Condensation may happen inside or outside of windows. Even the car windows are not safe from condensation. Because of the humidity and temperature condensation on outside of windows may happen. But following a few easy steps, you can prevent or stop it.

Moreover, it happens on new windows comparatively more. Whenever you see your new windows are having condensation, rather than your old ones don’t worry.

It implies that the new ones are working better to keep the temperature inside the house and do not let them go. Should new windows have condensation on the outside? Yes, they should.

What Is Condensation?

Condensation is nothing unusual. It is a very common issue. Condensation on outside of windows is a part of this. Although condensation inside windows may happen too. It needs temperature and humidity to cause condensation.

When there is a cooler object than the surrounding air, the molecules of water sum up and adhere to the surface of the object. Ultimately there are seven layers of droplets of water. Condensation may happen in both hot and cold weather.

Mainly it occurs in the winter seasons and falls too when the outside air is cold enough. In these seasons, the steam is liberated into the air. You may have seen after your shower the windows are being steamy.

It is one example of internal condensation. As glass windows become cold more quickly than other places of your home, they are caught by condensation than those places.

Condensation on Outside of Windows
Condensation on Outside of Windows

What Causes Condensation On Outside Of Windows In Summer?

There are reasons to have condensation outside of windows on summer days. It happens, when the temperatures of both sides of the glass are surprisingly different. The situation is one side of the air is hot and the other side is very cold in contrast.

Because of condensation, there is a gloomy and blurry vision on the windows. This moisture is not something very harmful.

Through the condensation, there is an indication that the air is not leaking and keeping the humidity inside of the house. Because of the difference in the temperature on both sides, moisture is seen on the window glass.

Condensation On Outside Of Windows

Suppose you have purchased new windows recently and you are seeing condensation on outside of windows in morning. At first, it may make you disappointed. But you don’t have to sink your heart.

A lot of people are worried about condensation on their new windows. You may ask –is condensation on outside of windows bad? No dear, it is not. Rather it is a good thing.

Condensation on windows is an appreciable thing. Because it does not let the warm air pass on the outside and keep the inside of your home warm. It happens when the weather is not too hot or too cold.

You only see condensation outside of your windows when the windows are not letting the heat pass through the glasses.

So, seeing condensation is a good thing and you can keep yourself stress-free about its consequences. The windows are heat proof and keep your home warm.

Condensation on Outside of Windows in Different Reasons
Condensation on Outside of Windows in Different Reasons

Why Condensation Forming On The Outside Of New Windows?

Already we have started a little bit about the condensation of new windows. We will also disclose some other facts about the new windows to you. Installing new windows will give you an amazing appearance along with balancing the comfy temperature of your home.

Windows that have double or triple glazing can hold more heat inside your house. They will provide the maximum heat according to the requirement of your home in a minimum time. Thus the internal temperature of the house is balanced to feel comfortable.

Window glasses that are older and double-glazed can form condensation in between the panes of glass. The existing airtight seal on them breaks down and thus the air occupies the place between the pains.

It sinks the heart, after purchasing new windows with thousands of dollars and they have made the look of the house bad by forming condensation on outside windows.

Although they are not always destructive, who will be happy in this case? No one, indeed. You can get rid of them whenever you want.

When To Worry About Condensation On Windows?

When you see moisture on the windows in the morning, you don’t have to panic. But if you overlook the internal humidity of your home for too long, it may create issues after some days. The following things you may face:

  • There may be bad smells outside of the windows because of the moisture.
  • Water may drain into the frames and may create blisters.
  • The glasses may crack
  • The paints of the wales may be wasted
  • The moisture may slowly spread all over the house
  • Spreading moisture can lead to insulation
  • Moistures can create stains on the walls as well as the ceiling
  • Years of moisture on the house may damage the structure

So you need to be conscious when you are seeing condensation for so many days.

How To Get Rid Of Condensation On Outside Of Windows

To an extent condensation is unavoidable. You can always take the necessary steps for that. When you want to prevent or stop condensation outside of the windows, you may do that with some easy steps to minimize them. The steps are:

Get Moisture Eliminators

To decrease moisture from the internal areas of your house you can always use moisture eliminators. Especially places near windows or mirrors. May it be the closet, drawers, bookshelves, etc.

Bring A Dehumidifier In Your Home

When it is winter and you are having a lot of condensation, try to bring a dehumidifier to your home. They will keep intact the comfy environment of your home.

Switch Off The Humidifier

When you know that your windows are attracted by condensation, you need to deactivate your humidifiers. The mist in the surrounding air can create condensation on your windows during the winter season.

Utilize The Fans

Most of the houses have got corresponding fans. Turn on it whenever you will cook in the kitchen or take a hot shower. The air coming from the fan can do miracles to prevent the steam from spreading out and creating condensation.

