Checklist for Choosing the Right Catering Company in Dubai

Checklist for Choosing the Right Catering Company in Dubai

The food being served is the first and most important part of any event, whether it’s a wedding, a seminar, or a corporate event. It can either make your event a good memory for your guests or a bad one! 

Of course, if you’re spending money on an event caterer and inviting a large number of close friends, you want the former.

In a city that is always thriving with events and parties, there are also multiple catering companies that provide for these events and parties. The question, however, is – “are they all good?”

Hiring a catering company in Dubai may get slightly difficult due to a large availability of options. Choosing the right catering company among these options is one of those crucial aspects you should never overlook in order to provide the best culinary experience for you and your guests. 

When planning an event, you should hire the best catering company that matches your interests and flavour palette, as well as one that can meet your demands and specifications. However, how do you know which catering company is right for you?

Critical considerations for hiring the right event caterer

Quality Guidelines

The worst nightmare for a host is having guests complain about the food served after they have spent a fortune making sure everything runs smoothly.

To avoid food dissatisfaction, you must check and ensure that the catering company uses only fresh and high-quality ingredients. You can request a sample menu tasting to get a sense of the quality of their food.

If a catering company is willing to host you for a tasting, it usually means they are confident in their product. It will most likely be a few items, but it will be more than enough to give you an idea of the quality to expect.

The Cost

Be honest about your budget when planning a menu with the caterer. First, ask if they can create a menu and proposal that fits within your budget. Inquire about other costs such as tables, chairs, linens, and miscellaneous fees. Before signing on the dotted line, make certain that these items and questions have been addressed.

Personal Attention

When hiring a catering company, it is critical to consider how much time they can devote to you. Look for a catering service that gives you undivided attention, has open communication channels, and responds quickly to your changes.

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When you call or email them, you never want to feel like a burden; instead, you want to feel attended to and have all of your questions answered.


The catering service may fall short on the day or night of your event if there is no smooth and consistent communication throughout the planning process. As a result, ensure that your chosen caterers have adequate communication so that they can communicate smoothly throughout the planning process and ensure that your night goes off without a hitch.

Behaviour and Attitude

Examine the attitude and behaviour of the event catering staff. For example, when you have a question, do they greet you with warmth and respect? Do they adequately and correctly respond to all of your questions? If their attitude does not persuade you, look for other options that will gladly and enthusiastically attend to your needs.

Food Preps

Of course, when you hire a catering company in Dubai, you want a company that provides excellent food but also excellent service. Considering Dubai’s extravagant and larger than life charisma, you want a caterer who understands how to present your menu in a luxurious and appealing manner. 

Some caterers will advocate for a buffet, while others may prefer passed hors d’oeuvres and a seated meal. That choice is up to you. However, your caterer can always guide you if you find yourself in a dilemma. All you have to consider is that you are satisfied with the end results. 


Evaluate whether the catering company is only there to “do their job” or if they are passionate about their service and will go above and beyond for their clients. Look for a company that will work with you from start to finish on the planning and execution of your event.

To provide attendees with an effortless and luxurious experience, choose catering services in Dubai that have relevant field experience.

Before signing an agreement, research their website, read their Google reviews, and find out what their clients have to say about them.

Once you have evaluated the above checks, ask the following questions. 

  1. “What cuisines and food items do you specialize in?”

Every catering company has its own set of specialties. Some may specialize in buffet-style food while others may provide plated menus, food stations, cocktail-style service, action stations, food truck catering, and other services.

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You want to know whether your caterer has experience providing cuisine that corresponds to your type of event as well as the theme of your event.

It is also critical that your catering service provides options for all dietary requirements, such as vegan, vegetarian, and allergy-related options.

  1. “What are your recommendations?”

This question may appear ambiguous, but it is useful if you are unsure about the type of catering you want to provide at your event. An experienced caterer should be able to advise you on the best type of catering option for the occasion and your budget.

They should advise you on the best catering style for your guest count, event theme, and staff-to-guest ratio. The more experienced and reputable a catering company is, the more specific their recommendations should be.

  1. “How Do You Handle Urgent Dietary Requests?”

In many cases, a guest will forget to mention their dietary preferences or needs ahead of time. This is not unusual.

This, however, puts you in a bind because you want to ensure that every single guest is well catered for. With this in mind, you should ask your caterer how they would handle a situation like this.

Make sure they clearly outline this process prior to the event so you understand how they work under pressure.

Aside from the considerations mentioned above, you should also go over a few other important points.

  • Have they previously catered at your preferred event location?
  • Do they offer set-up and clean-down services?
  • How long does it take for them to set up and clean down?
  • What kind of early access to the venue are they looking for?
  • What kind of early access to the venue are they looking for? In other words, how much time before the event do you have?
  • Are there any important delivery logistics to consider?

Remember to inquire about their cancellation and refund policies as well. You never know what might happen in the days leading up to your event. You must ensure that you cover all of your bases while also protecting your budget!

Leading Catering Company in Dubai

The UAE cherishes Bouffage Catering, which is regarded as the top catering company in Dubai. Our client-centric approach, customized menu, pleasant customer service, and most significantly, our extensive range of cuisines, are the main drivers of our success.

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We are aware that it can be difficult to find a reliable caterer that can provide food of an exceptional quality. The complete answer for catering services is Bouffage Catering. No matter how big or how little the event, Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, or private jet catering, each gathering can be formal or informal. We genuinely have your back.


Prevention is better than cure! By keeping the above mentioned points in mind it will not only become easier for you to opt for the right catering company but also prevent any mishaps that could take place.