promote their brand and delight their customers. For example, it is easy to fall into the trap of using the same white bag or simple brown box over and over again, hoping that the goods inside will be enough to impress your consumers. But, as any good brand owner knows, even the best goods may benefit from a pleasant presentation.

According to Dotcom’s 2015 “Unwrapping the Experience” survey, beautiful custom lash boxes wholesale makes 49 percent of individuals more thrilled about getting things from that business and 39 percent more eager to share the experience. So why would you pass up such a simple opportunity to wow your customers (and perhaps even their friends)?

Custom Eyelash Boxes are well-versed in the power of custom packaging (after all, that is what they do!). However, we all know that a custom printed box is simply the beginning of the presentation. So here are a few Custom Eyelash boxes-approved recommendations for ensuring that a customer’s experience with your company is memorable from start to finish.

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Consider thinking beyond the box.

So, you have created your own personalized custom lash boxes wholesale. What are your plans for it now? There are many methods to enhance the unboxing experience while simultaneously safeguarding the object within, from tissue paper to confetti, branding stickers to rustic twine, lip glosses to artificial eyelashes. Please make the most of it by showcasing your company colors or placing your product in an Instagram-worthy arrangement. For a genuinely lovely unpacking experience, ditch the packing peanuts and air pouches and consult a designer.

Do not be afraid to personalize it.

Why hide your business if it is personal to you? Demonstrate to your customers that you are a real person working hard to deliver a fantastic product. For a quick and easy personal touch, provide a handwritten message on bespoke stationery or a place on the custom box design for the packager to write their name (i.e., “This was packed for you by”). E-commerce businesses, in particular, have fewer opportunities to make an impact. Thus it is critical to use every opportunity to interact with your customers.

Make up a story.

Consider packaging as a way to express the story of your company. Include a fascinating origin narrative on a postcard, build a tone of voice that reflects your personality, and pay great attention to the order in which your buyer will unwrap each item. When customers open the box, you do not want a receipt or a return slip to be the first thing they notice. Instead, consider using your social media usernames and maybe a hashtag to encourage the receiver to join them online and, hopefully, share their thoughts on your company. This is how you start selling a whole experience rather than just a product.

Surprising and delightful

A giveaway or freebie is a method to turn a decent unpacking experience into a spectacular one. Nothing beats getting more than you expected when it comes to making an order memorable. But do not just throw in a lot of stickers because you can; think about an add-on that fits your brand perfectly. For example, if you sell artificial eyelashes, provide an eyelash application glue with each transaction. Try a bundle of lavender or sage to give a pleasant aroma to the unwrapping experience if you are an earthy lifestyle brand. Keep your approach intelligent, and if everything else fails, a small discount on a future order never hurts.

Finally, creating a fantastic unpacking experience is not difficult—just put yourself in the customer’s shoes and consider what you would like to get in the mail. Custom Eyelash boxes offer impeccable packaging services to help you get started on your own unwrapping adventure. From the convenience of your home, upload a bespoke design, get a fast price, and take advantage of low minimum orders.

Who Makes Custom Eyelash Boxes?

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