Common Hurdles and Challenges during Data Migration

Are you thinking about carrying out a data migration for your company? If so, then wait? Don’t hurry. Otherwise, you’re gonna regret it.

Before migrating the big data for the first time, one must first be well aware of all the challenges and hurdles he might face so that he can better be ready for it.

It is often suggested not to carry out the data migration by yourself, instead hire a custom software development company – Diceus. However, if you still insist to do it yourself, then must give the following challenges a look so that you can be aware of what’s waiting for you.

Data Loss

The biggest challenge and risk that any company can face while migrating big data is data loss. When migrating data in such a big amount, it’s absolutely no surprise that some of it may get damaged or lost. Though the lost data can be restored in several ways, however, the possibility of complete recovery is minimum, so while proceeding with the migration, keep in mind that you might face this problem and beware.

Data extraction

Another challenge in data migration is choosing the data you want to transfer. Obviously, no one is gonna migrate all of the data, unless if it’s a serious matter, so in this case, you have to carry out data extraction. No doubt, it’s a breathtaking task because there is not a single space for mistakes. So you have to make sure that your data extraction is carried out professionally before migration, if you want any help then you can also strategy discussion on

Wrong Data Analysis

You must be well aware of the fact that your data is not what you see it is. It carries many important insights deep within which are quite difficult to reach (but not impossible, of course). So while carrying out the data migration, do not forget this fact as many do. Most companies make a wrong analysis of their data do not understand the fact they might contain some vital insights which have to be encrypted, and in the end, lost all of them during the process. So make sure to analyze your data perfectly before making any move.

Different Coding and Programming Languages

Another problem during data migration is the coding difference of various software in which data resides. Though it’s not a common problem, might happens in rare cases in which you have to migrate the data located in various systems with different coding and programming languages. So before migrating data from different sources, make sure to solve this problem, otherwise, you’re gonna sink in the sea of loss indeed.

You can learn more from this example.

Validation of the Results

Another mistake that many beginners make while migrating the data is that they never check for the validation of migration results and end up empty-handed. So before proceeding with the migration, make sure to test check it to validate the whole process and then carry out the migration to avoid any risk.

Absence of Collaboration among Team

Collaboration is the first rule to make any project successful, if there is no collaboration, there is no good result. The same is with the migration process, if you want to carry out a successful migration process, you have to ensure a collaborative environment among your team.

Choosing the Wrong Platform

Going for the wrong migration platform is another challenge many face during data migration, so make sure you go for the right one like cloud, Amazon RDS, etc in order to make your migration plan a fool-proof one.

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