How to convert HTTP to HTTPS for eCommerce websites

To establish a secure connection for your website, converting it from HTTP to HTTPS is highly important. To change it from HTTP to HTTPS it is necessary to get an SSL Certificate. If you are confused about these terms this article will provide clarity as well as guidance on how to get the certificate.



HTTPS or hyper-test transfer protocol secure is the secure version of HTTP. it makes sure that a secure connection is established by adding the SSL security HTTP responses. Having the HTTPS protocol will result in all personal data shared online staying secure and only approachable to the right person.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate is responsible for adding that extra level of security to your website. It makes sure all information to and from the website is encrypted and can only be decrypted by the rightful person. As soon as a browser connects to your website SSL certificate makes sure all communications are encrypted.

To make sure a website is using the SSL protocol you can look for the HTTPS in its URL. If you want the same for your website, buy certificate from a reliable certification authority.

Benefits of an SSL Certificate to an e-commerce website

Benefits of an SSL Certificate to an e-commerce website

The added layer of security or the SSL Certificate will bring many benefits to your website.

Firstly, it will establish a relationship of trust between you and your customer. While online shopping, customers are always looking for a reliable website that they can trust fully. If they see the HTTPS protocol on your website they will immediately trust your website, thus prefering your website more than your competitors who do not have the HTTPS protocol. This will also result in an increase in customers.

Secondly, the SSL certificate will aid in increasing the rank that google has set. Google has a policy of preferring websites with an SSL  Certificate and ranks them above the websites that do not have the HTTPS protocol. This will also give you an advantage against competitors who do not have HTTPS on their websites.

Lastly, but most importantly, all private and sensitive customer information like transaction details, passwords, and usernames will stay private and encrypted thus keeping the information safe.


What makes HTTPS secure?

HTTPS makes sure an encrypted connection online is established due to the secure socket layer or SSL certificate.

How long is an SSL certificate valid?

The validity of an SSL certificate is entirely dependent on the type of SSL Certificate you have gotten. However, usually, the validity lasts for 13 months.

What is the main risk of not buying an SSL certificate?

The main threat of not buying an SSL certificate is private information like, transaction details, passwords, or usernames, falling into wrong hands.


Getting an SSL Certificate from a certification authority might seem like a bit of a task. However, the promising results of security make the lengthy process so much worth it.


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