Circulate The Rooms

By running the ceiling fans of your house clockwise in the winter the circulation of warmer air may bring out on the bottom.

Door Cracking

Cracking the door of your house front and back for a couple of minutes can free the steamy air outside during a stable cold temperature.

How To Get Rid Of Condensation On Outside Of Windows
How To Get Rid Of Condensation On Outside Of Windows

Increase The Temperature

When you see that the temperature of your house has reached spring, you can increase the temperature and decrease the chance of condensation on the inner panes near windows.

Move Your Plants

Plants inside your house can work as an Airbender of steam. Do not keep them near the window. In the winter season, replace them somewhere else in the house. Keep the watering limited on them. Thus the steam is increased inside the rooms of your house.

Make Logs Storage Outside

Logs contain a lot of water as they have to stay outside for a long time. You may want to keep them inside before 7 days of use. But it will create trouble for you. The water inside them will steam inside the house and thick the air.

Use Double-Paned Windows

The use of double-pane windows has been popular in recent days. It will be good for you to use double-pane windows rather than the single one. Thus the condensation can not happen too much on your windows.

At Night Open Window Coverings Once

You should open the window coverings at least once during the night. As they can store moisture it welcomes the condensation.

Enough Air Circulation

If your house has got enough ways to circulate air properly, there is no chance of condensation because of them.

Clear The Way Of Ventilation

Check properly where the ventilator’s way is blocked to pass air. If there are any obstacles or dust, clean them properly and make easy passing of the air.

Upgrade The Windows

Newly installed windows needless concern for minimizing the condensation. They can just do it more easily than you think.

Let The Sun Dry The Moisture

If you are seeing condensation outside of your windows and you are lucky to see the sunshine in the daytime then let the sun do its duty. The sun will dry the condensation naturally.

Application Of The Water Repellent

You can think about water repellent to remove condensation. Apply it in the external areas of the windows. Repellents will not let moisture sum up in the windows.

Clean The Windows Regularly

How to stop condensation on windows the overnight UK? By cleaning the condensation of windows with soft cloths or papers alternatively. Thus you will be able to clean them quickly. You can also use a dryer. It is very effective to dry up the moisture.

Think About The Mold

If your windows are caught by condensation, most probably you have the problem of mold in your house. You may have skipped the fact. But it is a very significant reason for condensation on the windows. To clean them you may use a strong cleaning agent with bleach or a steam cleaner.

How To Stop Condensation On Outside Of Car Windows?

Not only the outside windows of the house are caught by condensation. Cars windows also face the problems of condensation. That too is in the winter season and summer as like the house windows.

Foggy car windows are a threat to life while you are driving. When the driver can not see clearly in front of the car, accidents are probable. To solve this problem of your car windows you should take the essential steps described below:

  • Turn on the heater of your car and defog the windows
  • Switch On the AC and the cooling coil will pull all the moisture
  • Later through the recirculation button the inside of the car will be filled with dry and cold air
  • Besides, the defroster may assist you to evaporate the moisture through warm air on the car windows                                                      


Is Condensation On The Outside Of Windows Normal?

Condensation on the outside of windows is not unnatural. Rather it is normal. You may not want to take it normally but there are reasons behind that. Only then does Condensation form on anything when the temperature of it is below the temperature of the dew point.

Is Condensation On Outside Of Double Glazed Windows Normal?

Condensation is generally seen on the outside of double-glazed windows. It is very normal and you don’t have to worry about that.

Because whenever it happens, it is sure that your windows are doing great to prevent the loss of temperature from your home. In the process of condensation, gas becomes liquid. 

Should I Wipe Condensation From Windows?

You can wipe condensation from windows every day regularly when it becomes worse. With the help of paper or cloth, you can wipe out the water from your windows. Opening windows at once may stop the condensation from returning every day.

Why Do Double Glazed Windows Steam Up On The Outside?

Double glazed windows may steam up from the outside. It means that the double glazed windows have high energy efficiency to keep the warm air inside the home. Thus the temperature does not lower suddenly. Thus condensation occurs outside.

How do you stop condensation on windows overnight?

How to stop condensation on windows overnight is the question of many. Some of the ways are:

1. Open the windows of your home
2. Try a moisture eliminator.
3. Turn on the air conditioning in your room
4. Open the curtains and drapes
5. Turn on the fans
6. Close your door
7. Move the plants
8. Use a window condensation absorber


Condensation is a very common problem for windows made from glasses. Condensation on outside of windows will give you a dump feeling along with other issues. We have stated here already, how you can protect your windows from condensation. The steps to prevent them are really simple. So, keep them in check and lead a healthy life!