How to Prepare Current Affairs for any Major Competitive Exams

If you have written any Competitive exam you may know Current Affairs is one of the main subjects to study for exams, be it Bank exams, RRB Exams, or other state-level PSC exams. If you want to get placed in your dream post, you need to be well versed in what is happening around nationally and internationally.

The current affairs section is very important not only for written tests but also for interview rounds if any during selections. Usually, the last six months of current affairs are only asked, but since there are a lot of things happening daily, candidates need to be on track with everything.  It is very easy to learn current affairs with daily practice.

Read Newspapers Daily

Newspapers are the easiest way to gain maximum knowledge. Newspapers cover many different topics in length. It is the best source of current affairs from an exam point of view. We can take notes on history, geography, politics, economics, sciences, latest technologies, and general knowledge topics from newspapers.

Current affairs are daily updated in the newspapers without fail. But choosing the right newspaper is important as all newspapers won’t provide good information. Select the best ones like the Hindu or The Indian Express, which provide you with the proper information from an examination point of view.

Read Magazines

There are many weekly and monthly magazines that provide a compilation of general knowledge and current affairs of a certain period. They are available both on online and offline platforms. Here also be selective, Don’t waste time by reading all the magazines available to you.

Instead, read the best ones that provide good information like Kurukshetra, Yojana, Frontline, The week, etc. you will be aware of all the news and current affairs from these magazines if you follow these magazines regularly.

Seek Help of online learning

E learning Apps help you to get all the news, information, general knowledge, and current affairs required for various exams in one place. Apps like Entri provide you with all the information you need to get prepared for competitive exams and also update you with the latest information, exam updates, and notifications.

Along with that, Compiled notes and pdf notes of current affairs, weekly vocabulary, quizzes, English Practice, Mock tests are all available on online platforms. It will be a useful medium for increasing your knowledge for all competitive exams.

Make you own Personal Note

Even when you are depending on an online or offline medium for learning current affairs, it is advisable you should have a personal note of your own for current affairs. From the start of your preparations, keep the notes updated every day without fail. You can save notes you are making on one note application, Evernote or Google docs, or any other kind of online tool to keep your data safe and secure.

The main advantage of saving the note online is easy accessibility and low chances of losing the file as the file will be saved and it also saves more time than manually scribing your notes. Be it Online or Offline, Select the method which you find the most comfortable.

Go Through Previous Year Question Papers

Make sure you attempt previous year’s question papers and mock tests before going for any competitive exams. Try to get used to the questions before going for exams.  Multiple-choice questions can be quite confusing and it is advisable to go through the previous year’s question papers so candidates will be familiar with patterns during the exams.

When practicing previous year’s question papers, don’t just skim through correct answers, but also look at other choices for a question and find all the information about that particular answer.

Every exam has its own difficulty level and pace. Knowing the level of difficulty and pace can help you prepare better for the exam effortlessly.

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