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There is good SEO, and there is also average SEO for your site. These are the most common mistakes you need to avoid when it comes to crypto SEO.

A Website Structure That Is Not Well Designed

A well-designed website structure leads to a great user experience. Your site’s user experience will be negatively affected if your website structure is not up-to-standard.

Without a website, what’s the point? Visit their website to find out more information about the company and products they offer, as well as to request their services. All aspects of the website should be designed to help businesses, including the layout, copy, design and page titles.

Incorrect Use Of Keywords

Incorrect Use Of Keywords

Neglecting to use keywords will negatively impact crypto currency SEO. It is important to go beyond keyword research to see what other businesses rank on the internet. It will help you identify fast wins and determine whether you are using similar keywords to your competitors.

Another common mistake we see is people not using enough keywords. There’s a difference between using the same keywords over and over in your content and using multiple keywords that are related. Google’s algorithm improves their awareness of context each year. The more keywords that are closely related, the better your search results.

Ignoring Blogging

Ignoring Blogging

SEO can only be improved by blogging. Ignoring the Blockchain guest post is a grave mistake. By making your website reliable and useful for customers, as well as connecting your company to its target market, blogging can improve the quality of crypto currency SEO.

Websites can be kept up to date by blogging. Search engines can be finicky and won’t show users outdated websites. Therefore, releasing new content regularly indicates that search engines see your website as active and full of new content. By optimizing your blog to crypto currency SEO, you give search engine algorithms a reason to index you more frequently, increasing your visibility on their radar.


It is an interesting breed of crypto marketers. The complex world of paid advertising restrictions from tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter made it difficult for them to manage. While SEO is a very important part of advertising, it appears that many crypto currency marketing agencies have not been able to fully utilize it. It’s strongly recommended that all crypto marketing teams and names spend time each week on SEO-related chores. But why?

SEO Is Highly Cost-Effective

SEO is a cost-effective way to increase traffic to your site and raise awareness. Here are the top SEO costs.

Software tools that will ensure you are working smarter and less hard. You can expect to pay hundreds of thousands to thousands per month for SEO-focused tools.This equipment is essential for identifying low-competition and high-traffic keywords, as well as extensive monitoring of the search engine tenderness.

Long-term, it becomes obvious that investing in organic traffic that lasts forever is a smart investment. The expense is not prohibitive, but it will pay off in the long term if you’re willing to spend the time and money to get the best SEO results.

Hours Of Manpower To Do The Legwork

Perhaps even more valuable is time. SEO is a subset of digital marketing that is very small and, as we have already said, it is quite time-consuming. Being the top-performing website in Google’s search results can be difficult, especially in highly competitive markets. While you may have every tool you need, it is not possible to see results if you don’t put in the work.

When evaluating SEO costs, consider the size of your staff, whether they can dedicate 10+ hours per workweek to the task, as well as what expenses your company would have to pay for SEO. A Crypto SEO Agency that specializes only in SEO for crypto currency may be a good option if your current resources are limited.

For Crypto Teams, It Is Now

Anyone who isn’t enough busy in the blockchain industry will see the composition of the wall: crypto currencies have arrived to keep up. It’s great news! This opens up a lot of possibilities for blockchain SEO. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between success in search engine results and the length of a URL.