CBD Softgels vs CBD Tablets: Which Is Better?

In any niche interest, there are bound to be a few divides and specific preferences within the community.

When it comes to cannabis use, there are seemingly far more options than normal – whether to smoke it, turn it into edibles, or even whether you grow it yourself. 

However, when it comes to CBD capsules, there is only one significant divide: CBD softgels or CBD tablets. These two types of products are usually the first thing that people think about when looking to buy CBD capsules. So, which is the better option? Which one should prospective CBD users get; CBD softgels or CBD tablets?

What Are CBD Softgels?

Softgels are not one of the most common products out there, but they can be a super convenient and easy way to enjoy CBD.

A CBD softgel is essentially a soft, jelly-like capsule that contains CBD oil inside. 

The softgel capsules themselves are usually made of a mixture of gelatin and sugar. 

There are also vegan-friendly alternatives instead of regular gelatin, such as using vegetable glycerin and other substances to create the same gummy texture.

Some users may prefer soft gels because their texture makes them easy to swallow.

As the capsule coating dissolves, the CBD oil within is released. 

What Are CBD Tablets?

CBD Softgels vs CBD Tablets: Which Is Better?

CBD tablets are more elusive because there isn’t one specific definition of what they are.

CBD tablets, generally, refer to a capsule that is harder than a softgel, but exactly how that hardness is achieved can vary drastically.

For example, you can get hard sugar capsules, which look like old-school medical capsules that you can break apart. These are made of nothing more than crystallized sugar and a binding agent, but they are pretty hard and difficult to swallow.

There are also some CBD tablets made from a malleable yet firm material that can be ground down in the mouth, almost like a chewable vitamin tablet.

CBD tablets are designed to be swallowed in the same way as softgels. The CBD within them is usually interspersed within the tablet so that each individual bit of the tablet contains a proportional fraction of CBD.

Benefits of CBD Softgels

CBD softgels are one of the most commonly chosen capsule products, primarily because they offer an incredible amount of convenience.

They are, above all, easiest to swallow. However, they are also a little more versatile. Users can take a CBD softgel and chew it or swallow it dry if there’s no water on hand.

However, as most CBD softgels contain liquid or oil in the center, biting down on one can be pretty unpleasant.

For those not prepared, a big burst of CBD goo can erupt into their mouths, resulting in some pretty unpleasant flavors.

The main draw of CBD softgels is their incredible convenience – they are durable, lightweight, and, best of all, super discrete.

No one could tell that a user is taking a cannabis product; it just looks like any old vitamin tablet.

Benefits of CBD Tablets

One of the big benefits of CBD tablets is that they can more easily be broken apart into individual pieces.

For example, while getting a precise dosage in each tablet would be ideal, it is possible that a user needs less CBD than is in each individual tablet.

Many tablets have perforation lines, making it easy to break them apart and turn them into smaller tablets containing an equal amount of CBD.

Users can easily make their own dosages and only take precisely the CBD content they need and nothing else.

Final Thoughts on CBD Softgels vs. CBD Tablets 

CBD Softgels vs CBD Tablets: Which Is Better?

Ultimately, there is no “better” choice between CBD softgels or CBD tablets.

Each of them has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, offering up benefits and problems depending on individual preference.

It all depends on the optimal textural experience for the individual user – do you want a soft, jelly-like consistency or a harder tablet?

The resultant CBD content is usually the same, so in the end, it doesn’t really matter. The best thing to do is to try both and pick whichever one feels like the right fit for you.

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