How to Convert 4K HEVC Video to MP4 on Windows 10

Many video production companies need to convert their 4K HEVC videos to MP4 on Windows 10. HEVC codec, also known as H.265, is usually used for UHD videos or video with high FPS because of the better data compression rate than H.264 and many others. It is now adopted by popular video shooting gadgets in the market. For example, GoPro embraces HEVC to code its 1080P 240fps, 2.7K 120 fps and 4K 60 fps videos. And from iOS 11 (iPhone 8), HEVC takes place of H.264 as the codec for recording videos.

It seems that HEVC is widely used, then why do we need to convert it to MP4? Till now, there are some devices and software that are not compatible with HEVC, like TV & Movies apps on Windows 10. You can’t play HEVC on it directly without installing an extra HEVC codec which would cost you about $0.99. And you may encounter HEVC compatibility issues with video editing programs too. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of them.     

What should also be mentioned is that it’s very possible an HEVC video bears a high bitrate which will cause a lagging problem for video players or editors. The parameters of bitrate are affected by resolution and frame rate. UHD video with high fps leads to a large bitrate and huge file size. Therefore, when you are converting HEVC video, you should pay attention to the H.265 codec as well as bitrate.

We suggest you use desktop software to convert HEVC videos instead of an online website. Common online video converter only allows you to upload videos less than 500 MB for converting. That is to say, you can only convert a 4K 60fps video of 1 minute, which is approximately 400 MB. You can refer to the below picture. N/A means that the H.264 codec is not allowed for coding these videos.

Convert 4K HEVC Video to MP4
Convert 4K HEVC Video to MP4

In addition, it will cost you a lot of time to only uploading the large HEVC videos to the website for converting. And you need to download it after converting. The file will become larger if you keep the original video quality and convert HEVC to H.264 MP4 file.

You will be thankful to try an HEVC video converter like WinX Video Converter. It is one of the fast video converters to proceed with 4K HEVC video in a few minutes with the GPU acceleration supported. Since it works on desktop offline, you only need to add the large HEVC video to the software for recognition which only takes you a few seconds.

Armed with over 400 types of codecs, you can convert HEVC video to any format on Windows 10, including but not limited to MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, etc. Furthermore, WinX Video Converter can help you downgrade 4K videos, lower frame rate to reduce bitrate and file size, making HEVC video to be easily played on Windows PC.  

Before you start converting HEVC to MP4, you need to figure out the relationship between HEVC and MP4. HEVC is a MPEG-H Part 2 codec, and MP4 is a format type. Basically, they do not belong to the same sort. HEVC video can also be in MP4 format, as H.264. It can be in MOV, MKV too. Thus, when talking about converting HEVC to MP4, it mainly means changing H.265 to H.264.

The process to convert HEVC to MP4 with WinX Video Converter is very simple. Only three steps, and it will get the job done. First, add the HEVC video file for converting on the interface. Second, choose MP4 (H.264) as the output format. Last, click the run button at the right-bottom corner. Wait a few moments, then you will find the converted file in a folder. And WinX Video Converter is a video compression software. If you need to change the resolution or frame rate, you can click the gear-shaped icon to adjust.

Convert 4K HEVC Video

The VVC (H.266) codec is already in use now, it would really be great if HEVC can be supported by more and more software and devices. But for now, the computer configuration is a huge problem for HEVC videos. It’s better to convert the HEVC to H.264 MP4 video if you are using a Windows PC with a low configuration.  

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