Which Cloud Computing Certification is best in Denver?

The top investment sector for IT professionals around the globe is cloud computing. And it’s not just money that we are talking about – enterprises need to infuse cloud capabilities to match their money investment in cloud platforms and environments.

Certifications serve as proof of skills so critically needed by IT decision-makers. A cloud certification can make a significant impact on the career of a cloud professional. However, recent salary statistics from the industry show that many of the elements determining cloud salary are in the hands of candidates. As per the State of the Cloud survey, 82 percent of employers indicate that the cloud certifications add more appeal to candidates.

Cloud Computing

For example, a job applicant can enhance the salary potential by obtaining relevant certificates or moving into a new technology cluster – like Columbus, Ohio, or Denver. A cloud computing training in Denver certifies your cloud expertise. It boosts your reputation with a recognized authorization from the industry. They can distinguish your CV throughout the hiring process and lead to more incredible payouts.

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Top cloud computing certification list 

Cloud, data, and cyber security are frequent areas for companies to invest in technology, and it is not shocking that many of the leading IT companies prefer to be in this field. These skills are still in high demand for IT specialists and raise the industry’s most considerable compensation.

Let’s cut the chase, however. Which certifications of the AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud give the most? And how much could you make as an IT professional with cloud certification?

There are a variety of certifications to choose from if you wish to strengthen your cloud skills.

  1. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect: Though Google Cloud (GCP) may be the third-largest public cloud certification, since 2017, this challenging certification was available in several lists of high-paid IT certifications.

Average salary: $139,000–$175,000 USD

  1. Google Certified Professional Data Engineer: It’s for data engineers who can work with GCP. This cloud certification aims to test your ability to design, create, secure, and manage systems for data management. You should also be able to prepare data processing systems for operation and develop machine learning models.

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Average annual salary: $157,185 USD

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: It has been the most popular AWS certification. Hence it is the top cloud certification in the world. For the people having this certification, the most likely role is “cloud architect,” with 75% of cloud architects earning this; 28% have both, according to worldwide knowledge.

Average salary: $113,000–$149,000 USD

  1. AWS Certified Developer – Associate: You can create and administer an AWS-based application. You will be guided through the fundamental AWS architecture, including major AWS services, uses, and best practices. For the last two years, the five best-paid U.S. certifications have been topped by this credential.

Average annual salary: US$101,078

  1. Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate: This certification is specifically intended for professionals who already use Azure in the cloud area. To achieve this certification, you need to manage Azure governance and identity, deploy and manage Azure resources, install and manage storage, and much more.

Average annual salary: US$64,886

  1. CompTIA Cloud+: CompTIA Cloud+ is a vendor-neutral, performance-based certification for cloud infrastructure technology. The accreditation identifies skills that build a cloud, network, computing, and storage technologies. As you get up to that, you’ll acquire a fundamental grasp of all three major cloud suppliers: Azure from Microsoft, Cloud from Google & AWS.

Average annual salary: US$67,541

  1. CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional: The Certified Cloud Security Professional Certification is one of the prominent IT certificates that verify technical knowledge and expertise in cloud applications, data and infrastructure management, design, and security. The International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2 provides this certification.

Average annual salary: US$118,122

  1. Microsoft Certified: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals: Cloud skills have become vital with crucial cloud training and certification. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals confirms the knowledge of Core Cloud Concepts; Azure Services; Security; Privacy; and Compliance—all things Microsoft Azure products and services needed from a new cloud professional.

Average salary: $127,000 USD

  1. Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert: This role-based certification at the expert level will confirm the expertise required to design Azure solutions and gain computational, storage, and security expertise. You must pass two examinations of Azure Solutions Architect Expert credentials AZ:300 and AZ:301.

Average annual salary: $119,000–$152,000 USD

  1. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator: It is the most significant certification for cloud administrators. It checks the degree to which Amazon Web Services implement, manage, and operate them. You may take the Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification exam if you wish to develop your career in Google Cloud.

Above-average salary: $130,610 USD

Cloud Computing

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The certification process demonstrates to companies that you have the ability and expertise to carry out the jobs and progress further. In addition, they assist you in showing that you have the basic skills to work in every application. But you have to prepare and receive this certification to get that position. In other words, set your mind and start your career in cloud computing by taking the required knowledge of any credentials presented in the article. It not only makes you earn a decent job, but it will also certainly make your future brighter.

The bottom line

In 2020, cloud developers were in high demand. Today, the top three public cloud platforms are Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. These platforms are vibrant, and one of them requires a great deal of time to build expertise. Becoming an IT cloud professional could mean working in an area that can lead to high pay.

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Both AWS and Azure compete for the number one position. AWS is at the head of the line all the time, but Azure has been on track in recent years. According to few reports, the adoption of Azure in 2019 was more than the adoption of AWS. The AWS certification gives beginners a decent income. So AWS is appropriate for you if you want to start with an excellent salary. You can follow a course on cloud fundamentals if you have a basic understanding of IT principles.

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