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For the past couple of years, CBD products have gained more popularity than most celebrities. As a result, manufacturers jumped on the trend and created a variety of products ranging from edibles and cold drinks to tinctures and soaps. Even though these products are fun and innovative, many people still prefer the traditional dry hemp flower.

This flower can be used in many different ways and is much more affordable than other oils and edibles. It can either be rolled to smoke, smoked through a water bong or pipe, or even cooked in oil to extract the cannabinoid contents into the oil for cooking.

Regardless of what method you want to use the flower in, there has been loads of misconception of using the hemp flower in its dry form. This is mainly because people confuse hemp flower with THC-filled cannabis flowers.

The Difference Between THC and CBD

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are both compounds found within the cannabis plant. CBD can be extracted from hemp or cannabis to be used for its therapeutic benefits. THC on the other hand holds a psychoactive effect once smoked and are therefore more popularly used by recreational smokers.

Legally, CBD products can not contain more than 0.3% THC. Ensuring that anyone who uses cannabidiol products don’t get the undesirable ‘high’ feeling. When you are purchasing a hemp flower product, make sure that you check the label to see what percentage THC the product holds.

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CBD Hemp Flower Strain Special Sauce Review

Is Special Sauce Safe?

If you are looking for a natural substitute to your pain medication or mood controlling chemically-enhance pills, then CBD-infused products are for you. This is one reason why many people do prefer smoking strains from hemp flower. Not only because they are naturally and organically produced, but also because they act as pain relievers and anti-inflammatory agents.

But is it really worth investing in the Special Sauce strain when there are so many different strains and cannabidiol products available? It can be difficult to pinpoint whether it truly is worth sourcing this strain because it hasn’t been FDA approved.

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As a matter of fact, no CBD product has been FDA approved because all studies and research is still ongoing. This makes the credibility and believability of any CBD product quite unbelievable. It’s important to note, that no dispensary is allowed to claim that any of there cannabidiol products are guaranteed to assist or cure symptoms associated with certain conditions. Studies are still busy figuring out how exactly cannabinoids work within the human system. And to what extent they might help in the relief of pain and other symptoms.

If we want to find out whether smoking hemp flowers are safe, we have to look at the great number of users who are active smokers. At this time, this is the only proof that we as outsiders currently have on the topic. Luckily, there are loads of people who are sharing their experiences and reviews on the internet. Not only providing potential users with valid information, but also giving us first-hand reviews on what it’s like smoking CBD rich hemp flower.

Special Sauce is one of the hemp flower’s strains that has caught our attention, and we’d like to investigate this product a bit further by looking at credible online reviews and testimonies.

Special Sauce Reviews

The most common kind of review are people who would like to experience the cannabis aroma and smell, without experiencing the drug-like, THC-infused effect. Reviews have stated that Special Sauce is the perfect blend between a sweet berry, hint of vanilla, and a touch of earthy and woodsy undertones.

Once smoked, it doesn’t create a burning sensation within the throat, but rather a smooth entry into the lungs. The strain is gentle with the right amount of potency that truly appeals to smokers. Some credible reviews have even stated that they started smoking hemp flower Special Sauce trying to wean themselves off of THC-rich cannabis.

This is a typical phenomenon under regular weed and cigarette smokers. Somehow, they want to quit smoking weed and cigarettes and they then replace those habits with a less harmful habit. Smoking hemp flower instead of cannabis or cigarettes hold benefits of itself. Cigarettes contain toxic nicotine and tar that eats away at your lungs.

Regular cannabis smokers have reported that the ‘high’ is never the same. Depending on the THC percentage within the product, they might become delusional, extremely hungry or thirsty, and even experience hallucinations. To get away from all these side effects without losing the joy experienced from smoking, users have moved to smoking hemp flower products.

Special Sauce hemp flower is a great strain for ex heavy smokers, since it has a sweet but potent profile. Curious smokers can visit this webpage to find out more about the Special Sauce strain and all of its benefits.

To ensure you purchase a high-quality product, you have to make sure that it’s a product that is legal in the state, has less than 0.3% THC, is naturally and organically grown, has not added toxins or pesticides, and has been laboratory tested. Since some reviews have confirmed being scammed on the internet, it’s important that you make sure you are buying from a credible dispensary before providing your bank card details.  

The best way to find out whether the product is beneficial to the purpose you want it to serve. Is to buy your first small jar and see if it truly works.

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