Best Cloud Computing Bootcamps offered by Universities

Cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the high-demanded and top paying careers of the 21st century. With the ease it has brought in communication, data management, data sharing, and data storage, the world has now become quite used to cloud-based applications on an individual as well as organizational level. Looking forward to a career in cloud computing is a smart step, especially in this post-pandemic era is a smart way to drive success in the field of IT. This blog will cover top universities offering cloud computing bootcamps but before we get to that, let’s discuss what is cloud computing and what are the career prospects in the field.

Cloud Computing and Career Outlook in Post-Pandemic Era

IT skills shortage, in general, includes a fair amount of shortage in cloud computing skills. A survey mentioned by Forbes says 86% of respondents believe IT skills shortage will keep playing a considerable role in slowing down the cloud adoption success rate. On the other hand, the public cloud market is expected to grow by 35% through 2021, even more, due to the pandemic. These are clear enough signs validating cloud computing to be a brilliant choice for a career in IT.

Best Cloud Computing Bootcamps offered by Universities

Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Online and Continuing Education Bootcamp

Florida Atlantic University has partnered with QuickStart to offer online cloud computing bootcamps that helps learners become a knowledgeable and well-practiced cloud expert. In this 16-weeks program, learners will be prepared for cloud certifications exams by CompTIA, Azure, and AWS. It is a comprehensive bootcamp offering video lectures, live coaching sessions, expert community access, and job assistance on successfully graduating from the bootcamp.

AWS System Operations Certification Bundle by University of New Hampshire Professional Development & Training

The bootcamp introduces learners to AWS products, services, and common solutions. The major focus of this bootcamp is to prepare students for the AWS System Operations certification. It will take the learners from AWS basics and essentials all the way up to the specific technical and theoretical education of a SysOps professional in AWS. The total time of this course is 90 hours and can be completed in a period of 12 months max. and does not require any prerequisites to enroll.

James Madison University Professional & Continuing Education Cloud Computing Bootcamp

James Madison University offers cloud computing bootcamp in a self-paced video format, along with live sessions for students to get coaching and guidance from cloud experts. The subjects will cover preparation for CompTIA, Azure, and AWS certification exams, and upon successful graduation, students will get job assistance or free IT consultancy training to help them establish a career ahead of getting certified.

UC San Diego Cloud Computing Architecture using AWS

This bootcamp is majorly focused on providing learners with a basic understanding of tools and technical knowledge on AWS architecture. It revolves around AWS technology, and since AWS is a cloud leader this bootcamp can be of great help in becoming an AWS solutions architect. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for the AWS Solutions Architect certification exam, passing which they can achieve this in-demand certification. There will be hands-on labs, video content, supporting material, and AWS official curriculum for students.

Northeastern Illinois University Bootcamps

Partnered with QuickStart Learning Inc., NEIU is offering a cloud computing bootcamp program that is designed to prepare students for some of the industry’s most in-demand certifications, that will guarantee knowledge and strong credentials to apply for cloud computing jobs. Learners will learn through pre-recorded videos that can be accessed at any time suitable, with the flexibility to fit it in the schedule as convenient. There will be live sessions with experts for guidance and learning support. Students will also get access to a community where thousands of experts participate to provide mentoring, take part in discussions and support learning and work-related problems in real-time. Learners will get career guidance and job hunt support upon completing the bootcamps to maximize the results of their achievements.

Miami Dade College Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Miami Dade College has partnered with Amazon Web Services with the name Dade Enterprise Cloud Computing Initiative to help students from underrepresented minority groups get AWS certified and fill in decent job roles in the cloud computing market. This is a free Bootcamp that requires applicants to submit applications telling how this program will help them achieve their goals in the cloud computing industry.

The cloud computing industry is growing at an unbelievably rapid pace. Although the covid-19 pandemic has affected the job market, there will be tons of opportunities once the economy bounces back. This time can be taken as a buffer period to prepare for a more flourishing job market. Now more than ever, companies have strategized adopting cloud computing as a top priority. Efficient and knowledgeable cloud experts will be required in near future.

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