Consumer Tech Trends with Staying Power

Technology trends and related products come and go. Some only last a year or two before dying off and being replaced by something more practical or less costly.

It’s a rare tech item that withstands the demands of consumers for five years or more. What are the trends of today that have the power to last out the decade and possibly survive even longer than that?

Besides a few that have already demonstrated staying power, like electric cars and home lifts, other successful entrants on the list include wearable health devices and consumer service robots.

Here are details about some of the latest and greatest tech trends that are likely to stick around.

Electric Cars

Electric vehicles (EVs) have had a volatile history, complete with industry in-fighting, political turmoil, scientific setbacks, and a tepid response from consumers.

But the current decade is at last offering some breathing room to a manufacturing sector that spend at least a half-century getting off the ground.

It’s noteworthy that most of the world’s largest automakers now sell at least one all-electric car and several hybrid models.

If there’s one trend with massive staying power within the EV niche, it’s the PHEV, or plug-in electric vehicle. Chevy’s Volt was a pioneer in the field when it arrived in 2011.

Drivers of PHEV’s have the option to rely on a gasoline engine or an electric motor with a range of around 100 kilometers.

It’s hard to predict if all-electric automobiles will ever break through the wall of consumer resistance. But there’s no doubt that PHEVs have already accomplished that goal.

Home Lifts

Domestic lifts have been around for decades but are only now entering a golden age of acceptance by homeowners. One reason is that domestic lifts which work in perfect harmony with other household technology, make them an ideal choice for property owners who want a fully upgraded living space.

The industry has come a long way in the past decade as well. Now, several manufacturers offer both sales and installation services to individuals who opt to add a lift to their home’s technology menu.

It’s important to realize that lifts are a godsend for disabled owners who want to remain in their homes. One of the main benefits of the devices is that they make dangerous staircases obsolete while lending a strong dose of elegance to any space.

Wearable Health Devices

Inexpensive wearables are the rage within the health and fitness sector. Consumers like the idea of getting basic information about things like blood pressure, heart rate, calories burned, walking speed, and fat-burning levels from small, wearable wrist, arm, and leg units.

The industry is booming and has already undergone two separate growth phases in the last five years.

AI Customer Service Bots

Online and phone-based customer service robots are quickly replacing human workers in several different industries.

Particularly in the medical and financial sectors, AI-based bots are proving to be efficient, if sometimes frustrating, problem solvers for human customers who need help with all sorts of tasks. Look for AI bots to expand to many other areas of business within the next few years.