Compare Walkme with the Walkme Alternatives [Ultimate Guide]

Interested to know the compare Walkme with the Walkme alternatives? So, I’ve listed the top five alternatives in place of WalkMe on this page, with each being superior to WalkMe in some way.

WalkMe is the pioneer in digital acceptance and tools for onboarding users.

It’s a good platform for any type of employee, user training, and engagement, but it also has some drawbacks, for example, its cost.

It’s quite difficult to decide which one is most suitable for your company. Do you choose to go with WalkMe, or could one of their competitors work better?

This is why you should read the article. You need an app that does similar things to WalkMe but is perhaps more affordable or more user-friendly.

Follow the rest of this article to learn more about how WalkMe does and the reasons why you may need an alternative tool.

What is WalkMe

WalkMe is a cloud-based digital platform used in the onboarding of employees and in training as well as product adoption and customer journey analysis, HR, and change management.

WalkMe automates repetitive tasks and validates data to fill out forms, making sure the information is consistent and clean. It provides self-service support. However, unlike its rivals, WalkMe offers static training instead of a global learning experience.

What are WalkMe alternatives?

WalkMe options include a wide range of products that have been created to help facilitate various areas of digitization. When deciding on the right solution for your company, it is important to be aware of the following aspects:

  • Cost – Does the solution meet your budget?
  • Scalability – Is your solution able to scale as your business expands? Can you use it across different departments?
  • Complexity – How challenging will the implementation of your plan be? Will you require an external team, or can everything be implemented in-house?
  • The capabilities of data management – What type of information will your solution be able to provide in relation to your business’s digital transformation?
  • Customization – Are you able to customize your software to meet the requirements of different departments? Can you easily upgrade your software to be compatible with the latest software?

5 Reasons Why you might need a WalkMe Alternative

Here are 5 reasons why the majority WalkMe customers leave the door:

1- Outdated business and pricing model

The method by which WalkMe offers services is not ideal for the majority of small and medium-sized businesses, and this could be the primary reason to search for a different option.

2- High learning curve and never-ending implementation phase

Looking at some of the options offered by WalkMe that are listed here, they can be put into practice and begin working in under an hour.

More simple and less technical WalkMe alternatives, such as UserGuiding, accomplish jobs that normally require weeks to complete with WalkMe in just days.

3- Unreasonably high pricing 

For companies who use it to the fullest capacity, WalkMe might be worth every cent. But what happens if you don’t have that amount of money?

There are alternative options to WalkMe that cost a lot less and can satisfy your requirements. It’s natural to prefer an alternative that is more cost-effective.

Investing thousands of dollars that you may not even have, it is extremely difficult to secure buy-in from stakeholders for annual contracts.

4- Time-consuming and not technical-friendly

WalkMe is a comprehensive application with excellent core features. However, this level of sophistication makes it harder to use and gains benefits for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

A few reviews also mentioned that it was difficult to use by people who are not technical.

If you don’t wish to burden your developers with the use of WalkMe, it’s not the right choice for you.

5- Inattentive customer support 

Everyone hates when the support staff answers your queries or requests for too long or when they do not feel authentic.

Support for customers of WalkMe is typically described in reviews on this platform in terms of “slow” as well as “inattentive,” which is the main reason why people would prefer to collaborate with another company.

Compare Walkme with the Walkme Alternatives – 5 Top Alternatives

Every one of the digital adoption services is superior to WalkMe in different ways, So I’m sure you’ll be able to find the right solution before the end of this list.

Let’s start with the best:


Whatfix , an alternative of Walkme

Whatfix is more user-friendly than WalkMe because of its user-friendliness, coupled with its specific features for onboarding that makes Whatfix the top WalkMe alternative to welcome new employees. 

Whatfix Pricing

The Whatfix pricing isn’t set, which means you’ll need to request an estimate for your business by requesting the demo you can request for your company. 

However, their rates are widely regarded as being above market rates, with an allegedly more than $200 per month as their starting cost.

Whatfix Reviews

Whatfix is extremely versatile and flexible, allowing us to develop custom content for our user communities as well as our internal teams.The tool itself is difficult for those who aren’t tech-savvy. 

WalkMe vs. Whatfix

The comparison between WalkMe and Whatfix isn’t always easy because both tools are very alike.

  • Whatfix is cheaper than WalkMe and may be worth considering for smaller and medium-sized businesses. However, it lacks the same level of complexity as WalkMe, so it could be difficult for non-technical users to get used to Whatfix as well.
  • Whatfix is compatible with Android applications, while WalkMe does not, and this isn’t a big distinction since it’s not a very popular platform for users in the DAP industry.
  • Also, Whatfix doesn’t have compatibility and integrations. WalkMe does with other products that could constitute the core of your technology stack.

Why Whatfix is a good alternative:

  • Assistance with filling in forms.
  • Reviewing the information.
  • Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS).
  • Automatizing processes.
  • Simple content editor.



Pendo offers a blend of feedback from customers and onboarding software.

If you’re in search of software that will allow you to understand your clients more effectively, you should go with Pendo. It is the ideal choice to test and perfect your onboarding and the in-app experience.

Pendo Pricing

Pendo currently does not offer us a price. Pendo offers customized prices to its clients based on their offerings. Customers claim that they charge $60k/year for users with 6k active monthly.

Pendo Reviews

You must educate your employees and your users on the best way to use the software. Pendo is the most similar WalkMe alternative on that front.
Pendo does an excellent job of blending the two in case your current system for tracking analytics is not sufficient.
Pendo’s pricing can be a tangled one that can be extremely expensive.

