Community North Hospital has the facilities, expertise, and capabilities to treat patients dealing with addiction or mental health problems. They handle patients across all age ranges, from infants to the elderly, young, old, and everyone in-between.

Community North Hospital Location

The hospital and rehab center is located minutes from I-69 and I-465. Following those highway signs will easily lead you towards the property. The hospital property itself is conveniently surrounded by major arteries leading to downtown Indianapolis and local neighborhoods and businesses. Free parking seems to be a trend here, too, as several spots can be found on-site at no charge to clients or visitors alike.

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Community North Hospital Rehab Admission Process

Families can contact the rehab center and ask for the Hospital Admissions Intake Team. The admissions representative will answer any questions that you might have about services, insurance coverage, and financial options available for payment plans. Patients and their families have to go through these steps to be admitted into the hospital:

Patient Registration: The patient needs to fill out a registration form which includes information such as the patient’s name, contact number, address, medical condition, and next of kin.

Medical Assessment: A nurse will oversee all patients coming for treatment and assess them before being admitted into the ward for treatment or surgery.

Program allocation: Once the admissions interview is finished, the next step is where the addiction treatment team will assign the appropriate program for the patient’s needs.

Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Services

Community North Hospital has inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment available. They also offer group therapy and mental health counseling to all of their patients. There is even an interdisciplinary team of professionals that can help you work through alcohol and substance. They work together to coordinate all the treatments for each patient that involves individual therapy or group therapy.

Mental Health Treatment Services

Community North Hospital also offers help to anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, or any other mental health condition, along with any substance use disorder. They have many different methods to help improve the mental and physical health of the patients.

Behavioral Care Outpatient Services

The hospital’s professional staff can provide outpatient assistance in many areas, from the early diagnosis of mental health problems and substance abuse to more advanced techniques, such as addiction therapy and motivational interviewing. This place will come in handy if you have a mental illness or addiction because they have all the tools and services needed to give you the best chance at recovery.

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Partial Outpatient Services

The hospital offers partial outpatient services to help patients recover from addiction and other illnesses. The partial outpatient department at Community North Hospital Rehab Services allows patients to recover from addiction and other mental health conditions without committing to an entire day or week in treatment. This way, they can get back on their feet while managing other responsibilities such as work or family.

One of the best parts about Community North Hospital is that it offers continuity of care from one visit to another. This ensures that therapists and doctors can monitor your progress and make adjustments so you can reach your fullest potential.

If you are looking for a rehabilitation service near you, Community North Hospital may be an option to consider. Contact them to get help now!

How to help yourself or a loved one?

With any of these questions, as well as for any other questions related to the use of drugs and other psychoactive substances, you can contact the qualified doctors of the outpatient departments of St. Petersburg GBUZ “GNB” and get both the answer and the necessary help. Outpatient departments are located in every district of the city and state-certified doctors are admitted both free of charge, with the establishment (if necessary) of dispensary observation, and anonymously (for a fee).

Who can apply? Do you need to be a ‘drug addict’ to appeal?

We are approached by completely different people, of different age categories and wealth, but all are united by one thing – these are problems of a different nature that have arisen as a result of the use of psychoactive substances. Assistance can be completely anonymous. To receive all the necessary assistance, it is not necessary to be registered in St. Petersburg or in the area where the unit is located since treatment can be provided for a fee.

Why is it better to go to a public institution than to a private one?

Turning to us, you will not have to doubt the profile and qualifications of our specialists. In each of our divisions, appointments are conducted by qualified, state-certified doctors and psychologists who have received a specialization in drug addiction, who systematically improve their knowledge at advanced training courses and conferences. 

For treatment, only modern and certified drugs and techniques with proven efficacy are used. Only specialists will explain what needs to be done to the patient or his relatives in order to ensure the best result of treatment, explain the causes and consequences of the formation of addictions. And without eliminating the causes of the onset of the disease, it is impossible to eliminate the disease.

If you go to the district dispensary, will they immediately put it on record?

Establishment of dispensary observation, i.e. “Registration” occurs only with the consent of the patient himself to treatment with the registration of “voluntary informed consent”. It is possible to refuse dispensary observation by issuing a waiver of medical intervention.

Is it better to undergo inpatient or outpatient treatment?

In the case of drug addiction, there is often no question of only outpatient or only inpatient treatment. The treatment is carried out in 2 stages. On the first (removal of “withdrawal”) – inpatient treatment is often preferable, on the second (aftercare and rehabilitation) – outpatient. 

Outpatient treatment allows you to undergo a course of treatment as comfortably as possible without changing the usual way of life, including without interruption from work and daily activities. For many of our patients, this is the defining factor. In cases of indications (severe course of the disease, serious health condition, malignant course of addiction, the need for round-the-clock medical supervision, etc.), inpatient treatment is necessary. 

Inpatient treatment is indicated for severe withdrawal symptoms (severe withdrawal symptoms), concomitant diseases, low socialization of the patient, and poor patient motivation for treatment and rejection of psychoactive substances. To simplify, then completely outpatient treatment is possible with the so-called “light drugs”, with a mild course of the disease.

How to seek help and how is treatment progressing?

To ask for help, you only need to come to our department during working hours. To do this, on the website, you can select the unit closest to you and it is advisable to make an appointment with a doctor by phone in advance. At the reception of our specialist, after a short examination and establishment of a preliminary diagnosis, you will learn the doctor’s recommendations in order to quickly and effectively eliminate the causes of the problems that brought you to us. 

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The doctor will explain the peculiarities of providing assistance, how to get help in our institution. You can receive treatment either at the expense of the budget (in the case of the presence of registration in St. Petersburg and in the area where the unit is located) or for a fee. The doctor, taking into account your particular health characteristics, will draw up an individual plan of examination and treatment using modern methods and drugs with proven effectiveness. 

If indications for inpatient treatment are identified, he will be sent to a hospital, which is also part of the structure of our institution. If necessary, he will refer you to specialists of various profiles so that your treatment with us is as effective as possible.

But what to do if the patient himself is not aware of the need to be treated?

Addiction treatment is purely voluntary. Those. for the provision of medical care, the consent of the patient himself is required.

The efforts of psychotherapists and psychologists have developed and implemented into practice, based on modern ideas about the causes of the development and maintenance of the disease, a program to help families where patients do not realize the need for treatment. In the process of passing it by relatives, the patients are indirectly motivated to receive treatment and refuse to take drugs.

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