Cricket is the Secret of Popularity

Today there are a huge number of different sports, among which there are both world-famous and loved by millions of disciplines, and less popular, but also have a certain number of their admirers.

In addition, the popularity of certain sports disciplines can vary depending on the geographic location. In this regard, on the territory of different states, there may be different kinds of sports that are more in demand.

For example, among all types of sports activities, the most popular in India are cricket, football, tennis, field hockey, golf, chess, and kabaddi. Of all this list, it is cricket that is the most widespread today, and it is played everywhere throughout the country. By the way, for fans of gambling entertainment, it is the bet on cricket in India that is the best way to predict the outcome of sports events.

The extraordinary popularity of the game for Indian gentlemen

Cricket is not exclusively an Indian sport as the game is enjoyed by a large number of people around the world. This sports discipline has many admirers in countries such as England and Wales, Australia and New Zealand, Pakistan and South Africa, India and Sri Lanka. In addition, millions of people around the world choose cricket as a sporting discipline.

Even though football is also famous and quite popular in India, it is cricket that is the undisputed leader. Moreover, for the overwhelming majority of Indians, this is not just a sport, it is a real religion, uniting a huge number of devoted fans.

On the territory of India, cricket is so popular that eminent athletes, in terms of their fame and revered, crowd out even Bollywood stars, who also have millions of fans throughout the country. Celebrity cricketers not only boast a large fan base, but also amazing fees that many artists would envy.

So, for example, the annual earnings of Liverpool’s top scorer Mo Salah are approximately $ 25 million. And the same amount per year is earned by recognized cricket stars. It would seem that in a rather poor India, a large number of inhabitants of which live in poverty-stricken conditions and real slums.

A little more about the outstanding status of cricketers. For example, the former leader of the Pakistani cricket team is currently serving as prime minister and is free to lead the entire country. And the former captain of the Indian national team Sachin is considered by many Indians to be a real deity.

And this is not all evidence that cricket is super popular in India, and love for it is passed on with mother’s milk from generation to generation. And it is India that is the only country in the world that is simply crazy about this sport.

Why is cricket so popular?

How did cricket become the main entertainment of every Indian among all the variety of sports? The answer lies in his story.

It is worth noting that such an unconditional love for this sports discipline has reached incredible proportions relatively recently. The development of sports schools in India did not begin until 1932 when the first Indian national cricket team was formed. The captain of this team, Kottari Kanakaya Nayudu, has become a true cricket legend and one of the best cricket players in the world ever.

Let the real success, which has a worldwide scale, be quite long and difficult. For the first time, the Indian team won the World Cup in 1983, after which a whole galaxy of talented players appeared. It was they who became real idols, looking at which, many Indian boys dreamed of becoming the same, striving for victories and actively engaging in this exciting sport.

A similar story once happened in Brazil, when local boys spent a huge amount of time playing football, and later became recognized champions, known all over the world. Likewise in India, Indian cricket clubs have topped the world rankings thanks to the perseverance and aspiration of ordinary guys striving to become better.

In addition, the fact that Pakistan was India’s main rival in the competition played an important role in the development of cricket as an incredibly popular discipline. Because these two states were often at war with each other, Indian athletes had additional motivation to defeat their rivals and become better than them.

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