WalkMe vs. Pendo

If we look at the comparison between WalkMe and Pendo, we’ll find that they have totally different strengths from each other, and they aren’t directly competing.

  • In the beginning, Pendo is an item with a strong reputation for its analytics-based platform, as well as being able to offer digital adoption capabilities which make up the complete product.
  • WalkMe is an application that is all-out on the digital adoption side, while the analytics suite functions as an adjunct to their primary usage scenario.

Suppose you’re considering picking one of the two products, Pendo and WalkMe, because they share obvious overlaps in terms of their functions. It is better to assess the options if your company is seeking greater analytics or a more effective digital adoption.

Why Pendo is a good alternative:

  • Retention of data for seven years.
  • Plan your ordering and schedule.
  • Numerous seats.
  • Flexible reports.
  • Version control is available both inside and out.
  • Live chat support (Enterprise version available only)



UserGuiding is one of the favorite of users that rivals as an alternative to Walkme

Like WalkMe, UserGuiding can be used for onboarding employees and customers and training users of any kind. It can help you engage your users, immediately improve user experience and increase digital adoption on any platform with no programming.

UserGuiding’s user-friendly tools for customer interaction make it a great alternative to WalkMe in rolling out the latest SaaS features.

Userguiding Pricing

  • Free 14-day trial period (no credit card needed)
  • The Basic Plan is $69/month; you are billed annually for up 2500 MAU
  • Professional Plan: $29/month when charged annually for 20000 MAU and unlimited guides
  • Customized Quotation Service Available to larger Companies

Userguiding Reviews

The platform has a fantastic UX and is an absolute pleasure to work on. 
Making guides and hotspots is easy, and changing the template to conform to our standards for branding is simple. 
There are numerous templates that you can choose from for guides and hotspots. 
Setting a time to board isn’t easy, depending on your local time zone.

WalkMe vs Userguiding

Utilizing Guided Training, in comparison to WalkMe it’s a simpler and basic solution for training in the internal environment as well as team-based education.

  • If you’re not interested in the flashy elements or detailed analytics or user onboarding, User Guiding could be the right product for you.

Why Userguiding is a good alternative:

  • Assistance via chat or email.
  • Inquiring for feedback via the NPS.
  • Lists of checklists to be used by new hires.
  • Attribute-based categorization.
  • Unique layouts.
  • Integration of Google Analytics.


Appcues a great alternative to Walkme

Appcues includes two main parts: Appcues Builder, its Google Chrome extension, and Appcues Studio, the dashboard to manage the flow of events.

The Appcues builder is easy to create walkthroughs, even though design elements aren’t as plentiful and could require CSS to create the desired design.

With a particular emphasis on user onboarding for web-based apps and digital products, Appcues will solve your needs for digital adoption with your customers and assist you in transforming into a business that is based on products.

Appcues Pricing

The Appcues Essentials plan is $249 per year. The payment plans start at $879 per month for The Growth plan.

Appcues Reviews

Appcues are a breeze to use and learn, as well as extremely versatile and efficient.
 It’s simple to modify it to fit our brand and tool and it offers a method to integrate our users in a flexible method without consuming the valuable time for developers.
It is sometimes difficult to use, especially when we enter more complex use cases. 

WalkMe vs Appcues

When you are comparing Appcues with WalkMe, the factors to consider are easy.

  • Appcues is great for enhancing the customer experience and UX and enables you to create incredible user onboarding processes.
  • WalkMe is a little more extensive than Appcues because it helps in the adoption of digital technology of all kinds that are applicable to your clients or customers of the platform or even your employees.

Appcues is a lot simpler than WalkMe as they offer an established price that you can check out and also a trial offer that you can try to determine whether your company could benefit from the service or not.

Why Appcues is a good alternative:

  • Walkthrough Builder operates by dropping and dragging.
  • Custom-designed templates that are individually tailored.
  • Integration with HubSpot.
  • Alerts about new features.
  • NPS surveys.


Userlane is Walkme alternative

If you’re in search of a simpler and less confusing WalkMe option, Userlane might be a useful tool. Although it’s able to create only walkthroughs, it can work extremely well with less complex software.

This platform could be a good option for companies not yet familiar with digital adoption software. Userlane offers an unguided demo version of its software. When you’ve completed your trial, pricing will depend on the number of users you have as well as the features you wish to use.

Userlane Pricing

Userlane has a customized pricing plan according to your needs as well as the scale of your organization. So, you’ll have to request a demonstration to request a quote and give the service the test.

Userlane Reviews

Particularly enthusiastic about the emphasis on helping startups in their initial stages. 
Gaining by the notion of helping start-ups that do not have the resources or opportunities to support their customers who are new to them.
The application was, in the beginning, challenging us slightly, but not much more than the initial use of any other software. 

Why Userlane is a good alternative:

  • Real-time recording of click-streams.
  • Page breakdown and target audience.
  • Measuring engagement.
  • The possibility of using animated GIFs as well as other images.

Bottom line!

Well, here is the guide to compare Walkme with the Walkme alternatives.

Before you decide to look into the WalkMe alternatives that could be the ideal fit for your requirements, be aware of what requirements won’t be met with WalkMe. Make sure you know the things you’d like an adoption of a product or digital adoption tools to use.

Do you require a product to use internally or to grow the user? Do you want something that is more in line with your budget? Are you in search of a versatile product or an elite one? Once you have mastered these facts, the best solution will come to you. I hope you find the article “Compare Walkme with the Walkme alternatives [Ultimate Guide]” helpful.

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