Clean Carpets by Yourself without Causing Damage

The answer is obviously yes. The carpets are in contact with the floor and therefore inevitably over time they are able to accumulate enormous quantities of dust and dirt. There are carpets of different materials on the market, which is why not all of them need the same kind of cleaning. However, using the wrong carpet cleaner will ruin it. By reading this guide you will get some great tips and information on how to clean a carpet correctly. Anyway, if you want better results, you should choose the best one among the carpet cleaning specialists.

How to clean carpets

The classic “maintenance” of a carpet consists in eliminating the daily dust and dirt with the traditional vacuum cleaner, the carpet cleaner or a sturdy broom. It is vitally important to beat the carpet often with energy in the open air and with the carpet beater to remove dust, ensure continuous cleaning and hygiene of the floor, preventing allergies to dust. The easiest rugs to clean are undoubtedly the cotton and terry rugs that are usually used in the bathroom. They must be placed outdoors daily in order to avoid the formation of mold. This type of rug can be machine washed and then left to dry in the open air in the sun. If the carpet is made of plastic, it must be cleaned by washing it with water and a floor degreaser. You have to scrub with a brush and then let it dry properly.

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If mold appears

If mold forms over time, it must be removed with diluted bleach. It should be left for a short time in contact with the carpet, then, subsequently, it must be carefully rinsed in abundance. The cleaning of a Persian carpet must be done by beating it and placing it on the ground. Then, it will be brushed vigorously to remove the most obvious stains and encrustations. In conclusion, we will switch to a cloth soaked in the detergent – ammonia diluted in water, carpet cleaner or trichloroethylene and water -. For the effective cleaning of the Persian carpet, quality must be taken into account. If it is very delicate – better in this case water and trichloroethylene – it is recommended to clean only the surface; it should be moistened as little as necessary. While if it is second-hand and needs thorough cleaning, it is recommended to wet it more.

How to get rid of stains

To remove a stain you need to use water and wine vinegar; just rub the area of ​​greatest interest, following the direction of the hair. To make the colors more lively, you will have to rub the carpet with tea leaves or moist salad; then, it will be left to dry outdoors – without exposing it to the sun’s rays -. Put it horizontally so as to avoid creases; to make drying faster, you can dab with a white cotton cloth.

Finally, do not use the carpet until it is completely dry, otherwise it could deform. If it is not going to be used, it is best to put it aside by rolling it out the wrong side. The carpet should be placed in a place away from light with an anti-moth product inside.

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