Common KPI Mistakes in SEO

Thinking of the best SEO strategies is already a significant challenge. Enticing people to visit the website by ranking high on search engines isn’t easy. Given the number of companies targeting the same keywords, reaching the top might be a daunting task. After convincing people to visit the website, the job isn’t over. Marketers should also measure the key performance indicators or KPI. They tell of the efforts are heading in the right direction. The business can take appropriate actions depending on the results of the KPI. However, there are instances when these metrics aren’t used correctly. The good thing is that there are New York City SEO experts who will help understand these metrics and use them appropriately. 

Below is a list of potential mistakes marketers might commit in understanding the KPI. 

Over measuring 

There’s nothing wrong with tracking different metrics and determining if the results are good enough. The problem is when too many measurements happen at once. It can be overwhelming. While there are many metrics to consider, they don’t need to happen at the same time. Some metrics don’t hold too much value. While they’re still important, they shouldn’t be the priority. It includes vanity metrics like likes, views, and impressions. The focus should be on conversion rates and lead generation.

Failure to account for location limitations 

Just because the website receives significant traffic doesn’t mean that the SEO strategies are working. It helps to consider the location limitations. It means that some users are more valuable than others. For instance, if the business is operating in New York, the traffic received from cities miles away from New York doesn’t hold much value. There’s a low chance that they turn into paying customers. Demographics also play a part. The business should focus the advertising efforts on interested buyers and can afford to purchase the products. Traffic coming from places where not many people can afford the products is quite useless. Assuming that heavy traffic is an indicator of success is wrong. 

Ignoring technical factors 

Poor performances based on different metrics could be due to poor quality content. However, there are other technical factors to consider. For instance, a slow web speed might turn off potential users. Even if the page had good content, no one could see it if the web speed was terrible. The flow of information on the website also matters. If the page looks messy and difficult to understand, people might leave. They don’t want to spend too much time figuring out where to locate the details they’re looking for. 

Relying on average position

Looking at averages can be an excellent determinant of success. If it’s on the higher end, it shows that the campaign is heading in the right direction. However, averages can also be deceiving. They don’t show the overall picture. The web content changes. User searches also change. Even the entire algorithm in ranking websites changes. Therefore, it’s not enough to decide based on averages alone. The business might take the wrong steps by only looking at the average. It helps to understand what these changes mean in the overall campaign effort. 

Checking the conversion rate only 

Conversion rates depend on several factors. An increase in signs ups might mean an excellent conversion rate. However, it’s not on the same level as the number of people who decided to buy the products. Analyzing conversion rates by bundling these two metrics is terrible. It won’t give a complete picture. It also offers a false image of success. 

Another potential mistake is to consider that the business failed if people decided against buying on their first engagement. Some of them might decide to go back later and purchase the products. It means that the efforts are still successful. Concluding that the conversion rate is low based on first engagement can be misleading.

Getting help with SEO analysis

While there are tools available to understand different metrics, some people might submit mistakes in using them. Therefore, it helps to work with experts from a reputable New York City SEO agency. They know how to analyze the results. They also understand the value of every metric. They can determine which of them to prioritize in identifying the next move. These best SEO agencies also worked with different companies to analyze SEO practices. With their help, boosting online presence and increasing conversion rates won’t be an issue. These services aren’t for free, but worth it. Besides, their help allows business owners to focus on other aspects of running the company. 

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