Cinnamon Uses for Skin - Benefits for Face & Acne
Cinnamon Uses for Skin - Benefits for Face & Acne

Interested to know about Cinnamon uses for skin? Today, I’m so thrilled to share my latest favorite beauty trick. I’m sure you’ll appreciate it because it’s easy!

Add a pinch of cinnamon to your cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

That’s it!

Cinnamon is among the finest (and best-tasting) cosmetic spices around the world. Until the 1800s, cinnamon was considered to be more valuable than gold.

Cinnamon is an antioxidant that has potent anti-inflammatory properties that can slow down the signs of aging on the skin!

Using different types of creams and medicines will shine on the skin for some time and also have side effects. So it is better to follow some natural remedies. 

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Here we are discussing cinnamon skin benefits. We will also discuss the best beauty products which are made of cinnamon.

Cinnamon Skin Benefits

Cinnamon Skin Benefits

1. Cinnamon for Acne and Stains

Due to clogging, pollution, changing weather, or mis-heating, there are mouth or pimples on the face. Many times they leave the pimples scars on the face. 

When a person is in a party, this pimple seems to be bad in his stains, but now the usual domestic spice like cinnamon can overcome your problem. Cinnamon’s anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties reduce pimples and stains.

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How to use Cinnamon Powder for Acne and Stains?


  • Pinch of cinnamon powder
  • Almost one spoon honey


  • Mix honey and cinnamon powder on your palm and make a paste.
  • Now clean the face thoroughly before sleeping, leave this paste on stains and leave for overnight.
  • Wash the mouth with clean water the next morning.
  • Keep in mind that before you prepare the paste, wash your hands well, so that bacteria and dirt present in your hands do not reach your face.
  • The effect of this cinnamon and honey paste will be slow, but it will reduce your scars.

2. Makes Lips Look Attractive

Makes Lips Look Attractive

Another great benefit of cinnamon is that it can make your lips one hundred times more attractive. Many women want their lips to look like actresses. Cinnamon is such an in-home spice that lets your lips look attractive like actresses.

How to use Cinnamon Bark to Make Lips Attractive?


  • Three to four small sticks of cinnamon
  • One cup olive oil
  • A small vial or jar


  • Put a cinnamon stick in the jar and mix olive oil in it.
  • Insert so much oil that cinnamon will be well-drained in it.
  • Now close the lid for one to two weeks after leaving the lid.
  • When changes in its color are visible, then understand that the quality of cinnamon has started coming in the oil and now it is ready for use.
  • Now massage your lips with this oil.

The properties present in cinnamon clean the lips, while the olive oil keeps moisturizing the lips.

3. Solve Dry Skin problem

Solve Dry Skin problem

Almost everyone has to bear the difficulties of the skin with changing weather. Sometimes, whatever cream you use, the problem of dry skin is not eliminated. 

In such cases, if the home remedies such as cinnamon are used, then the skin can be ridiculed to some degree. Cinnamon removes dead skin cells and softens it. You can also enjoy the benefits of cinnamon for skin using it as a scrub.

How to Use Cinnamon Scrub for Dry Skin


  • Cinnamon powder
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Badam oil
  • Honey
  • recipe


Combine cinnamon, salt, olive oil, almond oil and honey and prepare a scrub and apply it once or twice a week.

Keep in mind that if you feel irritation or itching after applying this scrub, you should wash it immediately. To test it, you can first find this paste by putting it on your hand.

4. Cleanse Skin Color

Cleanse Skin Color

Cinnamon also enhances the color of the face. Due to pollution or sunlight, the color of the skin often begins to fly, causing the face’s beauty to disappear. Therefore, if the domestic pack of cinnamon is applied, then the color can improve considerably. It is one of the great cinnamon skin benefits because many of us fancy clear skin but cannot find any natural products for it. 

