Cheapest Way to Send a Package

Cheapest Way to Send a Package

Are you looking for the cheapest way to send a package? E-commerce delivery standards are evolving, and most online shoppers want faster and less-expensive shipping alternatives. It implies that exorbitant shipping prices might turn off prospective customers and cost your business in the long run.

Identifying the cheapest way to send a package to your customers from various shipping territories in the United States or overseas is vital. It will help you attract cost-conscious buyers, stay competitive, and boost your bottom line to keep you profitable.

Find the Cheapest Way to Send a Package with Shipixy

Shipixy is a leading shipping and logistics company that partners with FedEx to provide the cheapest way to send a package locally and internationally. With this collaboration, we can give our clients the best shipping discounts and help them save up to 61% on shipping costs.

In addition, we provide additional shipping features such as a shipping rate calculator, a comparison tool, and a tracking option to help you optimize your shipping process and satisfy your customers.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Send a Package?

Choose the FedEx One Rate if you ship in large quantities and reduce your shipping costs with FedEx. If you opt for the special FedEx delivery box, you may fit many items in it for a low, single flat shipping charge.

So, what is the cheapest way to send a package these days? While there is no general solution, you will be able to identify the elements that influence shipping prices and approaches to getting shipping discounts from FedEx.

FedEx One Rate is a discounted and affordable shipping rate that e-commerce businesses may use to ship packages weighing more than one pound. Your mileage may vary based on volume, but FedEx One Rate is the cheapest way to send a package weighing more than 16 oz with a delivery period of 2–3 days for domestic shipping.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Send a Heavy Package?

The cheapest way to send a heavy package depends on the specific weight of your shipment and its final destination. However, you can compare couriers based on the type and weight of the shipment.

But what is the cheapest way to send a heavy package? Consolidated freight and FedEx Ground are the most affordable ways to ship heavy packages. FedEx provides a less predictable delivery schedule but a more encompassing weight restriction of 150 pounds, sizes of 108 inches in length, or 165 inches in length and girth.

FedEx Ground might be an excellent choice if your shipment is in this category. When several products are shipped together, the aggregate weight is high, so this may be more cost-effective than sending the packages separately.

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What Is the Cheapest Way to Send a Package Internationally?

FedEx is well-known for its network of expedited international services. FedEx has positioned itself as a provider of next-day to 3-days delivery services and a notable courier for international shipment.

So, what is the cheapest way to send a package internationally?

  • FedEx International Economy®: This service will take 2-5 days to deliver to major markets worldwide.
  • FedEx International Priority®: A low-cost option for shipping international parcels which takes 1-3 business days to arrive at designated international locations.
  • FedEx International First®: The fastest day-definite international delivery service from FedEx.