How to Create A Flowchart with An Online App

In simple terms, a flowchart is a diagram that describes the process of any project. The information about the process is contained in the blocks, rectangular, etc., and connected with arrows. Thus one can easily understand the steps and information very clearly. A flow chart is handy for the process of documents, ideas, design systems, presentations, etc.

You may create a flowchart manually or by software or an online flowchart maker. If you want to create a flowchart manually, it will take time. Sometimes the process of making flowcharts with software is complex. But, you can easily make any flowchart with the help of an online flowchart maker app. You may find many online flowchart maker apps.

While making the flowchart with an online app, you don’t need to think much about the symbols, tools, templates, etc. Everything is ready automatically in the app, and you just need to select the templates and symbols. So, it is a very easy job.

If you want to know how to create a flowchart with an online app, it is the appropriate place for you. We will give you the details of the process of making a flowchart using online apps.

The types and symbols of the flowchart

Before making any flow chart, you must know about various flowcharts and their main symbols. These will help you to create the flowchart properly.

The several types of flowcharts are Process Flowchart, Data Flow Diagram, Swimlane Flowchart, EPC Diagram, SDL Diagram, UML Diagram, etc.

The top 4 main symbols are:

Process: It is an essential and most common component of the flowchart step. It is also known as the “Action Symbol,” This symbol is widely used in the flowchart.

Terminal: It indicates the starting point or ending point of a flowchart. This terminal is a very important symbol of the flowchart as, without it, the flowchart will never start or end.

Flowline: It is also an essential part of the flowchart. It shows the direction of the process.

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Decision: It indicates what will be the next step, and usually, it is a yes/no question.

The steps of making a flowchart with an online app

Step 1- Map out significant steps

First, you have to select which types of flowchart you want to make. You also need to gather information about your project. The start and endpoint have to be determined too. The flowchart is read from top to bottom or left to right. So, you have to give the main point in the left or top corner. Then you can provide more details of the process as it is the preliminary step of the flowchart; you have to plan everything in the flowchart.

Step 2: Key in details of your flowchart

Fill in the remaining steps. We recommend working in the natural order of the process. An optional step here is to style your chart with different shapes and colors to make it easier to follow.

Step 3: Test your chart

Work through all the steps in your chart to ensure that they are clear and exhaustive. And there is no open-ended node remaining.

Step 4: Gather feedback & share

Share a draft of the flowchart and get feedback from the intended users to improve upon it. Flowcharts should be made easily accessible to all parties involved. So, make sure you publish your work in the right place.

Our online interactive flowchart maker – Zen Flowchart, has a handy publishing feature that allows you to publish and share your flowcharts. Any future updates you make to the document will automatically be updated.


A flowchart generally represents some steps and decisions of the process. If you are new to diagraming a flow chart, you may become confused about selecting its symbols or templates. In this case, an online app may help to make the flowchart. We hope that now you know how to create the flowchart very quickly and adequately with the help of an online app.