Use of Cinnamon for Cleaning Skin


  • One spoon cinnamon powder
  • Two tablespoon curd
  • A small banana
  • Half lemon juice


  • Mix cinnamon powder, curd, banana and lemon juice and prepare a thick paste.
  • Then put this paste on your face for ten to fifteen minutes or leave. Wash the face with water after drying the paste.

You can apply this pack once or twice a week. If your skin is sensitive, then first put the pack on your hand to see if you are not getting irritation, itching or any kind of allergic reactions.

5. Keep Skin Fresh

Keep Skin Fresh

The face also starts to lose its glow with increasing age. Wrinkles on the face begin to fall and the finish starts to finish. In such a situation, it is important that you take care of this thing in time. You might be surprised to know that small cinnamon can make your face fresh. 

It keeps the skin fresh because it protects collagen from collapse and retains the skin’s flexibility. According to a study, cinnamon collagen increases bio-synthesis, causing the problem of anti-aging to some degree.

Use of Cinnamon to Keep Skin Fresh


  • One spoon cinnamon powder
  • One spoon raw honey
  • Method of applying


  • Mix cinnamon and honey and make a paste.
  • Now put this paste on your face.
  • Leave it for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Then wash with lukewarm water.
  • Apart from this, one can also use cinnamon in another way. You can massage your face by putting two or three drops of cinnamon oil in the Vaseline. Then after a while, you wipe your face with a clean wet towel.

Keep in mind that you do not use any mixture of cinnamon around the eyes.

We will discuss various uses of cinnamon for glowing, flawless, healthy, and beautiful skin.

6. Cinnamon has a Plumping Effect

Cinnamon has a Plumping Effect

Another important benefit of cinnamon’s beauty. Cinnamon can increase blood vessel activity. This means that more oxygen and blood flow towards the part of the skin. This gives a plumping effect as well as an appearance that is more full. 

This is why cinnamon is a sought-after natural remedy for plumping lips. It is also for the reason that it provides an appearance of plump skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

How can I use cinnamon for plumping?

Mix a small amount of powdered cinnamon with petroleum jelly, and apply it to the lips. Apply it for a period of time, then remove it using a moist tissue. You’ll notice plumper, full lips right away.

7. Anti-Aging Benefits of Cinnamon

Anti-Aging Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great anti-aging ingredient in our complexions. It can boost collagen production without any adverse consequences. 

The degradation of collagen in your skin can be the principal cause of skin losing its elasticity and speeding up the signs of aging. Cinnamon helps to prevent this by raising the amount of collagen that is produced within the skin.

The results of studies have shown that the primary ingredient in cinnamon, “cinnamaldehyde,” is responsible for the increase in the level of collagen. In addition, the antioxidants of cinnamon help to neutralize free radicals that cause damage to our skin from a variety of injuries, such as premature aging. Cinnamon can stimulate blood vessels and boost blood flow to your face, resulting in glowing, healthy skin.

How to use cinnamon for anti-aging?

  • Mix together 2 tbsp olive oil with some drops of cinnamon oil. Apply the mixture to the face and gently massage. Then wait 10 minutes and then wash it off. Repeat daily. You can substitute cinnamon oil by using cinnamon powder.
  • Another option is to use an anti-aging face cream that uses cinnamon. Put the ingredients in a bowl and add 1 tbsp each of turmeric and cinnamon powder. Add three tablespoons of tomato puree and mix the rest of the ingredients. Apply the paste to the neck and face, and let it sit in the area for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off and repeat the process every two weeks.

8. Acts as a Complexion Booster

Acts as a Complexion Booster

Cinnamon is a powerful ingredient that can enhance our appearance. How? It is the first thing to mention that it is an anti-inflammatory that helps with the discoloration and redness of the skin due to breakouts. Cinnamon aids in reducing inflammation and also helps in repairing the skin to ensure a uniform complexion. 

Additionally, the antioxidant properties of cinnamon can significantly maintain the health of our skin and enhance our complexion. Cinnamon is able to increase blood circulation.

