Coroplast signs – effective advertising at a low price

Coroplast is a material that is widely used for the production of advertising signs. It is popular due to its advantageous features. One of the advantages is its favorable price. What is he like? It is corrugated plastic. It consists of three layers. The outer layers are flat plastic sheets. A zigzag layer is located between the flat sheets. It helps to increase the strength of the finished material.


Today it is possible to order 8mm coroplast signs or signs made of thinner corrugated plastic. Thicker material is also available. Thickness affects cost. However, the difference between corrugated plastic of different thickness is small. Material of one thickness or another still costs a little. When using it, it turns out to produce advertising signs at a budgetary cost.

In addition to the advertising sign industry, corrugated plastic is widely used in other fields as well. Why? This versatile material is moisture resistant. It weighs little. Differs in resistance to sun exposure, to fire, because its melting point is 160 degrees. Various signs are made of corrugated plastic. Popular coroplast signs with grommets, which can be hung. Corrugated plastic signage is great for advertising different types of businesses.

Sign makers have long appreciated the benefits of this material. They recommend it to customers. Because the material not only allows you to save on advertising. Signboards from it do an excellent job of their function – they advertise goods and services. In addition, corrugated plastic is also used for information purposes. It is used to make warning, road and other signs, office, direction signs. Any street signs can be made from this material. In the production of signs, full-color printing is used, which allows you to apply different information to durable plastic.

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