Considering Writing a Book? This Might Be the Best Time!

We all have a story in us that could interest and benefit others, right? Many of us have been considering writing a book. But the trouble is, most of us stay at the wondering stage, because we doubt ourselves, not knowing where to start, or if we can ever finish. But the thing is, this is ruining your chances of producing something valuable to people, making a mark on the world. 

So the best idea is just to start, no matter how scary or giant a project it seems, and you don’t yet have the full picture together! An initial draft could assist you on your journey, especially when writing your first book. But if you get stuck at this point, unsure about your storyline, or its outcome, you should start anyway! 

It could be a good place to start with your first paragraph, then page, and chapter, to get a clearer picture of how you can forge ahead. If you still feel insecure, you should try to envision how new authors must have also started. Were they any better than you? Chances are if you already got this far, it’s a no-no. 

Your Passion Can Go a Long Way 

What do you think makes a good book? Is it about authenticity, sharing valuable up-to-date knowledge that others can utilize, or having an intriguing storyline, with catchy acts, combined with deep emotions? One of the most common things that often fascinates readers is widespread knowledge about something. It can lend the author our beloved trait, confidence.

If writing has been in your mind for quite some time, and what’s more, you have even been signaled by the universe to get more immersed in writing, you should surrender to it. Allow it to happen to you. I don’t think you could go wrong here feeling it, seeing it, and hearing it. Right??

So, what? Take the first step. Relax, let loose and allow those thoughts to flow through you. 

You could try yourself first with smaller projects, writing articles in versatile niches as a freelance writer. There are plenty of companies hiring online, it is worth checking out! Everyone has a special talent. Observe the subject of your passion, become great at writing stories, and utilize it to the pleasure of your audience! And if you are a content writer already, this might be your sign!

Ideas to Get Started

You should study the writing style, and technique of various authors, to polish your unique style. You could also pick out elements you enjoy, and form them into your own. Don’t worry too much about starting on a near-average level, as long as you enjoy it, and you know you can get much better if you persevere, keep going! None of us came out with pen and paper from the womb…

Like with anything, keep in mind that if you persist, even though it can be a rough road at times to success, you can eventually gain amazing rewards. To mention a few, the way you use your mind, form thoughts, and ideas will advance. You can get a better grasp of things faster. You can experiment and express your creative genius. You get to learn and share yourself with others!

But if you know you are the type of person who could get easily discouraged, writing may not be the best career choice for you. You must love writing, and the idea to form thoughts into ideas, and texts to go on in the long run! This is like any other freelance work, rather a lifestyle than a nine to five job! But if you feel writing could be your thing, don’t listen to discouragement!

How to Perfect Your Script

How could you know you strayed off from your path when writing? It could feel like you are overexplaining yourself, trying to give too much away… It is okay, you will learn to cut down on unnecessary stuff on the go if you don’t give up! But I can encourage you, if you read my article up to now, you have what it takes in my opinion!! 

To perfect your script, besides studying many other written materials in your field, make sure to get very skilled at the subject, knowing it inside out! Then, build up story parts about each related topic, creating numerous scripts to incorporate all your best knowledge into them! This will allow you to polish and refine your best version, which you can share at the very end!

By doing so, you will find two things: firstly, you get to unleash the true potential of your knowledge and learn to narrow it down for your audience’s interests, secondly, you will realize that you won’t need to give up on willing to share everything you know about the subject in one book. You will see yourself writing tirelessly, and only keeping certain parts of it. 

Planning is Key for Success 

If you prioritize planning the details of your story, you could have a greater chance to succeed! Let your genuine creativity flow and compose the story of your book the way it best feels to you. You could have a bit of a smile, when you are advancing, how genuinely the puzzles get to build up almost on their own, once you get in your flow! 

Meticulous attention to detail, therefore, could come in two ways. By having a larger picture outline that you could break down into smaller, more detail-oriented chunks, you could put down the foundation of your success story, which in turn will also get written by itself a bit as you proceed. Take it as a gift for your perseverance, it could truly feel miraculous!

As you go on in everyday life, you can have better or worse days. The same goes for writing, but in my experience with a kind of pyramid effect, where the stepping stones of the pyramid symbolize your next level, and next level, and next-level… Once you reach a certain height, the good news is, it seems to be hard to fall back. So, there’s no way not to get better with practice!

Recognizing Your Talent

How could you know writing could be your means to make a living? You should be looking for hints from your history. Stories like, when I was a child, we went with my dad to one of the street festivals in the neighborhood. There was my dad’s favorite shooting stall, where you could shoot with a harmless gun several times, and if you got the targeted thing off, you could pick a gift.

My dad was great at this for my biggest delight, as I could always pick a gift. What do you think I chose to everyone’s surprise at the age of 4 and 5. Kids my age would usually pick a teddy bear, a doll, or a matchbox… My first big choice was a book for adults. I remember the moment how the red and blue colors with the white figures on this particular book flew me to another world. 

Hard as they tried convincing me it wasn’t for me, I threw a tantrum, refusing to let it go. I will never forget what that book meant to me in the moment when I finally got it, even though I couldn’t yet read it. I used to have weird choices and cravings which my family members never really understood. You know, when they say, you will grow out of it. Well, I don’t think I ever have…

Piles of Written Materials on Your Journey

Another great hint that writing suits you could be a large number of written materials up to now. Be it anything. It’s a sign that you actually enjoy processing your thoughts this way, and perhaps you have a psychological need to do so. So, think up all the written material subjects you have ever produced, and take a giant leap in making it meaningful in the form of a book!

Assume a Nomadic Lifestyle

Sounds trendy, right? Well, living it is another story. Of course, this lifestyle comes with both advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about the nomadic lifestyle is you more or less create your schedule, or are free to alter it to your needs, or project deadlines. This is a lonely journey, like teaching, but the rewards of helping others by sharing yourself are worth it!

If you can take the lone wolf lifestyle, and feel recharged from it, I think you should give it a try if you haven’t yet started your career in writing! Just because you got this far in reading. Wishing you all the best, and all the success!!

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