Creative Custom Holographic Boxes to Lure Kids

It is a proven fact that your packaging has a significant impact on your sales. When we talk about sales, we only think of adults who would buy our products. However, an audience is just as influential as adults and kids, so brands have begun using holographic boxes. They know that kids are attracted towards flashier and eye-catching products and what other way to make your packaging flashier, other than holographic packaging boxes.

Nowadays, there are several different types of customized packaging boxes available in the market to lure in kids and boost up brand sales through them. However, the one type of packaging that has come out to be on top is holographic packaging, as these boxes have proved to be game-changers in the packaging world. Their unique designs, catchy visuals, and distinct colors work like a charm to attract kids.

These factors contribute to making these boxes more desirable, and we know that once kids decide to get something, they will have it. This could be the reason why most brands and other retailers now use customized holographic packaging.

What to Know About Holographic Boxes?

Holographic packaging boxes are usually made from the following materials:

  • Oriented polypropylene
  • Polyester

These are more casually known as ‘holographic materials’ in the packaging industry. Different images with distinct patterns are combined to make their unique staple pattern, which is then posted on them using a technique called micro embossing. Once it has been done, these boxes will reflect unique shades whenever any light is reflected.

Many world-famous brands have started using holographic packaging boxes to make their appearance and standing in the market more significant. This unique packing type helps add value to the products and ensures that your brand stays distinct from the competition.

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The Fascination of Holographic Packaging

The meaning of a hologram is a three-dimensional (3D) image, and now customized packaging manufacturers have developed techniques to incorporate it into the packaging boxes of different types of products.

This enables us to see the unique shades of colors when light is reflected o their surface and makes their popular staple design. Since we know that kids are attracted towards distinct and unique objects, which fascinate them, these boxes are unique, fascinating objects that lure in kids and get them hooked on getting these boxes.

Benefits of Getting Holographic Packaging Boxes

Whenever a brand thinks of investing in something new, unique, and distinct from the rest of the market to boost their sales or uplift their marketing game, they focus on doing it to achieve more sales or increase their brand value have more brand recognition.

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And for that, holographic packaging boxes are used as they have a premium look to them and are fun enough to grab the attention of children and customers of other ages. Also, it does not matter what kind of product you are getting them for. They have similar results and work the same for all.

How Holographic Packaging Boxes Lure Kids?

Following are some of the techniques that these holographic packaging boxes use to lure in kids:

Use of Unique and Eye-catching Designs

The most challenging part of designing packaging is not making unique and secure packaging; instead, it is to develop a design, print, or pattern that can lure customers in, especially when we talk about kids. Because they are not enticed by just anything, they are picky and need something that gets them stuck on it.

Now we face the following issues:

  • Making secure packaging.
  • Packaging that can grab the attention of kids

To tackle both of these problems, brands have now started using holograph packaging boxes, as they can:

  • Attract more customers with unique designs and catchy visuals.
  • Protect the packaged products and keep them safe, as they are made from durable materials.

Use of Custom and Fun Product branding and Marketing

Apart from their unique design, these premium boxes provide a lot of vacant space, which brands can use to print branding and marketing information. Since these details are essential for kids who know how to read, they can figure out how to use them.

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However, to make is to come up with fun and creative branding and marketing labels that can build up the interest of kids, for example:

  • You can use cartoons and other animations to make these boxes interesting.
  • Or you can get celebrities and other famous people’s pictures printed on them, which can make them interesting for kids.

Use of Add-ons to Have a Unique Look

Additionally, you can also use customized decorations, such as add-ons, to make these luxury boxes more attractive.

These add-ons could be:

  • Ribbons
  • Handwritten notes
  • Wooden frames
  • Hot stamps
  • Glass windows

These additional features help make the packaging more interesting, and interest is all that we need to build up, and these additions can help us achieve our goal.

So these were some techniques that brands and packaging manufacturers use to make the boxes luring and attractive enough for kids. Moreover, since we are talking about boxes for kids, you can also rest assured about the quality of these boxes since they are durable, sturdy, and safe for kids to use independently.

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