The spice is warming which increases blood flow and draws more oxygen and blood to the skin’s surface, leading to brighter skin. Its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of cinnamon aid in keeping the appearance of acne as well as other conditions from recurring, keeping the skin healthy and clear.

How to use cinnamon to boost complexion?

  • Place a few slices of banana in a blender to make a puree of bananas. Add 1 tsp of cinnamon powder, yogurt, as well as a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice to the puree of bananas and mix all the ingredients together. Apply the mask all over the neck and face and allow it to remain in place for 15 to 20 minutes. Once a week, repeat the technique and rinse with warm water.
  • In a bowl, take 3 tbsp aloe vera gel. Add one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and half a tablespoon of almond oil to the. Combine the ingredients to form an even paste. Apply a thin layer of the face over the neck and face. Apply it to the skin for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it off. Repeat the process three times in one week.

9. Protects from Infections or Wounds

Protects from Infections or Wounds

Antibacterial and antifungal properties present in cinnamon protect skin from infection. Also, they can easily fill any wound. You can apply cinnamon powder and honey after skin infection, but first, make a small quantity. 

Talk to a doctor once you apply, because it depends on your wound or injury, how deep he is, and can be his home remedy or need to go to the doctor.

10. Treatment of Eczema

Treatment of Eczema

Honey and cinnamon powder can be used together to treat eczema. To do this, you will have to mix two tablespoons of cinnamon powder with an equal amount of honey. You must apply this mixture on the infected areas and wash it after 20 minutes. 

This treatment can have a burning effect on the skin, but it will eliminate the redness and itching of the skin to a large extent.

11. Antiseptic Property 

Antiseptic Property 

Cinnamon has antiseptic, antibacterial, and anthelmintic properties, to help eliminate bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms that can cause various irritations to the skin.

It was reported that this compound inhibited the growth and toxin production by the mycotoxin-producing fungi.

It completely inhibited the growth of Aspergillus parasiticus and Aspergillus flavus at 100 microgram/ml and Aspergillus ochraceus and Aspergillus Versicolor at 200 microgram/ml.  

A comparative analysis of the bacteriostatic and bactericidal activity of 13 essential oils showed that the True Cinnamon bark oil had the highest anti-microbial activity.  

It was particularly effective against resistant strains. The study was exhaustive and analyzed the effect of the oils against 55 different bacterial strains.

12. Helps To Clean The Scalp

Helps To Clean The Scalp

Did you know that cinnamon benefits your skin and scalp? You can also give your hair an extra dose of nutrition with a cinnamon paste. 

A simple blend of olive oil, cinnamon and honey may be put on the scalp for several minutes before washing off. Because of its rough texture, cinnamon can help remove the scalp and nourish the hair’s roots.

13. Helps To Enhance the Complexion

Helps To Enhance the Complexion

To reap the full benefits of cinnamon skin benefits, make a blend of lemon juice, cinnamon and yogurt for an exfoliation treatment that gives your skin an amount of antifungal and antibacterial properties. This helps improve the appearance and tone of your face, making it more radiant and luminous.

14. As a massage Oil

As a massage Oil

Cinnamon oil increases blood circulation. When you use this essential oil to massage and massage, the nutrition in the skin increases and improves the overall tone of the face. The cinnamon oil extracted from leaves is only to be applied to the skin. Cinnamon bark oil typically triggers allergic reactions.

Other benefits for the skin

The addition of cinnamon to food items can improve skin tone. For instance, adding the equivalent of a tablespoon of cinnamon to different foods throughout the day’s time can be an excellent source of fiber. It eliminates waste materials from our bodies. 

The elimination of toxins stops them from clogging your pores and also improves the appearance of the skin.

A smoothie that contains cinnamon powder can help fight bacteria that cause acne and other skin problems.

Cinnamon oil and cinnamon powder have been proven to provide anti-parasitic, antifungal and antibiotic and antibacterial properties, in accordance with tests on animals and in test tubes.

