Erectile dysfunction or ED is the inability to get or keep an erection. It is a sexual dysfunction that men experience some time in their life. However, for some men, the problem is persistent, and it may affect their self-esteem and relationships adversely. Some people may find it uncomfortable to discuss erectile dysfunction or sexual problems. And that makes it even harder to find a solution for the issue.

Another challenge is the misinformation and misconceptions surrounding the causes and treatments of erectile dysfunction. To know the facts, it is essential to bust the myths first.

Let’s take a look at the myths and facts about ED –

MYTH: Erectile dysfunction & Age

ED in Older Men

The most common myth about erectile dysfunction is that all men experience ED as they grow older, and you need to live with it. Even though it is not unusual for older men to experience erectile dysfunction, it doesn’t mean you need to live with it. A lot of men are able to get erections even in their senior years and there is no reason for older men to refrain from sex. Older men should also consult a doctor about erectile dysfunction to identify the cause of their dysfunction.

ED in Young Men

Although ED is most common among men above the age of 75, men of any age can have it. Usually, in young men, the causes of erectile dysfunction include poor lifestyle choices, depression, anxiety, or relationship problems. Research suggests that up to 40% of men aged 40 have experienced erectile dysfunction. At the age of 70, the prevalence is higher – up to 70%. {SOURCE}

MYTH: ED Means I’m Not Attracted to my Partner

Lack of sexual attraction may be one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction, but it is not the only one. There can be various causes of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction may also be caused by heart problems, diabetes, hormone problems, high blood pressure, excessive smoking, and alcohol.

MYTH: Testosterone Supplements Are the Best Cure for Erectile dysfunction

A common misinformation about ED is that it can be cured by taking testosterone supplements. Testosterone is only given to patients who are tested for low levels of testosterone and not to every patient who has ED. Only a medical professional can evaluate your testosterone levels to identify the need for supplements. If your doctor feels that you need testosterone supplements to treat your erectile dysfunction, they will prescribe accordingly. In this case or for any other ailment, self-medication is not advisable.

MYTH: There is no Cure for Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be corrected in most cases. Once your doctor determines the root cause of your ED, they can recommend the best treatment to address the problem. Some common treatments of ED include:

  • Medications like Viagra (Sildenafil)
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Self-injections
  • Vacuum erection devices
  • Penile implants

MYTH: ED is Not Dangerous – it is Just a Personal Problem

Experiencing erectile dysfunction doesn’t indicate a serious threat to your health. However, erectile dysfunction is correlated to poor health and underlying issues in many cases. ED may indicate health problems such as heart diseases, type II diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, and Parkinson’s disease, among other things.

MYTH: ED Only Occurs Because of a Relationship Problem

In some cases, it has been observed that problems in a relationship contribute to a man’s desire for sex – resulting in erectile dysfunction. However, relationship problems are not the only reason for ED. On the other hand, persistent erectile dysfunction can trigger difficulties in a relationship.

MYTH: Lifestyle & ED

One of the most significant pieces of misinformation about ED is that lifestyle choices do not cause it. The fact is that poor lifestyle choices in many cases cause erectile dysfunction. For example, excessive smoking, drinking, or any other condition that affects your blood vessels can be an underlying cause of erectile dysfunction. Being overweight, having high cholesterol levels, and having a sedentary lifestyle can also cause sexual dysfunctions. Your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, healthy food, and giving up smoking or alcohol to treat your erectile dysfunction.

Men dealing with erectile dysfunction may feel embarrassment that prevents them from seeking treatment. Finding out the myths and facts about ED enables you to understand your problem better and may help remove the stigma about it. In most cases, erectile dysfunction is treatable. Use the information in this article to your advantage and talk to our doctors at MedsNow to get the consultation you need.

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