How to Create Balance in Room with Dark Walls

People will guide you to always stay on the safe side while choosing wall colors. If you’re an out-of-the-box person, you play with the dark hues. It is very creative but very tough. So, let’s see How to Create Balance in Room with Dark Walls.

But, you definitely can balance the look with unique accessories. The dark colors look so rich and premium and can instantly change visual rules.

How to Create Balance in Room with Dark Walls

So make your house walls as unique as your personality and add balance with fantastic decor ideas. Let’s have a thorough look at how to achieve it.

Follow The 60-30-10 Rule When Designing A Dark Space

It is the ultimate hack to follow when designing a dark room. The 60 percent is your primary dark wall color which is dominant and the prim color.

The 30 percent can be a floral wall pacer or background of large canvases or any wall art. The contrasting color will bring the primary color with it to create an eye-pleasing visual appearance.

The 10 percent can be any decor element like green plants, metallic sculptures, or any showpiece. This rule is a lifesaver and allows you to play safe yet take risks with the dark-shaded walls.

Pick a Lighter Color or Fine Furniture

To create a perfect harmony between dark walls like black, grey, dark red, or charcoal, you must pair fine furniture. The shades of neutrals and whites look fantastic. You can try a neutral color bed, couches, and tables for a perfect look.

A transparent coffee table and side tables also look very modern and catchy. The neutrals, whites, and fine furniture create an illusion of bigger space as they are sleek.

Layering the Walls

It’s very crucial to layer the wall to add a new color palette. The bare dark walls will look so dull and bland. So let’s discuss some ways in which you can spice up the walls to create a balance.

Wall Canvas

Wall canvas makes your wall look polished and graceful. In addition, it adds a focal point and texture to the walls.

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How to Create Balance in Room with Dark Walls

You can try canvas with light backgrounds and colors. The metallic frames look very sophisticated.  Large pieces in black and white also look very massive and royal. You can check more interesting ideas to decorate a bedroom with a black or dark wall.

On a long wall, you can add a grid of two rows, too, with some contrasting colors. Again, the idea is to create contrast and give a balancing feel to the dark walls.

Wall Mirrors

Ornate wall mirrors look astonishing as they are shiny and reflect lots of light. In addition, the mirrors make your place look spacious and instantly balance the dark shades.


Tapestry with warm colors, like beige, red, and all neutrals, look great. The tapestry also maintains stability and looks very refreshing. The handmade art is a pleasure to the eye and can go with your bedroom walls very well.

The Flooring

Add an element to the flooring with wooden paneled floors or ceramic tiles with a wooden design. You can also add layering to the simple beds with lots of area rugs. They can have antique designs.

These carpets tend to include a range of rich, deep colors, lending them well to dark walls in just about any hue.

Lighting is Critical

The illumination on the ceiling will go accurately, as excellent and proper distribution of light is necessary. You can go for concealed LEDs and modern lights.

Along with these, you can add metallic-colored wall sconces and modern hanging lamps. Hanging ceiling light over the dining table and sconces on either side of bed or door look very chic.

However, the wall with deeper hues will have less lighting, so you must ensure appropriate and gorgeous lighting options.

Green Plants

Potted plants and indoor trees look even lusher when placed in front of a dark wall. The dark color subsides into the background, creating a mini forest in the room. Large indoor plants with foliage on metallic shade pots look very majestic.

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An eclectic mix of antiques and modern Lucite chairs look very lavish. You can place sculptures like premium vases, antiques, and some great art on the tables. Then, you can put them on the console or other furniture.

Window Treatment

You can choose a deeper shade for your window treatments. For example, any soft, thick velvet drapes can still attach that mysterious feel. Also, you can choose unusual shutters in on-trend charcoal, which can then be matched with more muted, more delicate shades.

How to Create Balance in Room with Dark Walls

Let’s Wrap it

The article must have made you clear about how dark walls make your pace look intense and modern. You can pair contrasting or neutral-toned decor to maintain stability.

The dark walls add character and richness to the home. They have many spatial benefits, and it’s never a wrong choice to do something different. The manipulation plays a vital role, so pick up your favorite decor and ideas to create a welcoming place.