Cinnamon can be used to combat oral and vaginal yeast infections that are caused by Candida Albicans fungus. Cinnamon can additionally be used to rid the body of head lice.

Cinnamon Oil Skin Benefits

Cinnamon Oil Skin Benefits

This oil made from cinnamon is of good quality. It is available at medical stores. This oil contains a cinnamon-like smell and taste. The cinnamon’s new oil becomes light yellow and old from red to brown.   

The oil of cinnamon is very heavy and is immersed when water is added. Cinnamon contains 2 percent of the oil which is translucent. In this oil, gum cinnamic acid, resin, tannin, sugar, starch, incense, etc. are found. Cinnamon oil destroys pain, wounds, and swelling.  

Cinnamon oil significantly reduces skin problems like rashes and acne due to its high microbial properties. Mix some drops of cinnamon oil with coconut oil and place it on the damaged area. Within a few days, its effects begin to appear.

Cinnamon oil is easily absorbed by the body through the placenta. It is antibacterial, so regular use of it causes every skin infection to decrease.

As a facial scrub. Mix cinnamon oil with sugar, orange juice and olive oil to create a rejuvenating exfoliant with incredible antiseptic properties.

Cinnamon leaf oil has an earthy, woody, spicy aroma, and may be useful as a topical treatment for infection and other problems of the skin, including benign tumors; It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why cinnamon leaf oil is a natural treatment against inflammation.

Cinnamon oil has high antioxidant properties, which help fight the signs of aging in the skin. The cinnamon oil helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and helps maintain skin firm longer.  

Cinnamon oil has astringent properties that help reduce the excessive secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands, so it helps cure acne breakouts and pimples; It is also effective in curing scabies on the skin.  

The essential oil of cinnamon can be used on minor cuts and wounds, but should not be used in an oil carrier, if high dilution should be applied directly to the skin, it facilitates healing, stopping the flow of blood from wounds.

The cinnamon oil mixes well with cilantro, benzoin, clove, cardamom, incense, grapefruit, ginger, lavender, thyme and rosemary.  

Cinnamon oil should be used only in diluted form, usually in a diffuser, and should never be consumed internally, or in pregnancy, as it can help induce and regulate menstruation.  

Cinnamon oil should never be used directly on the skin, especially in sensitive areas or on the face. A very small amount, deluded and perfectly mixed with other oils, should be used to promote the care of healthy skin. Two great oils for skin and hair are avocado oil and olive oil. And we often feel confused about choosing any one of them. But remember, both of them are really great for skin and hair.

Is Cinnamon Safe to Use on Your Skin?

Sometimes it is not safe to use cinnamon on your skin. Although cinnamon could help to reduce acne and enhance your complexion, it can cause skin irritation. When applying cinnamon to your face, it’s strongly suggested to perform the test of a patch on your wrist to find out the skin’s reaction to the spice.

In addition, it is not recommended to be applied to your body or face if you’re sensitive to it or suffer from sensitive skin.

Bottom line!

Okay so here is the guide of cinnamon skin benefits. We got some amazing advantages, right?

There are a variety of ways to use cinnamon to take care of your skin and get the maximum benefits. You can make use of it in the form of a paste, scrub facial pack or body wash to help it work to improve your skin and reap the benefits mentioned above.

So, Ladies, you’ve learned about the benefits to your skin cinnamon, now is the time for you to allow this organic ingredient to magically create glow on the skin. I hope you find the article “14 Cinnamon Uses for Skin – Benefits for Face & Acne” helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cinnamon be beneficial for oily skin?

Yes, cinnamon can be beneficial for oily skin. Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and has anti-fungal properties that help to treat inflammation and breakouts. It also aids in controlling the production of excess oil.

Do we need to leave the cinnamon on the face overnight?

Yes, you can put the face with cinnamon overnight. Cinnamon has anti-fungal, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties that can help to reduce acne. Additionally, cinnamon can reduce the oiliness of your skin when applied to the face for a long time. Also, it enhances blood flow to the face.