8 Creative Ways To Hide Your Trash Bins

Garbage bins are anything but our favorites in our households. Lots of homeowners complain about how messy their trash area looks no matter what they do. Yet, trash bins are something we cannot live without—unless we strive to live a 0 waste lifestyle. Little do most homeowners know, designers these days already have creative ideas for hiding trash bins in households in style!

This way, you would no longer complain about the biggest eyesores (and “nose sores”) in your home that you always hide desperately. Hiding your trash bins and making them look aesthetically pleasing depends on the storage you use. Check out these ideas:

Creative Ways To Hide Your Trash Bins

Choose a posh trash bin cabinet

Let us start with something a bit more general and familiar. A good idea that interior designers reinforce these days to hide trash can in kitchen areas is to purchase a trash bin cabinet that can disguise your trash can. On the plus, you also have a wide range of options for trash bin cabinets that can suit your interior design. Our favorites are tilt-out trash bin cabinets. These cabinets are made from wood, so it will be easy to find one that suits your interior. These free-standing cabinets can serve as counter tables for your kitchen. You can also put it along your hallway like a console table!

Transform counter tables into trash bin cabinets

Related to garbage cabinets, you can also create your tilt-out garbage bins or pull-out cabinets from your counter in the kitchen. What we love about pull-out or tilt-out garbage cabinets is that it is close to the food area. Waste disposal can be convenient! These cabinet-counters make your trash bin discreet. You can seek a contractor who can work on your counter for just an affordable price, yet with satisfying results.

Put a fence around your garbage bin

A lot of people may already do this. Another way to hide your trash bin is to build a fence outside your trash bin area and keep your garbage inside, hidden by the fence around it. Building a fence is the best option for those who are under a tight budget or for those who are just renting their place. This option might be the cheapest and the easiest. It is because fences are easy to install.

Revamp your landscape

Your landscaping is also a big help in hiding your garbage bin and in showcasing the appeal of your home. You can hide your garbage bins by installing flower beds around them. Tall planters also serve as a great choice. These planters can be versatile. You can design it depending on the design of your landscape. You can then recolor your garbage bin for camouflage. You can also hide your garbage bins behind trees and tall plants. You need to make sure of the season when these plants start to shed leaves, though.

Build a garden shed

To keep your garbage bins out and hidden, make room and hide them in your garden shed. Although garden sheds do not seem too convenient and creative compared to other options, it can be a good investment for storage. You can tuck in here other garden needs and other items that are quite difficult to store. Building a DIY garden shed can be a handful. You can buy a ready-made garden shed and place it on a hidden part of your lawn.

Look for a decorative box

Simply put, you can buy a decorative container that can store your garbage in a less garbage-looking way. These decorative boxes can keep your garbage intact and less of an eyesore than the regular garbage bin. These are lots of designs to choose from that will suit your interior.

Hang a curtain around your bins

If you are looking for an easier option, installing curtains that can hide your trash bin is the answer. It will conceal your ugly-looking trash bins out of sight. You can keep your kitchen or pantry looking clean. If your trash bin is in the pantry, you must keep in mind to put all your food away from the curtain as the breeze may get your curtain in the way with your food. That would not look too appetizing.

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