Combine PDF Pages Using PDFBear

Without the appropriate tool, combining PDFs pages is not an easy task. It is almost near to impossible to perform when you do not acquire the paid Adobe programs. However, with technological advancements like PDFBear, your PDF dilemmas will be over quickly! 

You can perform various PDF tasks, even on your smartphone! A good internet connection is all you need. Check out how to combine PDF pages using PDFBear and why you should use this online PDF tool. 

How To Combine PDF Pages With PDFBear

If you have difficulties or confusion on finding the right PDF combiner, you just found yourself the perfect online PDF tool. PDFbear is your complete tool designed to perform PDF tasks with ease and efficiency. So how long does it take to combine PDF pages using this online converter? Within less than twenty seconds, you can merge your PDF effortlessly.

  1. Open the PDFBear home page and proceed to the “Merge PDF” option. 
  2. If you have many pages to merge or combine, you must first upload one PDF before uploading the rest. 
  3. Continue to add more PDFs, then click “Merge PDF.” 

Why Use PDFBear? 

Yes, there are other online PDF tools available. There are also programs designed for these tasks that can be installed offline. However, these offline installations usually come more pricey. Some factors make other online PDF tools less ideal for your daily PDF tasks for other online tools, such as inconsistency and often operation crashes. 

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Affordable Yet Efficient

With PDFBear, you need not worry about their consistency and efficiency! They work 24/7 around the globe with almost no crashes. Unlike the pricey program installations, PDFBear comes in more handy and affordable. Being more affordable does not always mean less quality as this online tool maintains efficiency with its fast-working functions.

PDFBear works with Solid Documents ensuring your top performance for PDF operations and conversions. For as low as $59.99 per year, you can gain access and enjoy more benefits with the PDFBear PRO subscription! If you only need temporary use, you can also avail of their $5.99 monthly subscription and avail of the same unlimited access. 

Upgrading to PDFBear PRO gives you unlimited task conversions. You can also maximize full content alterations with your large PDFs when using this upgrade. Your file storage for conversions and OCR tasks will also have the limitless capacity. You will also be a top priority for technical support and have faster upload speed in percentage than those free users. 

Safe For Your Private PDFs

PDFBear is committed to providing the best service to its customers, and they also want to assure them of their file’s safety and security. Their adherence to high consumer data privacy standards optimizes a secure SSL connection that automatically deletes uploaded and converted files. This process will commence within a 60-minute interval. 

If you also want to add extra protection to your PDFs even after using PDFBear, you can also take advantage of their 256-bit encryption protocol and seal your PDFs with complex passcodes or passwords. This online PDF tool provides excellent exclusivity to its valued customers—quite the ideal choice for your confidential PDF documents. 

Multilingual PDF Converter

Having difficulties coping in English? No worries, PDFBear is a multilingual PDF converter tool that can cater to different languages! Aside from English, PDFBear can work with 21 more languages. This makes it ideal for all types of users. It is versatile for young and older generations and people sharing different native tongues.  

Saving Disk Space

Are you worried that you might consume most disk space with PDFs alone? Worry not, because, with PDFBear, all of your uploaded and converted electronic files are processed within their cloud. Your computer device will not be consuming any more space as you optimize their efficient services. 

Versatile Online Converter 

PDFbear is not limited to a PDF combiner only; this flexible online PDF tool still has more to offer! Its principal function is to convert PDFs from their base format or the other way around. Its two-way converter tool allows most used electronic files to become more compact and easy to transfer. It also has PDF split, compress, rotate, reader, repair, and many more! 

Another advantage of PDFBear is its versatility to devices and operating systems. PDFBear greatly supports Linux, Windows, and even Mac! So you do not have to worry about the device and operating system you are using. PDFBear’s versatile functionality allows you to work flexibly without affecting the quality of your work! 


The completeness and productivity of PDFBear are quite excellent. It will only take a while before you can master these online operations and maximize their usage because of their user-friendliness.  You can save both your time and money by utilizing PDFBear’s services. So if you have more PDF problems, you know where to go.

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