What Can You Buy With Cryptocurrency

Around 46 million Americans own a share of Bitcoin, which shows that cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. 

Understanding what to buy with Bitcoin opens you up to a new world and lets you enjoy your investment. But, if you don’t research cryptocurrencies and their benefits, you’re potentially missing out. Maybe that’s what brought you here; you want to learn more about Bitcoin and need a nudge in the right direction. 

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Read our crypto guide to learn more about what you can buy. 


Regardless of the price of Bitcoin, you’ll likely have enough for coffee. Surprisingly, our favorite coffee stores like Starbucks accept Bitcoin so that you can pay for your morning cup of joe. Simply sign up for the BitPay Card, and you’re good to go. 


Another great use for Bitcoin is for getting your pizza fix. You’ll find that BitPay works alongside fan favorites like Domino’s and Fazolis. As a result, you can treat your loved ones to a pie at your local pizzeria.  

Online Stores

Consumers love how you can now use crypto at online stores. Overstock is prominent and a lifesaver if you’re passionate about home decor. You can also buy from Shopify, Microsoft, and Newegg.

Airline Travel Tickets

One of the top online purchases you can make is for airline tickets. Many airlines support Bitcoin, such as Airbaltic and even the Flight Center. If you don’t find a relevant flight, ask the company, and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.


Our cryptocurrency guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning vacations. Using BitPay, you can book a skiing getaway to the Alps or head to the Maldives, where you can laze on a white sand beach. Regardless of where you want to visit, the BitPay card works anywhere that accepts MasterCard.  


Even the insurance industry has accepted cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Although you can’t purchase life insurance, many providers let you buy auto and home insurance. But make sure you check beforehand to avoid disappointment.  

Technology and Gadgets

Calling all tech heads!

You can now buy the latest gadgets using your Bitcoin. This means you can purchase products from Apple and Microsoft, regardless of where you are.

Gift Cards

Did we mention that you can buy gift cards with crypto? The beauty is that you can buy one that aligns with your recipient’s interests. For instance, treat them to a bouquet or even a gift card for Delta airlines towards their next vacation. 

News and Magazine Subscriptions

Most media outlets accept Bitcoin for subscriptions or other services. Although surprising, even mainstream publications like the Chicago Sun-Times accept cryptocurrency payments. Don’t worry if that’s not in your area because The Times has jumped aboard the bandwagon too. 

Video Games

Whether you play on a PC or PlayStation 5, video game enthusiasts can pay via Bitcoin. You can either buy entire games or the necessary accessories. Or, if you’re not a gamer, give your gaming buddy a gift card on multiple platforms like Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo. 


Nowadays, you can buy watches with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can buy a luxury timepiece knowing that secure payment is essential if you’re worried about cyberattacks. If interested, you can shop directly from CRM Jewelers and Wrist Aficionado. 


Fashion lovers will enjoy buying from their favorite brands with crypto. Many big names like American Eagle, Columbia, and H&M lets you pay online with Bitcoin. Just bring along your BitPay Card, and you’re sorted. 


Another surprising industry that accepts Bitcoin is the taxi industry. This is excellent news if you’re not carrying cash and only have a BitPay card. Make sure you check beforehand because several heavy hitters, like Uber, haven’t yet integrated cryptocurrencies into their payment system. 

How to Buy With Bitcoin 

Regardless of the cryptocurrency you’re using, you’ll need a crypto debit card. Once you’ve preloaded it with the necessary funds, you can make purchases in-store. But before choosing a debit card, check that it partners with payment-processing giants like Mastercard and Visa because they’re legit. 

Benefits of Buying With Bitcoin 

If you’re on the fence about buying with Bitcoin, know it has many benefits. 

One of the top ones is easy transactions. Aside from using the crypto debit card, you can make payments via a smartphone app or hardware wallet. Because of this, shoppers can quickly buy products with zero fuss.

Further, Bitcoin is renowned for being secure. This is because cryptocurrencies are rooted in cryptography and blockchain security, making certain payments easier. Note this is measured by hash rate, and Bitcoin has the highest hash rate compared to other networks. 

Additionally, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are part of exponential industry growth. In fact, the cryptocurrency industry is worth a staggering $930 billion, which is constantly growing. 

And if you’re interested in investing, know that cryptocurrency instantly diversifies your investment portfolio. This is because cryptocurrencies function independently from other markets, which increases your chances of turning a profit. 

Enjoy Our Crypto Guide

Hopefully, our crypto guide has made you more confident about spending Bitcoin. 

You can buy many items with Bitcoin, such as your weekly pizza takeaway and gift cards from your favorite stores. Shoppers can buy clothes from big stores and pay for their taxis with Bitcoin. What’s not to love? 

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