Coin Collecting Tools And Accessories

Coin collectors need supplies to store and display their collections. Here we will represent the best coin collecting tools and accessories. These tools prevent precious coins from being damaged and help preserve the pristine condition. Continue reading to get more information about different types of coin collecting equipment and their usefulness. 

Top Coin Collecting Tools And Accessories

In the following sections, we will discuss the top Coin Collecting Tools And Accessories for you. Coin collecting is not an easy hobby to maintain. You need proper tools and accessories for this hobby.

Coin Holders

A novice collector might use a cigar box to store his coin collection. Sadly, cigar boxes cannot protect coins from surface damage when the coins rub against each other. Therefore the best is a holder, folder, or coin album specially designed to store your coins. Most coin holders are made from 2×2 cardboards adhered with a Mylar plastic inside. There are different types of plastic holders for coins, that can display an entire series of coins. 

  • Coin folders display only one side of the coin, but they are very economical and ideal for beginner-level coin collectors. However, advanced coin collectors may want to purchase slightly expensive coin folders which allow both sides of the coins to be displayed.
  • No matter what type of coin collecting folder you choose, be careful not to damage the coins while inserting them into the folder. Especially with uncirculated coins, you need to be very careful while inserting them into folders. Wear a pair of soft cotton gloves while storing coins; any fingerprint or abrasion may be stamped on a prized coin during the insertion process.

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Flat Clinch Stapler

If you put your coins in a cardboard coin holder, you need to secure the coins by stapling the holder shut. Using a standard office stapler will create two bumps underneath the holder protruding from the back. However, you can use a pair of needle-nose pliers to flatten these uneven bumps, but you risk scratching the precious coins of your collection. To avoid this, consider purchasing a flat clinch stapler that pushes the staples underneath the cardboard holder so that the staple marks do not protrude from the back of the holder. 


Oils and toxins present in your skin can damage the delicate surface of your prized coins. Using gloves is essential while handling precious coins that have pristine, undamaged surfaces. Most numismatists prefer wearing a pair of soft cotton gloves when handling coins. An alternative to cotton gloves is Nitrile or powder-free latex gloves that you can find at any drugstore.

Magnifier And Light 

You will need proper lighting and a magnifier glass to view your coins properly. Fluorescent lights may not be the best for viewing coins because they are too mild and may hide significant detailing from you. The best lighting for viewing coins is an incandescent light source. A simple 75-watt incandescent desk lamp is ideal for examining the coins. If you cannot find an incandescent lamp, purchase a LED that has a full spectrum of colors.

Pad Or Soft Cloth

Coins get damaged if dropped onto hard surfaces. For safety, be sure to work over a soft pad or cloth to protect your coins if you drop them. Additionally, the soft cloth or pad will limit your coins from rolling onto the floor and further damaging it. For example, suppose you have an American Silver Eagle coin that you want to show off to your friends but don’t want to ruin the coin’s exterior by dropping it onto the ground. Therefore, place a soft cloth or towel on the floor, and then you can safely show the coin to your friend without worrying about dropping it on the hard floor.

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