Cloud Storage Managers – Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox

It’s simpler than ever to protect, manage, and share files and other data thanks to the best cloud storage options. Even very sensitive data may now be safely uploaded to the cloud, thanks to the fact that most high-end providers have great security features and connectors.

Furthermore, certain programs, like MultCloud, are designed to let you manage your cloud storage from a single streamlined, user-friendly interface. In a nutshell, this program allows you to access numerous cloud storage manager, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, from a single user interface. At the touch of a button, you may transfer data between systems, manage files, and do a variety of other tasks.

What is MultiCloud?

MultCloud is a service that lets you manage numerous (dozens) cloud drives from a single, easy-to-use interface. It provides a system that combines all of your cloud storage providers into one platform, allowing you to access your information more easily. This is a web application that works across platforms. They released the Google Chrome plugin in 2016.

MultCloud’s key benefit is the ability to move files from Google Drive to Dropbox. This means they won’t utilize your personal data, the transfer will take place directly between the servers, and the computer can be left off throughout the process, even if it takes several hours.


Cloud Storage Managers - Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox

Easy transfer

You’d have to download the file from one provider and then upload it to another if you didn’t have MultCloud. You are no longer required to do so. You may copy-paste or drag-and-drop data between accounts after connecting the cloud drive.

Offline data transfer

You’ll have to spend Internet bandwidth and keep your gadget powered on if you use standard ways. With MultCloud, you may switch your device off and the service will automatically transmit data.

Scheduled transfer

The tool allows you to schedule the precise moment when data is moved from one cloud drive to another. You do not need to keep your smartphone turned on for the process to complete.

Cloud Storage Managers - Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox

MySQL and Cloud backup:

You may not only move files across cloud storage, but you can also back up a website database to safeguard it from a calamity. Every day, week, or month, the system will back it up via the FTP protocol.

Cloud Storage Managers - Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox

Offline download from storage

When you acquire a link to a file on one cloud drive and wish to save it to another, you must first download the file and then upload it to the new storage. If the file is little, it isn’t too awful. But what if it’s a large file, like several gigabytes?

It will take a long time, and if your Internet connection is sluggish or restricted, you may have to wait for hours for the upload to complete. MultCloud allows you to save files straight to the cloud storage of your choice. You may add the connection and then turn your device off. It will help you save a significant amount of time and work.

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MultCloud is a fantastic solution for people who manage several accounts. But how about safety? The submitted files are encrypted using SSL encryption using the AES-256 protocol. It provides adequate security against a variety of internet dangers.

Cloud Storage Managers - Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox

This function, however, is only available to premium subscribers and is not included in the free plan. Two-factor authentication is another fantastic feature that the service needs. Given that individuals will be trusting their cloud drives with critical data, it would provide a considerably higher degree of security and protection.

How does it work?

MultCloud is only accessible through a web browser. There are no desktop or mobile applications available. The user interface is responsive and looks well on any device.

  • All of the linked cloud drives are shown on the main screen.
Cloud Storage Managers - Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox
  • After you’ve connected the drives, you’ll be able to view how much free space each one has. You must first install storage before you can begin working. To do so, go to the Add Cloud Drives page, choose the needed service from the drop-down menu, and then click Next.
Cloud Storage Managers - Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox
  • The system will prompt you to give the cloud storage a name before redirecting you to a website where you must confirm your access to it.
Cloud Storage Managers - Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox
  • Carry on in the same manner with the remaining drives. Each service’s directories and files will be visible. Each one will be presented in its own folder. They’ll also all be visible on the Cloud Explorer tab.
Cloud Storage Managers - Move Files from Google Drive to Dropbox


MultCloud’s subscription services provide a great free edition as well as monthly, quarterly, and annual pricing choices. The free edition allows you to transfer or sync up to 30GB per month and create an unlimited number of cloud storage accounts, which should be plenty for most users.

Upgrade to a Monthly membership for $9.90 per month and get 150GB of data per month. You’ll be able to conduct two synchronization activities at once, with up to eight unique sync modes available.

The Quarterly and Yearly Unlimited plans are similar to the Monthly option save for their cost and data transfer restrictions.


  • Support for multiple cloud drives.
  • The ability to synchronize two folders on any disk.
  • Backup is simple.
  • Very handy cloud explorer that you can use as file management on your mobile.
  • Version without cost.
  • The price is reasonable.

Final thoughts

MultCloud is consistently ranked as one of the finest cloud-to-cloud management solutions, and with good cause. It simplifies every element of cloud storage administration, making transfers and syncing between platforms a breeze.